Leo Man Traits

Need to understand the inner workings of a Leo man? Want to get to know him better without having to pry? This is where Astrology comes in handy. Get to know your Leo on an intimate Astrological level and take the connection to the next level!

Before we take a deep dive, let’s go over the basics.

Those born under the sign Leo are born between July 23rd and August 22nd. Their zodiacal glyph is the lion, which perfectly sums up their demeanor. Leos have a regal aura to them, which makes it impossible to not notice them! Don’t be fooled, they are well aware of it too. 

Additionally, Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, which influences them to focus on personal expression. The order of a sign is important to consider because it represents the stage of development which the sign is undergoing. Leo is a young sign, making them rather juvenile in spirit. However, their focus on self-expression inclines them to explore their inner child to effectively showcase themselves to the world. 

Leo is a fixed fire sign, making them want to stick to one thing that they feel passionate about, and see it all the way through. This fixed quality can make Leos quite stubborn and demanding. They know what they want and how they want it. It can be difficult for them to budge or listen to others since they feel that others should follow their lead. The fire energy within them makes them excellent leaders. Leo being ruled by the Sun gives them an extra boost of creativity and consistency. The sun rises and sets day by day after all! The influence of the Sun contributes to the rather sunny energy that Leos emit. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at Leo men!

Leo Man Traits

Passionate, sophisticated, regal, attention-seeking, prideful, loyal, energetic, goal-getter, creative, expressive, childish, stubborn, pompous, dramatic, romantic, committed, decisive, bossy, flashy, over the top, enthusiastic, strong, fun, charismatic.

Getting to Know Leo Men: Personality, Tendencies & Trust Patterns

Leo men are as charismatic and enthusiastic as it gets! These men know how to motivate those around them in order to be their best selves. Leo men have a contagious energy that makes others want more. These men love to enjoy life and want to do it with people that are just as fun. Leo men also know how to entertain those around them and will always have an entourage of friends as a result!

Moreover, Leo men love to express themselves and will do so in any way possible. Whether it be through conversation, their fashion picks, or the car they drive around. Leo men want to make their energy known! These men aren’t the type to shy away from the limelight, as they thrive in it. Leo men want to be recognized for their exceptional qualities. They love to be complimented and will hand them out generously in return. Leo men will make sure that there is at least one thing that they can feel proud about. These men don’t like to feel like they are average! They will find a way to shine the brightest in the room and make sure everyone notices. 

Being ruled by the Sun, Leo men know how to stand out amongst the crowd and love to turn heads. They have a rather strong presence that makes them difficult to miss. You can liken this to the energy of the Sun! Due to the connection to the Sun, Leo men are very goal oriented. These men are the go-getters who don’t settle for anything less than desired. Their fixed energy makes it rather difficult for them to change their mind about what they want, and they know how to see things through until the end. They are especially passionate when it comes to leading and executing their own ideas. This energy can sometimes make them seem bossy or uncompromising. However, they don’t call them the kings of the animal kingdom for no reason!

Further, Leo men love to play and have fun. These men seek to enjoy entertainment and the luxuries of life. Live music, expensive whisky, and the best steak in town sounds about right. Since they love to have a great time, they appreciate those that want to tag along. Because of this, Leo men take their friendships very seriously. These intimidating lions have big hearts hiding underneath their flashy demeanor! Leo men are very loyal and committed to the people they hold close to their chest. This quality can also make them rather dramatic when things aren’t all fun and games. You can expect Leo men to be very expressive and over the top in the best and worst ways! 

Finally, Leo men aren’t overly cautious with the people they let around them. While they can be selective about who they spend time with, it’s not out of a fear of trust. Leo men tend to have a rather optimistic outlook on life, and aren’t ones to be suspicious about others. Their perspective is, the more the merrier! Leo men love to socialize and make new friends. However, it’s important to note that Leo men are very loyal. They don’t take their relationships lightly and expect the same from those they have in their life. Once a Leo man feels they cannot trust you, there is very little you can do to change their mind. You can expect a dramatic exchange or if they feel it’s not worth it, they will simply ignore you. Leo men give 100% and expect 120% back!

When a Leo Man Falls in Love: Love, Dating, & Sex

When a Leo falls in love, there is no chance you won’t know! These men are very expressive lovers and love to take the passion to the next level. Leo men know how to make their partners fall in love with them. They love to spoil the people they love and feel that they deserve the best. When Leo men fall in love, they put their lover on the ultimate pedestal. In their mind, if they have fallen in love with you, you must be the best thing since sliced bread! 

Leo men love to show off the person they’re in love with. They dream of being a part of the ultimate power couple that struts down the street and leaves others staring! They want to make others want what they have. Leo men will do everything in their power to make their partner feel like their regal counterpart. These men want passion and depth to their romantic partnerships. Leo men want their romance to be dramatic and steamy like in the movies! They will stare at you intensely and be bold about their affection. Leos will send you the fanciest bouquets, and the richest chocolates in town. These men are over the top and as loyal as it gets. Once you have stolen their hearts, they won’t have eyes for anyone else! 

When Leo men fall in love, they want their partners to give them an equal return of effort and love. These men can be somewhat demanding in love in the sense that they don’t like to feel under appreciated. Leo men want to feel equally as special, if not more! These men can also be the jealous type when in love. Leo wants to be the centre of their partner’s attention and won’t be satisfied with anything less. They can be quite dramatic and explosive if they feel like the runner ups. Their pride can get the best of them and lead them to assume the worst. However, their dramatic expression doesn’t mean they will leave you in the dust. Leo men don’t like to give up on their relationships! 

Additionally, when it comes to dating, Leo men will flirt their heads off! The fire within them makes them want to test the chemistry with their dates. They also love to have a great time and flirting is their way of doing so! Expect these men to have a flashy way to them when dating. They want to impress their dates and make themselves appear as elevated as possible. Leo men have a young and adventurous spirit that they love to show off when dating! They are the kind to take you to a steak dinner and follow up with a night of karaoke. You can expect salsa dancing, going to the opera, and fancy lounges. Leo men are truly one of a kind to date. 

Finally, Leo men are over the top, fiery lovers. They love steamy, passionate, and exhausting sex! The more dramatic the better. Leo men love to feel like they’re taking part in a whirlwind romance sex scene. They love to feel wanted and told that they’re the best. Leo men want their egos stroked during sex! These men love to feel strong and in charge when in bed. Being a fixed sign, they will also have the stamina to please even the pickiest lover. Leo men know how to turn the heat up in the bedroom.

Turning a Leo Man On & Off

Leo men are quite particular when it comes to their likes and dislikes. They can be quite difficult to please but also have the tendency of putting people on a pedestal. To make things clear, these are the ways to turn a Leo man on and off. 

Turn Ons:

  • Being complimented. 
  • Partners that like to have fun. 
  • People with dreams and ambition. 
  • Tender and flirty lovers.
  • Loyal and devoted individuals.
  • Adventurous and confident energy.
  • Allowing them to be in the spotlight.
  • Confidence and sophistication.
  • Quirky or unique lovers. 

Turn Offs:

  • Dry and overly cold communicators.
  • Weak characters.
  • Needy or insecure lovers. 
  • Overly serious and controlling people.
  • Competing for attention. 
  • Debby downers.
  • Being cut off during conversation.
  • Being ignored.
  • Cheap and frugal people. 

Most & Least Compatible Matches for Leo Men

Compatibility in Astrology isn’t solely based on Sun signs and can be quite complicated. It is important to take this into consideration before deciding if you and your Leo are compatible. However, these are the most compatible signs for Leo men based on only the Sun sign. 

Most Compatible:

  • Sagittarius.
  • Libra.
  • Aries.
  • Gemini. 

Least Compatible:

  • Capricorn.
  • Taurus.
  • Cancer.
  • Virgo.

What a Leo man looks for in a woman?

Leo men look for women that are put together and confident. They want someone that can compliment them because they love the idea of a power couple! Leo men love compliments but the woman they fancy still needs to play somewhat hard to get. This doesn’t mean they like to be ignored, but don’t be over the top with your affection either. At least not at first! These men love dignified, and strong women that have their own ambitions and personality.

How does a Leo man test a woman?

A Leo will test a woman by bringing her to environments that he likes to be in. If she reacts poorly or doesn’t seem overly thrilled, he will take note. Leo men also love to test their partner’s loyalty by throwing small tantrums. If their partner sticks around and doesn’t get overly bothered by Leo’s grandiose personality they are likely to trust them more. Leo’s also need fun partners! They love to bring their dates to social or entertainment based settings to gauge how fun they really are. 

How to attract a Leo man?

The best way to attract a Leo man is by being unique and full of life. These men love people that are passionate and themselves. Being creative, adventurous, and well respected will also earn you points. Leo’s love entertainment, so if you can get involved in music, art, or drama you will surely catch their eye. Don’t forget to have fun! Leo men hate bores and debbie downers. A positive and upbeat energy will have them attracted to you in no time. 

Top 5 Gifts for a Leo Man

  1. Gold Frame Sunglasses: Leo men love time in the Sun! Get him some sunglasses that make him stand out and encourage him to get out. Gold is recommended because it will help him connect with the luminary that rules the sign of Leo. 
  2. Concert Tickets: Did we mention Leo men love entertainment? Tickets to his favorite band or artist will have him smiling from ear to ear! Even better if you can get his group of friends to tag along. 
  3. Custom Jewelry: Leo men love flashy things, so you can’t go wrong with a gold ring or chain! Since Leo men have big hearts, getting your initials or a special date engraved on the jewelry will make it even better. 
  4. Fine Liquor or Cigars: Something to get him fired up inside! Leos love anything refined and enjoyable, you can’t go wrong with a high quality liquor or set of cigars.
  5. Interactive Board Game: Leo men love to entertain and host their friends and family. They also love to have fun and play games! An interactive board game will be a great addition to any get together. 

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By Lillian MacLean

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