Can Aquarius and Taurus Work Together?

In today’s article, we are going to cover Aquarius and Taurus compatibility: from friendship, over relationship and marriage to emotional compatibility. 

This article is by no means a rule to compatibility between Aquarius and Taurus Sun signs, it’s rather an occurrence that often happens, we all know that for a proper and in-depth synastry you have to examine both natal charts and then a composite chart or a synastry in order to get the full and whole picture of a partnership.

Aquarius is a predominantly sanguine (hot and moist), Air sign that is ruled by Uranus and co-ruled by Saturn. Taurus is an Earth sign of melancholic (cold and dry) temperament and is ruled by Venus. 

What is interesting here is that Aquarius, although it’s an Air sign, has a lot in common with the Earth signs (Capricorn especially, as they share a ruler – Saturn). So, there’s a lot of common ground between Aquarius and (in this instance) Taurus, as Taurus is an Earth sign. 

The common ground between Aquarius and Taurus can be that they are both fixed signs and they prefer stability over change and security over excitement. These common traits can be their middle ground and the starting point of each compromise they make in order to function well together.

Friendship Compatibility

Aquarius and Taurus have great friendship compatibility as they are both very loyal, stable and firm signs. 

Aquarius’ natural house is the 11th house – the house of teamwork, friends and philanthropic behavior. Taurus’ natural house is the 2nd house – the house of finances, hedonism and the native’s body. 

When you combine (and unite) the strengths of the 11th and 2nd house you get completion in the form of Aquarius is teaching Taurus how to share in their joy and happiness (hedonism) with others, and Taurus is teaching Aquarius how to sit back, relax and enjoy themselves. 

The great thing about Taurus is that they’re not fussy, this is one of the most laid back signs of the Zodiac and they are not interested in conflict nor making the waves in a relationship. 

Aquarius will appreciate this deeply, as they are mostly stuck in their visions for the future, their head and their engineering plans. Both Taurus and Aquarius can experience silence with each other, without it being awkward or uncomfortable. 

Both of these natives are very loyal and dedicated in their nature (Aquarius to their friends and Taurus to their loved ones) so a friendship compatibility gets a high score for these two Sun signs.

Marriage and Long-Term Relationships Compatibility

Aquarius and Taurus relationship compatibility is looking good as well. There are minor differences between them on the intellectual level. 

Aquarius has a mind that is always seeking the improvement of the current state of things, it’s seeking the answers in the future and is focused on the future. Whereas Taurus prefers to be in the Now and to be content with the way things are. 

The good thing is that both of these signs are not very keen on and welcoming towards (sudden) change. Aquarius is more adaptive and prepared for a change thanks to its ruler – Uranus, but this doesn’t mean that they love immersing themselves in constant change. 

Taurus prefers when things are stable and “unmoving”, they like to dig their heels in firmly and stand their ground no matter the hurricane (of change) heading towards them. 

But, in the end, if they are together and they are supporting each other – Taurus supporting Aquarius’ visions and dreams for the future financially, and Aquarius gently supporting and guiding Taurus through massive changes, there’s nothing this couple can’t do and accomplish together. 

They also have a great way of making their home a beautiful cross of coziness and cyber vibes. Both Aquarius and Taurus value the comfort of their home – their retreat from the world, so investing in their home is another common thing for them that they can agree on.

Passion and Differences in the Bedroom

Aquarius is an “odd” sign, especially if Venus is sharing their Sun sign, then they’re really into kinky and weird things. Whereas Taurus – ruled by Venus is into all things romance and love.  

Taurus really loves to indulge themselves in courtship, in sensuality and eroticism, they’ll gladly mix food and sex in bed, and Aquarius might prefer it a bit “cleaner” but stranger at the same time. 

Aquarius is not a stranger to sex toys and even sex costumes, but they might want to keep the bed “clean”. As both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed, thus stubborn signs, they might have a hard time finding a middle ground for their sex terms. 

Taurus seeks comfort and satisfaction in bed, and Aquarius seeks intellectual connection as well as always trying something new and “fresh” for they get bored easily with repetition and ‘same old, same old’. 

If Taurus is open to new experiences and frequent changes of scenery and costumes in the bed, then Aquarius might be open to repeating the satisfactory scenarios from time to time to indulge Taurus. 

But for this field, it’s extremely important to see what Mars and Venus are doing in a synastry, so keep that in mind as well.

Emotional Connections

When it comes to emotional compatibility, Aquarius and Taurus are very well fitted together. Both of these signs are very stable and firm in their emotions. When they fall in love – they fall in love completely, and once they love someone – they’ll love them for a very long time. 

Aquarius is very open-minded, whereas Taurus is very unassuming. This is a good combination for emotional compatibility as both partners are quite accepting of each other’s temperament and quirks. 

Aquarius might be quirkier than Taurus, but their temperament is cheerful and mild, they’re not overly hostile or attention-seeking like Aries or Leo for example, and Taurus is, at its core, a lazy sign, they don’t like the hassle and a fuss that other people can make. 

This is why Taurus will love spending both funny and quiet times with their Aqua partner. Aquarius can often retreat to their world of visions and productivity, whereas Taurus can often escape into their favorite shows and books; as long as they learn how to synchronize their “alone” times with each other – all can be well in their emotional kingdom.

Compatibility Ratings

All in all, Aquarius and Taurus have pretty good compatibility in most things. As long as they don’t let their mutual stubbornness come in the way of their happiness – they can achieve many great and wonderful things together.

Percentage Scale

Trust: 75%

Emotions: 65%

Intellect: 55%

Values: 68%

Sex: 60%

Activities: 62%

Are Aquarius and Taurus a Good Match?

Generally speaking, they are a stable and loyalty-driven match. They work well together and their temperaments are sustainable in the long run as long as they have open and honest communication and talk about their needs, dreams and goals.

Are Aquarius and Taurus Soulmates?

For this information take notice of your Nodes of destiny in synastry and see whether they are conjunct any of the personal planets. But they can be, there’s no rule or exception about soulmates and their Sun signs, they come in all shapes and sizes and ages.

Famous Aquarius/Taurus Celebrities

Aquarius celebrities are Jennifer Aniston, Harry Styles, Alicia Keys, Michael Jordan, Christian Bale and Bridget Fonda. 

Taurus celebrities are Henry Cavill, Gal Godot, Cher, George Clooney, Adele, and Megan Fox. 

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