Leo and Leo Compatibility

Whether in friendship or in love, two Leos know exactly what to give each other: plenty of praise, flattery, and adulation. While one Leo can certainly light up a room, two can bring even more warmth, vitality, and affection to those around them. 

Leos can offer each other tremendous loyalty and protection from outsiders and are capable of making tremendous sacrifices for the sake of their connections. Of course, such loyalty and devotion engenders lasting friendships and relationships. 

Leo and Leo Friendship Compatibility

Even if Leos have lost a friendship connection, they will show tremendous persistence in reuniting with the loved one, no matter how challenging the obstacle. 

When we combine the qualities of tremendous pride, passion, and a loving, courageous heart, we shouldn’t be surprised to find that these two will go on a roller coaster of fighting, shouting, and making up quite often. 

While Leos understand one another’s needs to be admired and will gladly provide it to each other, they may compete for attention from other people. They are happy to share the stage alone, but when other observers enter the picture, they can’t help but fight for attention and dominance. In their minds, there can only be one star. 

While both types of Leos, shy cats, and more dramatic kings of the jungle will fight for this attention, the shyer Leos will do so with less fanfare and noise. 

Both Leos need to be looked up to and herein lies the trouble: one has to bow down to the other. This is a part of the egoic tension and trouble that can arise between them. 

Leos do everything in a grand and majestic manner, so these two will certainly be drawn to giving each other luxurious gifts, dining in fine restaurants, and living life in flashy, extravagant style. 

They may pretend to be modest and play nice, but if one makes fun of the other, they will see how quickly the offended party roars to defend their bruised ego. 

Leos will compete for status and positive perception from others until they find a way to share the limelight and partner up for mutual projects. Without such cooperation and a shared goal, they’re more than likely to perceive the other’s success as a threat to their own dominance. 

Leos sense that they’re special, since being ruled by the Sun imbues them with a brilliant radiance, amply confidence, and irresistible charm. They are courageous enough to take risks and accomplish their goals and their childlike enthusiasm makes them both loveable and delightfully playful. Yet, because they’re so aware of their attainments, it can be difficult for them to find the humility to acknowledge the mistakes they might make in a friendship.

Leo and Leo Relationship Compatibility for Marriage  

Playing the part of the doting housewife is too narrow a role for most Leo women. While they don’t necessarily need to run the entire show and may actually go overboard with arrogance if they did have such power, they certainly know that the home is entirely too small to hold all  their dreams. The chores and mundane tasks of domestic life can make them feel caged in and not entirely free, as they know they were born to be. 

As such, most Leo women pursue careers outside the home, since domestic responsibilities are not nearly challenging or fascinating enough for them. All of this is fine until they meet a Leo man, who is full of fiery courage, self-worth, and confidence and is drawn to be protective of her.

Even if the world has not yet recognized his gifts, the Leo man trusts that it soon will. Thus, he expects the Leo woman to also recognize his greatness and may use his strong will and domineering ways to ensure that she does. 

While he’s generous, loyal, warm, and playful, he is also extremely proud and has a very sensitive ego. He may not mind that she earns more money initially as he is able to ignore it and focus on wooing her.  But after the first flush of romance has faded and they’ve settled into marital life, finances can remain an issue unless he is able to match or beat her in earning potential and career success. 

If he is unable to, he may allow the issue to become a major problem, threatening to destroy the love between them. If the Leo woman earns more, she will have to appease his ego to keep the relationship harmonious. 

Of course, she shouldn’t be dishonest about her earnings, since this will only destroy the respect between them. Instead, she could try asking him for help with her career and letting him know that she wouldn’t be nearly so successful without him. This way, he will feel more comfortable sharing their earnings equally between them. As an extreme measure, she may also need to quit her job, if it keeps them apart geographically or emotionally. 

For the Leo man, status and earnings are not about material security but pride. If he doesn’t win, he’s liable to pouting. But if he loses his mate as a result, he is also likely to lose his confidence and find himself feeling quite sad and discouraged. 

If the Leo man and woman work together towards the same goals and have similar interests or if he’s fulfilled in his career or she is genuinely content to stay at home, they may find it easier to overcome this major hurdle.

Are Leo and Leo Sexually Compatible?

The Leo man and Leo woman won’t have time for more than lovemaking after they’ve dissolved the competitive tension between them. Sexuality can be a beautifully warm, deeply fulfilling, and transcendent experience for both of them. 

They know how to combine sex and affection equally, and how to satisfy each other sexually without losing the spark of romantic magic. 

Intimacy can be a source of deep joy and a way to strengthen their bond of love and devotion. The Leo man will bring both sensitivity and intensity to the bedroom. The Leo woman’s primal jungle nature will instinctively guide her to the right role to play, allowing herself to be conquered, stoking the flames of their collective passion to ever greater heights. 

If they don’t solve their conflicts in other areas or if they cannot retain their image of being respected and admired, the Leo man and woman may become sexually impotent and pretend to be disinterested to hide their humiliation, thus hurting each other greatly. 

They have to learn that pride only gets in the way of being vulnerable and truly loving one another. They need to speak openly and honestly about their issues instead of hiding behind false arrogance. Such issues could be a lack of compliments, jealousy, or the conflict between her career and his need to feel equally or more accomplished. 

If they do break up, Leos are not above using the threat of infidelity to win each other back. Most likely, they will have trouble finding another suitable match but may be too proud to admit it to their former lover.

Leo and Leo Emotional Compatibility

The Leo man and Leo woman get along well with each other since they understand that like themselves, their fellow Leo also needs genuine compliments and appreciation, as well as thoughtful and impressive gifts. 

They will feel an intense loyalty and devotion to one another. They can also sense which lines not to cross to avoid insulting and hurting each other. If they do happen to make such a mistake in a heated moment, they may try to pass the blame to another outside party, using them as a scapegoat for the mistakes they may have made. 

There may be frequent battles for superiority and lots of angry outbursts, but their warm, loving nature will eventually shine through and help them at least pretend to be gracious losers, even if they don’t exactly feel like it.

Leo and Leo Compatibility Percentage

Trust: 60%

Leo and Leo may have trust issues due to frequent bouts of jealousy.

Emotions: 80%

They possess a tremendous amount of love, appreciation, and a mutual adoration for each other. 

Intellect: 70%

Leos are driven enough to sharpen their intellect and confident enough to show off their intelligence, creating a good deal of mental exchange between them. 

Values: 85%

Leos are fiercely proud of their value system and have the devotion necessary to live a life of integrity that they can both respect.

Sex: 95%

Leos still hear the faint call of the jungle, allowing their primal passions to take over with instinctive ease and creating off-the-charts sexual chemistry.

Most asked questions

What are some famous Leo-Leo couples? 

Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Which signs are a great match for Leo?

Apart from other Leos, Leo is most compatible with the other fire signs of Sagittarius and Aries which are also characterized by action, optimism, vitality, faith, enthusiasm, and honesty. They are also compatible with the air signs of Gemini and Libra which give them intellectual inspiration and help temper their fiery passion with objective detachment.

Are Leo and Leo a good match for marriage?

A Leo-Leo couple can have a happy and harmonious marriage, full of passion and devotion, trusted that they keep their mutual pride and jealousy under control.

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