Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

In today’s article, we are going to go over the compatibility of two fixed and very complex signs. 

Why complex? Because according to Traditional Astrology, Scorpio is ruled by Mars a Fire planet, whereas Scorpio is a Water element; similar goes for Aquarius – ruled by Saturn – an Earth planet and Aquarius is an Air sign. 

Thus, these two signs possess qualities of two elements – Scorpio that of Water and Fire, and Aquarius that of Air and Earth. This makes them pretty unique in Zodiac, and quite misunderstood as well. 

Both these signs are of fixed modality, and that means that they are not open and welcoming to change, instead, they prefer the status quo, and they need a lot of preparation (and heads up) before the change happens. 

This puts them on the “slower” side of the Zodiac spectrum speed as signs go (Gemini and Sagittarius being very fast and thriving on constant change, for example). But, it also gives them something in common and something they understand well about each other. 

This understanding goes deeper beyond the mutual dislike for change, as they both have the traces of not one, but two elements inside of them, they complement each other well and have the ability to get along very well beyond the basic understanding of Zodiac elements and modalities. 

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac, it rules over the 8th house of darkness, transformation, sexuality, fantasies, libido, fetishes and other people’s money; its rulers are Pluto and Mars. 

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac it rules over the 11th house of the higher mind, friends, older siblings and noble causes, its rulers are Uranus and Saturn. 

Aquarius x Scorpio friendship compatibility

Aquarius and Scorpio have great friendship compatibility as they are both very loyal signs, especially to their friends. 

Scorpio is a very paranoid and suspicious sign, unlike Aquarius who is quite logical and emotionally detached. Thus, Scorpios will require a lot of checks and tests before they trust someone, but once they trust someone (and they will trust a blunt and open Aquarius) that trust is set for life and they then show their quirky side. 

Both Scorpio and Aquarius adore conspiracy theories, true crime documentaries and scientific dissections of grizzly murder and serial killer minds’. They can spend hours watching these together and commenting on their theories and ideas. 

They can also spend a lot of time together stargazing, observing the night sky and observable universe, and discussing life on alien planets. Both Scorpio’s and Aquarius’ minds go deep down the philosophical rabbit hole, and they have many similar topics of interest and hobbies. 

Both of these signs love nature as well, Scorpio a bit more than Aquarius, but Scorpio has the depth and the ability to give courage to Aquarius and help them in their fear of insects and things that go lurking in the dark. 

And Aquarius will know how to handle themselves in a (hypothetical) scenario if they were to be kidnapped by aliens in the middle of their camping trip. Where friendship is concerned, these two signs really go great together and they complement each other nicely.

Aquarius x Scorpio relationship compatibility for marriage

Since they are great friends, they also have pretty high compatibility for marriage. Scorpios are more likely to complicate things between the two of them, thanks to their inner demons in the form of suspicion and paranoia.

But, to be honest, that is not very likely to be awakened in Scorpios by an Aquarius. Aquarius is a pretty detached and aloof sign, they are not flirty like Libras, nor are they “curious” like Gemini, they are pretty much happy to be left alone and in their inner peace, as they are. 

This is something Scorpio can and will understand, as they are almost the same – they prefer their dark corners of the mind and the house, and they love their alone time as they regenerate and do their inner alchemy when they are left alone. 

Scorpios are a tad bit more dramatic and have a flair for emotional theatrics than Aquarius, but Aquarius can show trust and emotional availability through their quirky, funny and playful side when they are with someone who they love and trust, and Scorpio will know to recognize that intuitively. So, all in all, they can really get along very well and have a productive relationship/marriage. Scorpio might even help (and guide) Aquarius towards their emotional opening.

Aquarius x Scorpio in bed

When it comes to sex these two signs won’t get bored easily, that’s for sure. Scorpios are not promiscuous like Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius for example. They are very kinky and are passionate fetishists, but only with those whom they deeply trust. 

If there is trust between them, then Scorpio will unleash the full power and intensity of their sexual flare and fetishism and Aquarius will find that very interesting, unique and arousing. For the first time in their life, Aquarius will find itself having its hands full with someone who is stranger than them. 

This is an interesting combination, no doubt, and they will have long sex sessions in order to explore both their sexual and emotional fantasies. Scorpio has the depth and capacity to make Aquarius let go (emotionally) and shows their wilder side even when they prefer to be detached and approach sexy strictly like a science experiment.

Aquarius x Scorpio emotional compatibility

When it comes to emotional compatibility, if Scorpio reins in their need to be fatalistic and overly dramatic over the small things, and Aquarius learns how to be fiercely intimate with their partner (Scorpio), then they can work just fine. 

Aquarius are sapiosexuals before all else, thus they won’t be easily “distracted” from their Scorpio partner, for there is a good reason Scorpio is their partner, yes? In that case, they won’t have ‘wandering’ eyes, nor will they raise up Scorpio’s alarms that something is off and someone is stabbing them in the back, they just don’t know who it is yet… 

Scorpios are not emotionally clingy like the other Water signs, they have this certain intensity and individuality when it comes to their emotions, and they prefer to excise them through hardcore sex sessions. This is why they as a Water sign, are the only ones who can get the hang of closed-off Aquarius. 

They need to develop their unique love language and use it often to communicate their emotions, but in an intellectual and somewhat detached way, or to just exorcise them through sex – either way, works wonder for these two signs.

Aquarius x Scorpio compatibility percentage 

As you can see, Aquarius and Scorpio have quite high scores when it comes to their success rate and that’s due to their shared modality and complexity. 

Trust: 80%

Emotions: 79%

Intellect: 83%

Values: 69%

Sex: 75%

Activities: 82%

Are Aquarius and Scorpio a good match?

Yes, they are. An excellent match.

What attracts an Aquarius man to a Scorpio woman?

Her mysterious charm and scary aura. He is intrigued, fascinated and piqued.

Famous Aquarius/Scorpio Couples 

Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder, and Christopher Guest and Jamie Lee Curtis.

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By Itana Rakic

I've been a student of Astrology since I was 16, and since I have a talent for languages I approached Astrology just as another language to be learned and thus far it has shown me wonderful things and patterns in fellow human beings. I'm also an experienced Tarot reader (this runs in my family) and a Rune caster. Astrology has been my passion for more than half of my life and I also have a massive love for writing, I combined the two and started writing about Astrology to help guide others on their way of life. I'm also a Reiki master and Timeline Healing practitioner.