Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

Leo and Scorpio share a basic foundation of respect for each other. Leos understand that they risk losing their fiery vitality and enthusiasm in Scorpio’s dark and watery depths. Scorpios,  meanwhile, understand that they can be overwhelmed by Leos’ extravagant displays and intense ardor. Scorpios feel the need to guard their acute sensitivity and would rather walk away than risk being eclipsed by Leo’s blazing intensity.  

Since both signs are fixed, they each want to control and dominate the bond. With Scorpio, the desire may be more veiled, but with Leo, it’s laid bare in the open. Since Leo appears to be more dominant, it may seem to observers that they will win the power struggle. But many often underestimate Scorpio’s ability to think long-term and to keep their intentions secret, in order to better prepare for a surprise attack. 

Leo and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

Scorpio will sense when Leo’s pride has been hurt and be quick to comfort them. But if it’s Scorpio themselves that’s done the hurting, they may not be so quick to apologize. Scorpio can hold a grudge for a long time, so giving them time and space may not always do the trick. The only thing Leo can do is be extra careful about not offending them the next time around. Yet, Leo struggles to pull punches, so Scorpio may find themselves getting provoked despite Leo’s best intentions. 

Both Scorpio and Leo are drawn to protecting the weak and often inspire undying loyalty and devotion from those they help. Their relationship with each other can also be very extreme – they may either become passionately involved or completely ignore each other. There is simply no middle ground between these two.  

Sometimes, their initial attraction may fizzle away rather quickly, since Leo can’t handle Scorpio’s unspoken attitude of superiority. While Leo is also guilty of seeing themselves as infallible, they are not nearly as self-assured as Scorpio. 

Although Leo and Scorpio share the same fixed and stubborn attitude, they don’t have much sympathy for each other. Both feel that they have to be superior and come out on top and it can be very challenging to steer either of them from a set position. 

Scorpio may listen quietly during Leo’s long-winded monologues, but they will not budge an inch until they’ve checked the facts for themselves. They will either resist a contradictory stance outright or just avoid talking about the issue. Leo will find this brusque approach underhanded and sneaky since they are far too magnanimous for such shifty behavior themselves. 

Yet Leo is bossy and used to getting their way. But because they can be so downright loveable, gregarious, and sunny, Scorpio may not initially see them as a threat. 

Scorpio can put on a show of agreement and conciliation when they in fact are not ready to budge in the slightest, so it may take a while for Leo to realize where they really stand or recognize that they’re being misled. 

When Leo is upset, their roar is liable to upset Scorpio’s sensitive spirit. If such pouting behavior continues for long enough, Scorpio is liable to shutting down completely and simply staring Leo down, leaving them feeling hurt and deflated. 

If these two take their focus off of their personal egos and focus instead on mutual projects and goals, they can form a fierce union that can move mountains, while keeping weaker-minded meddlers at bay. But if Scorpio constantly squashes Leo’s sparkling dreams and exuberant spirit, they will find themselves getting kicked to the curb. 

Leo needs to learn to tone down their imperious and overbearing attitude and appreciate Scorpio’s fierce loyalty and trustworthiness. They also need to humble themselves long enough to acknowledge when they need Scorpio’s help.

Leo and Scorpio Relationship Compatibility for Marriage

Scorpio’s intensity will eventually win out in any conflict between the two. While Leo brings a fiery righteousness and pride to the relationship, Scorpio’s deep wells of water are capable of snuffing out even Leo’s largest blazes. 

In general, Scorpio is more soulful than Leo, being further ahead on the evolutionary zodiac wheel, meaning they are destined to teach Leo some important lessons they need to learn, even if Leo finds such learning feels insulting to their ego. 

While Leo may appear gregarious and warm, they don’t like being analyzed and picked apart by anyone, most especially a Scorpio whose trying to probe their very soul. If Scorpio tries to penetrate too far deep too soon, Leo will pull away, even though they may be magnetically drawn to them. Leo doesn’t like outsiders to get too close, so it will take a while for them to warm up to a figure as intimidating as Scorpio. 

These two may argue over money since Leo tends to overspend on extravagant items, even though they are pretty good with everyday, practical purchases. In short, they are pennywise and pound-foolish. Scorpio, while generous, doesn’t like having their spending controlled by their partner. Yet, hypocritically, they will see nothing wrong with trying to control their partner’s spending. 

Leo will definitely resist such an unfair arrangement, making it challenging to create a shared budget they can both agree on. Thus a shared account can spell disaster for them since Leo may spend a little too freely and become defensive when Scorpio complains that they are short for the month. Then Scorpio will pull away and grow icy cold, making it hard for them to reconcile and open their hearts to each other again. 

Their best bet is to have separate bank accounts, even if Scorpio has to help Leo financially from time to time. This is not too likely to happen, however, since Leos are almost always career-minded. They may enjoy playing the domestic game with a partner they love, but they will feel the strong drive to share their gifts with the world and receive the public recognition they so crave. 

The only time Leo would be happy in the home is if it’s a palatial estate, an important historical building, or a museum of sorts. The more impressive and special, the more likely it is to inspire their creative instinct.

Leo and Scorpio in Bed

It may take a while for these two to speak each other’s sexual language. Leo may be drawn in by Scorpio’s passionate and soulful lovemaking but will eventually need more creative, affectionate, and verbal demonstrations of love. 

Scorpio will find Leo’s contradictory combination of remoteness and fiery warmth an invigorating and seductive challenge and enjoy trying to conquer them. But if Scorpio feels rejected one too many times, their attraction will wash away and they may even punish their partner by falling asleep. 

After thoroughly exploring its mysteries, Scorpio is capable of elevating sexuality to a spiritual experience. This deeper form of lovemaking can be a tremendous gift for Leo, who may be more interested in primal passion than the transcendent potential of a sexual union.

Leo and Scorpio Emotional Compatibility

Once they find a mutual goal that they can both happily strive towards, Leo and Scorpio can successfully combine their passion and power, since they both contain plenty of both. 

If Scorpio heads out on some adventure with Leo or vice versa, they may both suffer. Leo may be brave but can become resentful if not allowed space and freedom to explore the world on their own. 

Scorpio’s need for Leo’s brightness to bring vitality and sunshine into their life can create a lot of possessiveness and envy. Scorpio has to realize that Leo needs to be admired or will simply wither away from the lack of attention. It doesn’t mean that they’re being promiscuous, just allowing their radiance to be seen and appreciated by others.  

If Leo is left alone for too long, they will attract plenty of attention from the opposite gender, leaving Scorpio feeling frustrated and seeking more control over their behaviors. It’s a vicious cycle that can best be avoided by spending more time together. 

Leo needs to appreciate the intense loyalty and emotional commitment from Scorpio and Scorpio needs to value Leo’s sunny and bright energy in order to create a strong and lasting bond. 

Leo will be faithful if Scorpio is not too controlling and rigid in their demands. Once they learn that there is no need for jealousy or competition between them, they can enjoy a deep and fulfilling bond.

Leo and Scorpio Compatibility Percentage 

Trust: 70% 

Scorpio may be jealous and possessive as Leo tends to attract a lot of attention from the opposite gender.

Emotions: 60% 

Both are very emotionally intense and not likely to budge easily, thus causing frequent clashes and battles for control. 

Intellect: 80%

Leo has a lot of wisdom to gain from deep and soulful Scorpio, although they may not always like to hear it.

Values: 70%

They both value loyalty and honesty, although Scorpio is generally more conservative financially than Leo. 

Sex: 80%

They can enjoy a passionate and mystical union, granted Leo is open to exploring the spiritual dimension of sexuality.

What are some famous Scorpio-Leo couples?

Bill Clinton (Leo) and Hillary Clinton (Scorpio), Bo Derek (Scorpio) and John Derek (Leo), Kathleen Quinlan (Scorpio) and Bruce Abbott (Leo).

What signs are a good match for Scorpio?

Good potential matches for Scorpio are the other water signs, Cancer and Pisces, and the earth signs Virgo and Capricorn.

Are Scorpio and Leo a good match for marriage?

Scorpio and Leo, although both fixed in their ways, can create a fulfilling marital bond if they find common goals and channel their passions into sexual expression instead of power struggles. 

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By Seda Unlucay

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