Capricorn Woman Traits

Found yourself adoring a Capricorn woman? She’s a career-oriented woman, who is quite reserved and traditional. She’s a boss born between December 22nd and January 19th under the star sign the goat. In this article, we discuss what makes up a Capricorn woman and what it takes for her to choose you since she’s got high standards.

Our Sun sign is typically what we know best when it comes to zodiacs and astrology, but it’s a lot deeper and more intricate than imagined. Astrology helps create a chart from the day, time, and location of your birth that shows how the planets affect you and make you up as a person—along with what your life could be like. So, your Sun sign is truly only the cusp of who you are as a person when we factor in a whole chart. But, it still gives a good idea of your personality and some of the traits people with the same Sun sign share.

The sign of Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn which is the planet of hardships, limitations, restriction, responsibility, and restriction—this makes Capricorn insanely mature and usually with a set of hardships in their life. The Roman god Saturn is where we get the name from and he was a god of time, abundance, wealth, renewal, and liberation; the planet Saturn is a slow-moving planet but affects all of us even not under the sign of Capricorn. It is also the planet of karma, so don’t get on the bad side of a Capricorn woman, for the power of Saturn and its karma can pay you back; but it can affect her strongly too. Capricorn women can find luck with the numbers 2 and 8 and their birthstone Garnet. Garnet brings popularity, better self-esteem, and true love.

Now, it’s time to take a deeper look into the Capricorn woman and do our best to understand her.

The Capricorn Woman’s Personality

Capricorns are said to grow younger as they get older due to their maturity from a young age. Capricorn women are focused heavily on responsibility, their reputation, money, career, and getting a stable life for themselves. She is a dependable woman, who is incredibly ambitious and motivated. She is the prime person to go to for leadership, she climbs her way up to whatever she has set her mind to. The symbol for Capricorn is a goat which sums up her ability to trudge through anything to get to the top; she watches others and learns from their mistakes.

She is incredibly patient and will plant the seeds for a goal and take her time getting there. She is a stern woman, a little traditional, and could lack a sense of impulsive fun— she thinks about the consequences and has a heightened sense of discipline. She’s a practical person with a good sense of realism thrown under her belt (with thanks to her being a grounded Earth sign). Her dreams are typically realistic and if not she makes them realistic. She can be a bit of a perfectionist and prefers to work alone so it is just how she wants it—she makes an incredible boss.

She might shut down her inner child and become an adult at a young age. She is constantly working and doesn’t give herself enough play time or time to really relax. She is independent and believes she can only depend on herself. She can be her own parent sometimes and always has, which reduces the love she has for herself; she’s her own critic sometimes. She needs to learn to be more spontaneous and let her hair down, not everything is work.

A Capricorn woman needs to control and organize everything around her. She might be used to things changing at a whim or disaster striking. Control and organization help her feel stable and secure. She is a reserved person, but deep down she can be super sensitive and sympathetic. She is the kind to see things in black and white and has trouble with gray areas—especially with her emotions—Capricorns who are unevolved in astrology typically believe their way is the right way and are incredibly stubborn. She may be a close-minded and critical woman and value power and success over other things in life. She’s a loyal woman who can be incredibly affectionate, she is strong and usually in everything for the long haul.

The Capricorn Woman in Dating

She is a picky dater. She has high standards and needs to know if her time will be of value dating you or not. Deep down she cares about love, family, and values long-term commitment overall. She is incredibly romantic when in love but she doesn’t show it with her private and restrained nature right away. She believes love is a serious thing and doesn’t toy with mindless fun typically. Love is dependent on other aspects in astrology, so someone with a lot of Aquarius or Libra placements thrown in their chart, amongst a Capricorn Sun could be into mindless fun.

Capricorn women want someone who will value, cherish, and understand them. She needs her independence and someone who will let her achieve her goals—she isn’t going to throw them away for you. She understands her demands can be hard to find and her discipline keeps her in check. She is full of commonsense and has an incredible sense of class in a relationship. She is full of inner strength and may take a long time to fully let you into her world. She is hard to win and has no problem being dominant in a relationship—she’ll plan everything and handle it all if you let her.

She isn’t the kind to make you her top priority due to her career-oriented goals and her devotion to money and other things. So, this leads her to have trouble in love and needs a man who can be mature enough to understand this. But, she is a loyal, dependable, and a great partner—especially with money and creating a secure life.

The Capricorn Woman in Bedroom

Her boss energy can sometimes come out in the bedroom. She’s not the kind for surprises and needs to know what’s on the itinerary in the bedroom. She could be a little traditional, lacking a desire for new and kinkier things in the bedroom. But, in astrology your Mars rules what you like in the bedroom, so she could be completely different in that area; her personality might not be showing as much if her Mars is completely opposite from Capricorn. She values power and craves it in the bedroom, she also demands respect—she also holds a great deal of stamina in the bedroom.

She is like pandora’s box, her outward shell is never what she’s like on the inside and will forever surprise you.

The Capricorn Woman’s Likes and Dislikes

She’s a demanding woman who doesn’t let just anybody in. Her picky nature in love can cause her trouble, so if you really want her, try your best to accommodate her needs.

The things she values most in a partner:

  • Stability and Security.
  • Someone who is mature and ambitious.
  • Someone who is patient and cares to understand her.
  • Someone who is family-oriented.
  • Someone who is determined.
  • Someone who values her career and doesn’t try to move her from her goals.

The things she’d find to be a dealbreaker:

  • Someone who is looking for casual fun.
  • Someone who is “lazy” and or doesn’t wanna better themselves.
  • Someone who doesn’t value family.
  • Someone who isn’t loyal.
  • Someone who is overly romantic, yes she likes romance, but not in excess.
  • Someone who isn’t funny; she does happen to have a sense of humor despite her serious nature.

The Capricorn Woman’s Best & Worst Match

Compatibility is a whole bunch of things in astrology, we use other planets like Venus, the Moon, and Mars to figure out who can mesh with you well. But, your Sun sign still has its ways of finding someone who works with your personality.

The Capricorn Woman’s Best Match

  • Taurus
  • Scorpio
  • Pisces

The Capricorn Woman’s Worst Match

  • Sagittarius
  • Aquarius
  • Leo

Frequently asked questions about the Capricorn Woman

Why are Capricorn Women unlucky in love?

A Capricorn woman’s high standards and pickiness cause them the most trouble in love. Capricorn women are seen as cold and quite reserved which could turn a lot of people off. Their close-minded and traditional nature could also cause issues when meeting more open-minded and progressive people. She is a demanding woman who is focused mostly on her career and money which throws her lovers off; she won’t put them first and makes them a second priority.

What is a Capricorn Woman’s weakness?

Capricorn women are filled with inner strength and maturity, but their goals and desires can sometimes block them from better things in life. Her mood swings involving money and her career can bring her into a self-pitying nature. She also may see things in black and white and could fall into the idea that her way is the right one. She could have a hard time opening up and letting her hair down which takes away from her experiencing new and fun things. Her discipline and constant nature of being her own parent restricts her heavily.

What does a Capricorn Woman want?

In life, she is focused on power, career, money, and a good reputation. In love, she is all about stability, security, and someone she can build a life with. She values family and values creating a beautiful life for herself and her partner. She wants success but also emotional success and needs to find a balance in her life to achieve that. She also has to find the will inside of herself to love herself and not constantly judge herself.

Gifts for Capricorn Woman

  1. Jewelry, she’s a classy lady and can be quite materialistic.
  2. Weekly planner, she’s a busy woman.
  3. A vacation, she needs some time to get away, even if she’ll still check her email.
  4. A romantic dinner that shows how much you appreciate her.
  5. Her favorite alcohol if she indulges in that.

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By Bailey Navin

Bailey Navin is an experienced Astrologer, Spiritualist, and Tarot Reader. She uses her knowledge in Astrology to help others understand themselves and look deeper into the power of the stars. Along with that, she’s a poet and has self-published her own poetry book.