Sagittarius & Sagittarius Love And Friendship Compatibility

Sagittarius is driven, adventurous and tough in love. Sagittarius is all about connection and seeking out the other, the new, the bold and boundless. Chances are these two might find each other half way across the world or in a high energy environment. 

As Sagittarius is the mutable fire element sign of the astrological Zodiac, their fire can be snuffed down to a slight burning ember as opposed to a roaring flame. It’s the steady glow as mutable energy is the third in the three modalities. This can leave Sag feeling burned out, unmotivated or drained. In a pair, this could create disconnection from the relationship, however. 

Another perspective for this expression in a set of Sagittarius bodies is the fierce love of storytelling, knowledge, and experience that could prevent this pair from getting things done. This dynamic in a professional setting would perhaps work best in a creative industry, with overhead leadership. Sagittarius doesn’t necessarily like to be an authority figure at all times, because they would much rather have fun. Needing to come back to the present moment and do the now things isn’t so fun. Their tendencies for escapism and spicy, romantic ideology allow them to dream while detaching from responsibilities.

Sagittarius x Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility

Sagittarius friends are the perfect firestorm for creativity, curiosity, and positivity if they were to use their energy towards that union. The conjunction of fire and fire has unlimited potentials. Their combined love and lust for knowledge have given them experiences and stamina for sharing, and Sag loves to share. Their abundance and wealth give them high status in friendship and communities as being givers. This could present conflict if either party struggles with feelings or behaviours of jealousy. One friend could burn brightly in a group or community while the other burns out, feeling low or outcast.

Relationship and Marriage Compatibility

This Sagittarius duo is fiercely independent however also passionate and abundant. Sagittarius’ planetary ruler Jupiter brings monetary wealth which in marriage and financial relationships can be highly beneficial. 

Sagittarius takes pride in comfort and as we know is associated heavily with luck. Things can be “easy” for Sagittarius or as they work through projects, challenges or events, things seem to line up positively for them. It can be as if there are no closed doors for Sagittarius. However, a lack of gratitude or mindfulness could allow Sag to become complacent. For a couple sharing this trait combined with a lack of communication it could create such a distance between them that feels as though the space getting wider from both sides.

Sagittarius x Sagittarius Sex Compatibility

Sagittarius has daddy energy. As a Jupiter ruled sign Sagittarius might thrive in roleplaying of power, authority and leadership which can make them incredibly attractive. A willingness to explore and experiment as well as the allure of their confidence creates sultry fore play. Their flare for stories could allow them to develop keen and effective erotic writings, or could be of particular interest to them. They may wish to explore the kink community for a deeper understanding of pleasure and perhaps receive new ideas to incorporate into the bedroom.

Sagittarius x Sagittarius Emotional Compatibility

Sagittarius tends to show their internal landscape more through their philosophical journeys. Understanding, symbolism and other topics might be the type of channel for Sag to express and relate without becoming too attached to the identity of an emotion. 

Where Sagittarius is a mutable sign, they may feel and develop deep feelings and be a little unsure about how to express them. Although their fire can be felt by some of us a mile away, they do not exactly want to talk about their feelings or sit with them for too long. Distractions and escapism keep them from confronting hard feelings or situations, which can cause distance in intimate and vulnerable relationships. 

Sagittarius would much rather offer ideas for getting out of a slump or seeing the bright side, than be a shoulder to cry on. They might find expression of such big emotions to be overwhelming or awkward, and have a difficult time contributing a meaningful condolence to the other person. In addition, Sagittarius is known for being honest and straight forward so they might come across insensitively blunt at times. The person on the receiving end of this encounter could feel hurt by this. 

With a Sag and Sag combo, there might be missed opportunities for developing intimacy and problem solving, if the correct and appropriate actions are not taken for connecting in a relationship. Sag is not entirely interested in details as much as they are big picture and ideas. This broad view could miss the hidden or subliminal messages and nuance of human interaction.

Sagittarius x Sagittarius Compatibility Percentage

Love 5

While conscious work may be needed for a successful romantic relationship, this pair are passionate and eager to do so.

Attraction 8

A highly attractive couple with plenty in common that draws the other in. Physical intimacy is highly probable and likely will be enjoyed.

Friendship 5

Fairly compatible in friendship as with love as they share common characteristics and interests. This pair will likely enjoy activities together such as story sharing or hiking on a nearby trail.

Business 6

In business this team could prove to be financially beneficial as both are fueled by universal luck from their planetary ruler. 

Intellect 7

These two are highly intellectual and value philosophy, study, and exploration. A partnership or friendship creates opportunities for conversation, sharing, and collaboration.

Are Sagittarius and Sagittarius a good match?

Two Sagittarius bodies coming into union can pose some unique challenges in a relationship. They have incredibly similar personalities which might allow them to heat up next to each others warmth, but this fire might not be sustainable. Based on other aspects in the natal chart and at the free will of the Sagittarius to make healthy choices for the relationship, this couple could find great ease in their connection.

Do Sagittarius and Sagittarius communicate well?

Two Sagittarius people could have a lot to share and learn from one another, however, their luster for adventure could keep them dreaming and thinking too big picture to communicate their tangible and concrete ideas and desires effectively. This might cause them to come across as disinterested in commitment and almost childlike with silly fantasies. 

Will Sagittarius and Sagittarius have good sex?

Sagittarius is the Zodiac’s free spirit, just wanting to have a good time. What makes them a good intimate partner is their drive and passion in the bedroom. This couple might find much of their attraction to be physical and they’d love to put it to good use, possibly rushing through small talk and first dates with a burning for something more. They both have experience and moves they’ve picked up over time and this could make for some sweet love making as they share and engage with each other in these ways.

Famous Sagittarius People and Couples

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal – Sagittarius Couple

Zoe Kravitz 

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Ludwig van Beethoven

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