Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

In today’s article, we have very complementary compatibility between the signs – we are talking about Aquarius x Sagittarius coupling, of course. 

Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the Zodiac, presiding over the 9th house of higher education, wisdom, travel, philosophy, religion and freedom; its ruler is lucky Jupiter, its element is Fire and its modality is mutable. 

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn, it rules over the 11th house of higher knowledge, Akashic records, hive-mind and teamwork; its element is Air, its modality fixed and its sign is the Waterbearer. 

These two signs get along really well as they have so many shared topics, interests and hobbies. Both of these signs love to travel, experience life through an adventure, are freedom-loving, express their emotions through humor and detachment and they adore conspiracy theories, especially those about the aliens! 

Their elements complement each other, and their rulers (Jupiter and Uranus) can get along really well in conjunction, trine or sextile, as they attract adventurous and unexpected life events and excitement – something that both of these signs really love. 

So, we are going to break down their compatibility rates in today’s article and explain a little bit deeper why do they go along so well with each other.

Aquarius x Sagittarius friendship compatibility

These two are the epitome of best friends. They get each other on such a high intellectual frequency that they are using their own special form of telepathy. They communicate through memes and humor, they relay their emotional states in subtle and humoristic (read “safe”) ways, and yet they find support and safe space in each other.

They speak the same language, and that’s very important in any relationship, plus they are more loyal friends than they are partners so their friendship is bound to last a lifetime. Even beyond that – they will probably continue to find each other on the cosmic spiral of reincarnation in order to have the best of times together. 

This is one of ‘The Lord of the Rings Sam and Frodo’s’ friendships – they are there for each other and they are meant to stay together. They support each other in their endeavors and they often come up with the same ideas and have the desire to go on the same adventurous. 

Whether they are feeling lazy and just want to chill with each other, or they are pumped up and want to accomplish something together – as long as they are united – they can do anything, it really just depends on their mood, and even their moods are in the sync most of the time. This is one of the most harmonic friendships among the Zodiac signs.

Aquarius x Sagittarius relationship compatibility for marriage

When it comes to relationship/marriage, this pairing hits highs scores yet again. They are both emotionally “mute” and/or detached. They prefer to express their deepest sadness and troubles through humor and clown face. 

And yet, they are very easygoing with each other and naturally tend to open up and let the other one in without a fuss or weird tripping. Since they have a lot of same topics of interest and hobbies, and both of these signs tend to connect intellectually rather than emotionally, they are able to relay their deepest loyalties and passion through simple words and jokes. 

Both of these signs are quite odd and extraordinary, and jealousy is not their style, this is why their marriage/relationship might be unconventional and/or open. They will love the option to explore other people and experiences, and after some time, they might even come to a conclusion that they love to do it together. 

This is the most probable couple to end up at a swinger party and have an absolute blast. They absolutely trust each other and have such a high and deep intellectual connection that they naturally don’t have a fear of being replaced or forgotten by each other, which is pretty awesome.

Aquarius x Sagittarius Sex Compatibility

Both Aquarius and Sagittarius are explorers and their elements complement each other. The only difference is that Sagittarius tends to get bored much easier and much sooner than Aquarius, thanks to their differing modalities. 

Sagittarius is kinky and they love to try anything at least once; Aquarius is the connoisseur of the weird sex subculture, so they might introduce some of the very unique and special sexual experiences to their Sagittarius partner. 

On the other hand, Sagittarius is a born adventurer, so they might get fixed Aquarius out of their comfort zone by luring them into committing lewd acts in public places like airplane toilets, fancy restaurants and amusement parks. 

As long as these two never stop exploring each other and (role)playing out their fantasies – they have nothing to fear. They have a long, happy and adventurous road before them, and they are more than happy to travel down it together.

Aquarius x Sagittarius Emotional Compatibility

When it comes to emotional compatibility we have another high score. Aquarius is a bit of an emotionally “icy” sign thanks to its rulers Uranus and Saturn, and Sagittarius is a bit “distant” thanks to opaque Jupiter that looms in the middle of our solar system, far away from Earth. 

Jupiter has the power to warm Uranus’ icy demeanor and thus their emotional compatibility can lead to productive places. Sagittarius’ playful mannerisms and childish nature can disarm Aquarius’ defenses and help them open up and be brave to be emotionally vulnerable. 

Aquarius can help Sagittarius become aware of certain behavioral patterns whereas their emotional responses are concerned. They are able to open up to each other and feel natural in doing so. They won’t force each other, nor will they emotionally blackmail and manipulate each other into emotional opening up and sharing. 

They are of similar nature, this gives them the advantage of knowing each other as they know themselves and avoiding meticulously placed boobie traps set there by their subconscious mind in order to keep them from getting emotionally hurt. 

Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility percentage (brief description with percentage scale on Trust, Emotions, Intellect, Values, Sex, Activities)

As you can see, Aquarius and Sagittarius have a pretty high scores in all fields and they did great on our layered tests. Now, the only things left to do is to see their success rate in percent and have a fun exchange of personal experience to see how well they match. 

Aquarius x Sagittarius Compatibility Percentage

Trust: 95%

Emotions: 89%

Intellect: 96%

Values: 90%

Sex: 83%

Activities: 87%

Are Aquarius and Sagittarius a good match?

Yes, they are, a very good match with very good high scores in all fields. 

What attracts an Aquarius man to a Sagittarius woman?

Her sense of humor, free nature and blunt mannerisms. 

Famous Aquarius/Sagittarius Couples 

Tina Turner and Erwin Bach, Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley, Krysten Ritter and Adam Granduciel, Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall, Jane Fonda and Roger Vadim and Dr. Dre, and Michel’le.

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By Itana Rakic

I've been a student of Astrology since I was 16, and since I have a talent for languages I approached Astrology just as another language to be learned and thus far it has shown me wonderful things and patterns in fellow human beings. I'm also an experienced Tarot reader (this runs in my family) and a Rune caster. Astrology has been my passion for more than half of my life and I also have a massive love for writing, I combined the two and started writing about Astrology to help guide others on their way of life. I'm also a Reiki master and Timeline Healing practitioner.