Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn is the 10th Zodiac sign, presiding over the 10th house of public image, public life, fame, career, success, profession, reputation, ambition, and that which we slowly become in life. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, its element is Earth, its modality is cardinal, and its temperament is melancholic (cold and dry). 

Since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn – the great malefic of our solar system, it’s no surprise this sign is melancholic and pessimistic, with often a nihilistic outlook on life. Something quite different from Taurus, who is governed by Venus – the minor benefic of our solar system, who prefers finer things in life, love, and happiness. 

Taurus is the 2nd Zodiac sign, presiding over the 2nd house of earnings, finances, financial security, diet, food intake, body, and inner resources. Taurus is ruled by Venus, its element is Earth, its modality fixed and its temperament melancholic. 

Although Taurus and Capricorn are both Earth signs with the same temperament, they are of different modalities (fixed vs cardinal), and very different (almost opposed) rulers. This often puts them in juxtaposition and they are more often than not, indifferent towards each other as Taurus loves to be uplifted, worshiped, and indulged, and Capricorn only knows of harsher things in life they are prone to suffering in silence.

Taurus and Capricorn friendship compatibility

These two can be fair friends thanks to their shared element and temperament. This is where their similarities end, however. Capricorn can find more in common with an Aquarius and Scorpio rather than with a Taurus. 

No matter how Taurus’ life might’ve been hard, they’ve always had some form of beauty and luxury surrounding them, which cannot be said for Capricorn. 

These sorrowful natives have been struck by Saturn’s harsh and stern lessons from the earliest childhood and they’ve developed what they called a ‘realistic’ outlook on life, which is pure pessimistic (or even nihilistic) when compared to that of Pisces or Sagittarius, for example. 

Now, it’s not just their background and past experiences that’ve shaped them differently, Taurus strives for optimistic things in life, things that bring pleasure and satisfaction, whereas Capricorn strives for things that are hard (almost impossible) to accomplish and need a lot of time, energy and sacrifice dedicated to it. 

Taurus loves immediate gratification, pleasure, and hedonism, whereas Capricorn only knows about those terms from dictionaries and fiction. They’re too different to be complementary to each other, and this is the reason why we scarcely see them paired up in a friendship in real life.

Taurus and Capricorn relationship compatibility for marriage

When it comes to marital life and the relationship between these two signs, well, it has to be something really special or similar placements that tie them together. Taurus is a fixed sign and they dislike change or disruptions, and Capricorn is a cardinal sign, which means that they are extremely hard to be manipulated and/or led by someone else. 

There, immediately, we see a gap between these two horned signs as they can both be heavy as black soil, and as stubborn. They are both loyal signs, no doubt about that, and they both dedicate themselves for life, but Taurus need someone who is more optimistic and loves finer things in life. 

Whereas Capricorn needs someone who will listen to their intricate wisdom, follow their lead and be thankful for the sacrifices and discipline they bring into their life. Saturn is the planet that gives “dry” people, people who’re skinny and bony, whereas Venus gives natives who’re plumpy, soft, and associate us with splendor. 

Saturn is a heavy and straining influence on the soft and gentle Venus, the same goes for their representatives – Capricorn and Taurus. Capricorn can be overbearing, too difficult and too harsh for a native of such finesse as Taurus. Plus, Taurus can be extremely hurt by not being able to exact influence over Capricorn thanks to its cardinal modality, and Capricorn can find it too easy to throw gloom and doom over fixed Taurus’ nature.

Taurus and Capricorn Sex Compatibility

When it comes to sex compatibility there’s a similarity in both their ability to last long in the bedroom. They are both horned signs, and neither of them is a quitter. 

For Capricorns, sex is something that can be a conduit for their unspoken (romantic) words and affections, for they are incredibly romantic, they are just shy about it. They like to cuddle, but it’s something that almost needs to be extracted out of them by their partner. 

Taurus is a sign of love and pleasure, they love to enjoy and satisfy their senses and needs, and they might be able to draw out Capricorn’s softer and romantic side. So, their overall sex compatibility should be decent if not good. 

Capricorn might have a rougher style in sex thanks to its ruler, and Taurus might not like that, it could be too rough for its gentle senses, but then again, Taurus does love to experience pleasure in all possible ways, so they might find something they enjoy in Capricorn after all. 

On the other hand, Taurus might prove to be too vanilla and sappy for a sturdy and stern Capricorn, so they might prefer someone else who is better matched with their own kinks and fetishes than a gentle Taurus.

Taurus and Capricorn emotional compatibility

When it comes to emotional compatibility, they can prove to be quite similar just in different ways. 

Both of these horned signs want loyalty, emotional safety, and stability. Both of these signs love for a long time and are stable in their emotions and affections. The only difference is Capricorn is not big on affectionate displays and sharing of emotions, whereas Taurus is. 

Also, Capricorn is used to being a leader and paving the way, so he expects his partner to follow his lead and not disturb the road he has paved for them to meticulously follow. 

And Taurus is an unmovable force, an object that has a gravity of its own and it defies floating objects that come near it by either consuming them or crushing them with its majestic gravity. 

Capricorn should learn how to let Taurus lead their partnership from time to time, and Taurus should get used to the scarce emotional displays and PDA that he is so used to. This compatibility mostly consists of two of them being able to find the middle ground and make it work through continuous effort, which is something Capricorn might know how to work with better than Taurus since they had to work for everything in their life and they do have extensive patience.

Taurus and Capricorn compatibility percentage 

All in all, these two signs need a lot of patience, work, and openness in order to make it work between them. They need a lot of trusts and emotional security, and they need to communicate regularly with each other, which is something both of them might find challenging. 

Trust: 69%

Emotions: 59%

Intellect: 63%

Values: 56%

Sex: 61%

Activities: 66%

Are Taurus and Capricorn a good couple?

They need a lot of continuous work in order for them to be.

What attracts a Taurus man to a Capricorn woman?

Her financial freedom and security, her deadpan humor, and her hair color.

Famous Capricorn celebrities

Ricky Martin, Jared Leto, Kit Harington, Timothee Chalamet, Bradley Cooper, Marry J. Blige, and Orlando Bloom. 

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