Virgo Woman Traits

Have you found yourself under the microscope of a Virgo woman? She’s a perfectionist, a reserved woman who always has to be in control. She’s the maiden born between August 23rd and September 22nd, with exceptional communicative skills. In this article, we will discuss the practical nature of a Virgo woman and how to get her into your life.

In astrology, we have our Sun sign which is the placement we all know the best; it’s our personality, but it’s only the cusp of yourself. Astrology goes a lot deeper with a whole chart of based on the time, day, and location of your birth. It shows all the planets and how they impact us with their own characteristics. Astrology, has many aspects to it and we aren’t only the traits of our Sun sign, but we embody it through our personality. Not all Sun signs are the same, due to the deeper aspects of astrology and all the components that come with it. But, they all share similar characteristics.

Mercury rules Virgo just like Gemini and they share the planet’s communication, intelligence, and reason strengths. It brings a practical and logical approach to any situation and gives Virgo women a desire to know and understand—she’s a great detective. The god Hermes rules this planet, and he was the god of translators and interpreters. He’s a clever man who also ruled wealth, good fortune, and thievery. The symbol for Virgo represents their wisdom being tied to feeling and emotions but mixed with practicality. Mercury brings in an element to analyze and go beneath the surface to understand and learn. Virgo women can find luck with the numbers 5 and 3 and your birthstone Sapphire. Sapphire brings tranquility and protects against illness and injury.

Now, it’s time to look deeper into the Virgo woman and do our best to understand her.

The Virgo Woman’s Personality

Virgo women are perfectionists, often nervous—they can control their intensity—restless, and desire accomplishment. They are very organized, clean, and often get everything they need to do done that second. Virgo women always want order, even emotional order, they value control and need to feel grounded. She is an ambitious girl, always wanting to learn more and gain wisdom; she wants to put her wisdom to practical use, and she does most of the time. The symbol of Virgo could often be seen as virgin or pure, but it stands more for the pureness of purpose.

She wants to be of use and values acts of service, always ready to help everyone get their life in order. She’s an intelligent woman, with crystal clear thinking and a great memory. She is a great planner, she could be the “mom” friend in any group, always making sure everything is set and everyone has what they need. She has great logic, incredible detective skills, and can pull apart anything and put it back in the correct order. She isn’t for critical judgment and could have a wavering self-esteem—she may struggle with feeling like enough, her perfectionist tendencies hit hard sometimes. But, this could cause her to be judgmental of others, scoffing at their lack of order and feeling like she needs to make them better.

A Virgo woman could struggle with going deep into her emotions, she can be in a state of denial sometimes and prefers to save face. Her precision and neatness can make her lose sight of things, she’s always trying to keep the peace in a way that becomes obsessive. She analyzes everything and anything, sometimes looking too deep can cause more issues for her—she can complicate things very easily, nothing is ever that simple to a Virgo woman. She’s a hypochondriac, and for good reason; Virgos’ tend to have stomach issues or other health concerns.

She’s a shy and reserved woman, she struggles to make small talk and could have a tough time with strangers. But, once you get to truly know her, you’ll understand and discover how intelligent and charming she is.

The Virgo Woman in Dating

She is a strict dater, always trying to find the best of the bunch and if he isn’t, she will make him. She’ll teach them how to give order to his life, even how to clean his sink properly. She keeps her emotions in a tight order, just like her closet. She gives an outward appearance of calmness but is a bundle of nerves underneath the surface. She is afraid and distrusting of emotion (unless her Moon sign is heavy on emotions, but she has a hard time understanding why since she’s all logic). She is a well-disciplined woman who is passionate, especially about herself. Her head is always leading her heart.

She may be too scared to let herself be fully involved with someone, she is can be aloof in love even if she’s in love with you. She believes she is worth a man going through a lot to claim her. But, she could have a few commitment issues for fear of ending up with the wrong man. She has a checklist, she knows what she needs and cannot let eighty percent of it slide. She might also take a while to fully fall in love, she moves slowly through the layers of emotion inside of her—it takes her a lot to fully trust someone. She may never think anyone is good enough for her.

She is the kind of woman to sit and just wait for her perfect person, she believes they will come to her. She is all about pleasing her partner and doing anything in her power to do so; she is very giving in a relationship. She can be wildly sensual and always ready to find something new that brings a slice of ecstasy into the connection. A Virgo woman isn’t meant to be taken advantage of, she values appreciation and expects you to try.

The Virgo Woman in Sex

Virgo women aren’t known to be the most sexual of the signs. She is quite “vanilla” to most and prefers to keep order in the bedroom. She is a controlling person and shows that in the bedroom. She isn’t the type to see sex as amazing as others do—although, in astrology someone’s Mars sign rules what they like in the bedroom, so what she thinks or likes that relates to her personality could be completely different.

She isn’t the type to like a man who is solely looking for sexual pleasure, she prefers to wait a bit, or at least until sex becomes inevitable. She appreciates romance more and believes it’s just as important as physical intimacy. She doesn’t take sex too seriously, meaning she doesn’t see it as something important—but she’s not big on casual sex either. She won’t be dressing up or going all out for it either, she just keeps it simple, controlled, and clean.

But, she’s insanely graceful, feminine, and gentle in the bedroom—her touch could be worth waiting for. She may shower after or even before, she wants to feel clean, not from a purity standpoint but in an overall soap and water way. She is the kind who will do as you want as long as it isn’t grotesque or weird to her; she wants you to be happy most of all. She is very simple in the bedroom, sticking to the classics and keeping things as basic as they can get.

The Virgo Woman’s Likes and Dislikes

Oh, this perfectionist is gonna have pages of what she likes and doesn’t like. So, it’ll be an adventure with her to tick her boxes.

The things she values most in a partner:

  • Someone who is organized and keeps their life in order.
  • Someone who can be patient with her.
  • Someone mature and emotionally serious.
  • Someone responsible.
  • Someone who appreciates her.
  • Someone who cares to understand her emotions and communicate their own.

The things she’d find to be a dealbreaker:

  • Someone unorganized and chaotic, an impulsive person.
  • Someone who takes her for granted.
  • Someone who isn’t looking for a long-term relationship.
  • Someone who doesn’t care about her mind and analytical self.
  • Someone who doesn’t value honesty.
  • Someone who is superficial and loud.

The Virgo Woman’s Best & Worst Match

Astrology is a wide spectrum of components that make up compatibility and overall attraction to someone and how they work. Sun signs don’t show the entire story and parts of a person that we look for in relationships. But, personality wise you can find someone who works well with you. Virgo is an Earth sign, it is all about realism, being grounded and achieving great success—Earth signs are very motivated.

The Virgo Woman’s Best Match

  • Capricorn
  • Cancer
  • Scorpio

The Virgo Woman’s Worst Match

  • Sagittarius
  • Libra
  • Leo

What is a Virgo Woman’s Weakness?

Her self-doubt and over criticism of herself. She is a perfectionist and is an even stronger one with herself. She strives for the highest peak and when she doesn’t meet it, she’ll beat herself up for it. She has a hard time expressing her emotions and can be too logical for her own good. Her controlling and obsessive nature can get her into trouble, especially if she is obsessing about her failures and trying to control those around her. She tries to order around everyone else and tell them how to live their life—often giving advice when it’s not asked for—but, her own life may just as well be in shambles.

What does a Virgo Woman need in a relationship?

She needs stability and someone serious. She values order and logic, although she can be sensual and passionate she is often leading with her mind over her heart. She needs someone patient who will care to give her the chance to figure out her emotions and help her communicate them. She wants a lover who will value sitting at home and reading a good book and who cares to keep the house organized and clean. She is the kind to sit around waiting for a lover rather than go and get them herself, so she wants someone to need her and go after her.

Gift Ideas for a Virgo Woman

  1. A journal to help her write down her thoughts.
  2. A planner, give her the chance to help organize her plans.
  3. A beautiful smelling candle she can light after cleaning the house.
  4. A jewelry organizer.
  5. Cute and unique flower vases.

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