Sagittarius Woman Traits

Have you found yourself trying to pin down a Sagittarius Woman? She’s an adventurer, a learner, and an optimist born between November 22nd and December 21st. She’s an energetic woman with incredible communication, but a wavering desire to commit. In this article, we will discuss her freedom-loving ways and how you could possibly get her to stay.

In astrology, we use the planets to help figure out our lives, what we are like, and all the deep parts inside of us. Astrology uses the day, time, and location of your birth to make up a chart of how the planets will affect you based on their placement and other components. Most only know their Sun sign, but it goes way deeper than that. People who share the same Sun sign can be completely different, but the Sun shows our personality so they all share similar energy and traits.

The sign of Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, it’s a planet all about expansion, luck, optimism, and abundance. The planet Jupiter doesn’t have a specific ruling god, but he is compared a lot to Zeus. The Romans spoke of Jupiter being the god of the sky who would strike his enemies down with lighting. Zeus as well was known for yielding a thunderbolt as his weapon of choice. Jupiter is considered one of the most important Roman gods and Zeus has been said to be the father of all gods and humans. Sagittarius women are naturally lucky but can find even more with the numbers 5 and 7 and their birthstone Turquoise. Turquoise attracts love, protects the wearer from harm, and gives them the ability to see the future.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, it’s time to delve into the luck and freedom of a Sagittarius woman.

The Sagittarius Woman’s Personality

Sagittarius women are born with luck, optimism, the desire for higher knowledge and education, along with an interest in the world and philosophy.

She is full of energy and always ready for a new adventure. Sagittarius women can suffer from restlessness and a feeling of being trapped if they cannot move about enough. She is the kind to go out on a journey on a whim and go out and see the world. She is a beautifully communicative person, usually well-equipped with a great sense of humor. She can easily breeze through life but is always ready for tomorrow or another adventure.

She’s got an enthusiasm for life and the fire, she is one you cannot confine. A Sagittarius woman is all about independence and following her own map of the world—she’s in a constant need for change, which could make her very impulsive. She’s always on the search for more wisdom, she’s the explorer and the philosopher. Her freedom can make her hard to pin down, she doesn’t like to get too tied to anything. She might underplay her feelings and hope that they blow over. If she is well equipped with a good sign as her Moon, she won’t have any trouble communicating her emotions, but she tends to try and understand them and find a reason for them.

She is a great listener and talker, she is great for advice even if it’s always “Just run away!”, but she comes with unprecedented optimism. She’s forever going to be honest and straightforward. She’s a bundle of joy and finds interest in a million topics that make her seem like the smartest one in the room. She’s kind, open-hearted, and always ready to do a favor for a friend—she’s an incredible one too. She might find talents in writing, publishing, TV, or communications.

A Sagittarius woman will start one project while still on the last one. She can move very fast and this is in thanks to her being a Fire sign along with being a Mutable sign; meaning she can change exponentially fast. She is always seeking out the possibility of something, she detests when she feels her options are limited and or restricted. She needs space to move and grow thanks to Jupiter being her ruling planet. But, she’s great with responsibility and is always great if a setback is thrown in her direction.

The Sagittarius Woman in Dating

She’s a tough woman to pin down. Her commitments aren’t super deep and she’s always ready for a new adventure or change. She can get restless or even bored quite quickly. But, she is ever-vibrant when she’s in love, she loves the excitement, passion, and the journey through romance and love. A Sagittarius woman views life enthusiastically and just wants to experience and learn all that she can, which love can intensify for her. She radiates like the Sun in love and is always filled with positivity.

But, she tends to find domestic life quite boring (unless the rest of her chart goes against that). She will always have a way out in case things grow too much for her to handle or she is straight-up bored. Sagittarius women are always looking into the future and finds that each new experience in love is a learning experience—she gains more wisdom by doing so. She likes flirting and the build-up of a love affair, it excites her tremendously. She might not be the kind to take love as seriously as others.

She is loyal when she’s truly found someone she wants to spend her life with. If you’ve got her willing to settle down, then you know you’re the one or at least someone who gives her enough without leaving her needing more. She is a great soul companion and is a romantic at heart, she will marry for love rather than money or any superficial means. She wants someone who can please her intellectual side and values someone funny, adventurous, well-read, and well-traveled. She tries her hardest to enjoy life and may run away or ignore things if they get hard, but she brings excitement, humor, and positivity to anyone around her.

The Sagittarius Woman in Sex

She may have had multiple partners since she goes with whatever she wants at the moment. She likes to explore and enjoys passion that comes on a whim. She might enjoy some outdoor fun or joining the mile-high club. She is focused on feeling good and feeling the excitement most of all—she might value her own pleasure over yours. She isn’t the type to enjoy the warming up period, she prefers to get right into the fun of it. She could be quite inconsiderate to a lover and finds if they don’t give her what she wants, she’ll do it herself. Although in astrology, someone’s Mars sign rules what they like in the bedroom, so what she likes that relates to her personality could be completely different.

She likes a good tease though, it gives her a sense of control and makes the experience way more fun. Sex is a fun act to her, it’s not something she takes seriously; she is great with casual sex. Although she is all about trying something new, in the bedroom she might stick to the classics and isn’t the kind to go to for erotica. She isn’t for all the excess in the bedroom, but she isn’t the kind to detest any either. Her curiosity peaks and she might do it for the experience.

Sagittarius Woman’s Likes and Dislikes

She is known to always look for a way out, so if you really want to keep her don’t give her a reason to find one.

Things Sagittarius woman values most in a partner:

  • Someone who is equipped with a great sense of humor.
  • Someone who is an intellectual, well-read, and intrigued with life.
  • Someone who gives her the space she needs.
  • Someone who has no problem going on adventures or being impulsive.
  • Someone who is a great communicator.
  • Someone who values her intelligence and listens to her.

Things Sagittarius woman find a dealbreaker:

  • Someone who holds her back and tries to restrict her.
  • Someone who doesn’t value her kindness or generosity.
  • Someone who isn’t open to growing and exploring themselves.
  • Someone who would rather stay home than go on a journey.
  • Someone who doesn’t do well in conversation with her.
  • Someone who doesn’t have curiosity about things.

Sagittarius Woman’s Best & Worst Match

She’s not the domestic type, she values adventure and excitement. She is in dire need of someone who can give her space. Although compatibility is a wide range of things in astrology, it’s possible to find someone you mesh with through your personality.

Sagittarius Woman’s Best Match

  • Leo
  • Libra
  • Aries
  • Aquarius

Sagittarius Woman’s Worst Match

  • Capricorn
  • Cancer
  • Virgo

When does a Sagittarius Woman stop talking to you?

When she feels trapped. She will usually make a run for it and most likely won’t communicate it with you. If she has begun to feel like conversations drag or you’ve run out of things to be curious about together, she just won’t speak. She values communication and needs it most of all, but if she’s feeling restricted, judged (for her free-spirit ways), or is being shut down with cynicism, she will quiet herself.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman?

Be exciting and strike up a conversation about the world, philosophy, or anything at all. She is well-rounded and has plenty of interests she is always ready to discuss. She loves when people ask about her passions, work, travels, and her friends—but don’t overstep. She doesn’t like to be corned so give her space and show her you like adventure and exploring all the world has to offer. Give her the freedom to be herself and make her laugh.

How to make a Sagittarius Woman chase you?

If you have a plane ticket to an interesting place in your hand. She isn’t about chasing, she is far too free-spirited for that. She believes if something didn’t work or has gone cold then she believes it was for a reason. She may chase you if you’ve somehow got her under your wraps and she’s found you to be her next adventure. But, she is just the type to escape away, she won’t regret being with you, but won’t come back.

Gifts for a Sagittarius Woman

  1. A trip to anywhere.
  2. A book on philosophy, world mysteries, or the best travel places.
  3. A new set of luggage.
  4. A book with optimistic sayings—quotes she can equip into her mind.
  5. A Polaroid camera.

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By Bailey Navin

Bailey Navin is an experienced Astrologer, Spiritualist, and Tarot Reader. She uses her knowledge in Astrology to help others understand themselves and look deeper into the power of the stars. Along with that, she’s a poet and has self-published her own poetry book.