Taurus Man Traits

Trying to understand men can sometimes seem like an impossible task, however, it doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to Astrology, we can get clarifying insight about our special someone. Whether you are solely interested in learning more about Taurus men, or you have found yourself falling for one, this article will have all the answers you seek!

First, let’s dive into the basics of the sign Taurus. Taurus individuals are born between April 20th and May 20th of any year. Their astrological glyph is the Bull, which can be a sound representation of their overall energy. They don’t call Taurus men stubborn for no reason!

Additionally, Taurus is the second sign of the 12 zodiac signs. Since Taurus is considered a fairly “young” energy, when compared to the other signs, they are more focused on the fulfillment of primordial needs. This energy influences them to be quite focused on foundational goals, such as security and stability.

Finally, Taurus is a fixed earth sign, which is something important to note. The fixed energy contributes to their stubborn but steady energy. The earthy energy adds an extra layer to these characteristics and makes for a pretty grounded individual. Perhaps most important to note, is the planet that rules the sign of Taurus. Harmonious Venus influences these men to be concerned with keeping things relaxed and enjoyable.

Now let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from Taurus men.

Taurus Man Traits

Reliable, stubborn, grounded, logical, materialistic, secure, reserved, strong, laid-back, friendly, charming, social, humorous, practical, slow-moving, patient, overindulgent, passive, and pleasure-seeking.

A Look Into Taurus Man: Patterns & Tendencies

Taurus men are one of the more reserved signs of the zodiac. They prefer to observe and hang back, also making them great listeners. They are very supportive friends and partners, genuinely wanting those that they love to feel comfortable and happy. However, achieving a sense of security ranks amongst the top on these men’s list. This will be something that they prioritize the most, which can sometimes make them appear overly materialistic to others.

Further, Taurus men are perhaps one of the most laid-back personalities of the zodiac. This can sometimes be a point of admiration or of frustration for the people that love them. It can seem like nothing motivates a Taurus to move at a quicker speed than what they feel comfortable with. The harder you push, the deeper they dig their heels! This is an admirable trait for those that like to take the lead, as Taurus is more than happy to lend a supportive hand. However, it can be frustrating for those that like to operate at a quick speed. You may find yourself just doing it yourself for the sake of time!

Taurus is ruled by the earth element and the planet Venus. Since Taurus men prioritize comfort, you will likely find them spending most of their time working towards building stability. Their main priority is feeling in harmony with their environment. One thing is for certain, the underlying trait of all Taurean men is that they like to do things on their own time. They can be quite slow to make changes and can sometimes despise doing so. They prefer to have things be predictable and routine based. The more chaos and unpredictability, the more they tend to shut down.

Taurean men are often admired for being quite charming and diplomatic. You can thank their ruling planet, Venus, for these favorable qualities. They are the type of men that your mother will gush over because of how easy-going they are. You won’t see Taurus men being overly confrontational either. They tend to keep a cool demeanor. Don’t let this fool you! Deep down they are very attached to their ways of being, and don’t appreciate others forcing their will onto them. When provoked, it’s typical for them to be patient and non-reactive, but once they’ve had enough, they know how to make the ground shake.

When it comes to trust, Taurus men can be slow to trust others. They know that their biggest vulnerability lies in relying on others to keep them comfortable. However, once they observe that you are reliable and caring, they typically trust with their whole soul. Remember, Taurean men are fixed signs. They like to have a quality and trusted group of people that they can count on. This can make them rather choosy about who they let within that circle, but once you prove yourself worthy, you’re in!

Dating a Taurus Man: Love & Sex

How do you know when a Taurus man has fallen for you? Well, they will put the effort in and overextend themselves for you. Sometimes they get the reputation of being lazy or overly laid back, however, this won’t be the case when they’re in love. Taurus men save their precious energy for the things that they prioritize the most! If you become a valuable asset in their life, they will make sure to put all of their energy into maintaining your happiness.

Moreover, something to note is that Taurus men tend to express themselves in practical ways. They aren’t the type to proclaim their love from the rooftops or write you sappy love letters. You can expect your Taurus to buy you a quality item, take you to a restaurant with the best cuts of meat, and help you build your new dresser! Your Taurus will want you to have nice things that will last the test of time. This is how they show their love.

Dating a Taurus man is like a fine wine, it gets better with time! These men take their time with their future prospects, as they don’t like to rush into things. Due to their reserved demeanor, they may take some time to open up and show you how loving they really are. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t show off how good their taste is! With Taurus being ruled by Venus, the planet of enjoyment, you can expect some high quality dates to the best wineries and restaurants. Taurean men can sniff out high value from a mile away.

Additionally, if you prefer predictable and dependable energies, Taurean men are for you. They aren’t the type to be overly spontaneous and impulsive. They will call ahead of time and schedule a date for the following week. They are also happy to follow your lead. If you would prefer a cozy night in with your favourite snacks, they would be more than happy to indulge! Taurean men just want to have a relaxed time filled with enjoyment.

Finally, sex with Taurus men is earthy and sensual. They like to take their time and enjoy the experience of sex. These men are very stimulated by the five senses, so it is important for this to be taken into consideration. A Taurus man loves a good perfume, lingerie, and perhaps a few chocolate covered strawberries! They can be quite romantic and sensual when their senses are being invigorated. They won’t be overly picky about the process of sex, but they are the types to want it to be worth their effort. They often prefer to have partners that take the lead and are more dominant in nature. A Taurus man loves nothing more than to sit back and enjoy the show!

Taurus Man: Their Turn Ons and Turn Offs

Here are some of the things that Taurean men look for and some things they run from! Although they are pretty laid back, they are quite set on the things that they want in their special someone.

Turn Ons:

  • Partners that can take the lead and make decisions.
  • Reliable and straightforward people.
  • Thoughtful and caring energies.
  • A good sense of fashion and a sense of beauty.
  • Level headed and predictable people.
  • Organized and future oriented.
  • Logical communication and expression.
  • Going with the flow and being open minded.
  • Being self-reliant but knowing when to ask for help.

Turn Offs:

  • Erratic or over the top individuals.
  • Poor spending habits.
  • Overly confrontational or aggressive people.
  • Overly idealistic and impractical mentalities.
  • Being rushed and forced to make quick decisions.
  • Impulsive and last minute plans.
  • Giving up and having a weak mindset.
  • Having poor taste or being overly frugal on the things that matter.
  • Becoming overly emotional and irrational.

Compatibility: Which Signs Do the Best & the Worst With Taurus Men?

Compatibility in Astrology is more nuanced than just looking at Sun signs, however, Sun signs give us a good overview of general compatibility. These are some of the most and least compatible signs with Taurus men.

Most Compatible:
– Virgo.
– Capricorn.
– Scorpio.
– Pisces.

Least Compatible:
– Leo.
– Sagittarius.
– Aquarius.
– Gemini.

Common Questions About Taurus Men

When a Taurus man misses you?

Want to make a Taurus man miss you? It’s best to be patient and play it cool. Taurean men don’t like it when their partners seem overly desperate to communicate with them. Since these men can be quite reserved, sometimes they will prefer you to make the first move towards them. However, if you feel like you’ve been doing this a little too often

lately, take some space! Snap a picture of you enjoying a high quality meal and post it on your socials. Perhaps this will get his Venus energy curious!

How does a Taurus man test a woman?

Taurus men are all about quality and stability. They want to make sure the women they are pursuing have these qualities. He will likely test you in more physical ways, by seeing how reliable and put together you are in your own life. He will ask questions that leave you to do most of the talking. He will test you around his friends and family to make sure you are well mannered and thoughtful in your approach. The better that you can keep your composure in difficult situations, the better!

How to emotionally connect with a Taurus man?

The best way to emotionally connect with a Taurus man is by paying attention to his tastes and preferences. Taurus men feel the best with partner’s that are thoughtful and nurturing towards their needs. Cook him a meal and get him his favorite bottle of wine! Taurus men love when their partners take care of them and make them feel special. The more that you can make him feel at home, the more he will begin to open up and connect with you. It’s important to be patient and let him open up at his own pace.

Top 5 Gifts for a Taurus Man

  1. Cologne: Taurus men primarily operate through the five senses, so an earthy cologne is something that he will greatly appreciate. Not only is this a practical gift, but it will be something that he will remember you by every time he wears it.
  2. Money Clip: Did we mention Taurus men love practical items? Well, in that case, you can’t go wrong with a money clip! Especially if it’s engraved with his initials. Taurus men love to leave their mark on their most valued items.
  3. A floral or Pink Dress Shirt: Since Taurus is ruled by the sign Venus, help him connect with this energy with florals and pinks. Best of all, this is an item that will last a long time and get a lot of practical use.
  4. A Comfortable Blanket: Taurus men love being comfortable and warm. Get him a high-quality blanket with a soft texture. Every time he is snuggling up, he will miss you and wish you were with him!
  5. A Plant: Taurus men love to have a beautiful and serene home environment. They also love to take care of things and have a connection to the earth. A low-maintenance plant is best suited for this laid-back earth sign.

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