Aquarius and Leo Compatibility

In today’s article, we are going to go over Aquarius and Leo compatibility in all fields. Strap in and prepare to be hit with some fun Astro facts. 

Aquarius is an Air sign of fixed quality and sanguine (hot and moist) temperament. It’s ruled by Uranus and co-ruled by Saturn; its natural house is the 11th house of friends, teamwork and noble causes. 

On the exact opposite side of the Zodiac wheel, we have Leo – a Fire sign of fixed quality and choleric (hot and dry) temperament. Leo’s ruled by the Sun – one of the two luminaries of the Zodiac that never goes retrograde, and its natural house is the 5th house of children, fun, and romance. 

These two signs are each other opposites, and you know what they say – “opposites attract”, only in this case “complement each other” or “complete each other” might be more suitable. 

Aquarius likes to pretend to care about everybody else and Leo likes to pretend to care about himself when in truth, it’s the opposite – Leo often gives his heart and soul to charity, to his loved ones and his friends and family, whereas Aquarius can extend the same amount of care only to themselves and not have a care in the world about others. 

This is why it’s said that these two, although opposite signs are attracted to each other and can work very well despite their obvious differences.

Aquarius x Leo friendship compatibility

Both Aquarius and Leo are fiercely loyal friends, and although Aquarius has their times of solitude and social distancing (unlike Leo), they are both friends who’re worth their salt. 

In friendship, Leo might lean toward self-centred and dramatic topics, whereas Aquarius wants to discuss ideas and not people. But on the other hand, Leo definitely has the extra warmth and enthusiasm that can warm even the Aqua’s cold heart. 

Aquarius has an amazing intellect and some ingenious ideas that can be of great creative use to the entrepreneurial nature of Leo. Bouncing back ideas against each other’s filters, and having fun while doing so can turn out to be the best combo for these two signs. 

Both Aquarius and Leo love to be self-made and to have their own freedom when it comes to personal venues and business ventures. Admittedly, their styles and preferences might be quite different, but in the end, both of them want the same thing – to be free to express their creativity and to be able to show their spirit and genius through their work. 

This is why they can be excellent friends and support systems for each other. They are both of fixed quality and their elements – Air and Fire can go great together, so the only thing standing in their way are their egos and their pride to admit when they are wrong.

Aquarius x Leo relationship compatibility for marriage

When it comes to relationship/marriage compatibility, Aqua and Leo really need to meet each other halfway in order to make it work. Since they are opposite signs, they have opposite love languages. 

Aquarius likes to show its support through sharing its ideas and visions for the future, whereas Leo prefers theatrics and a dramatic approach to emotions < something that is totally foreign and even cringe to Aquarius. 

Leo needs a lot of affection and attention in order to be a happy kitty in a relationship, if Aquarius can respect and provide that – then, there’s no problem. 

Aquarius needs a lot of freedom and alone time to be able to think, engineer and create, and during those times they need to be relaxed and not under pressure because of providing a lack of attention to their partner < if Leo can do that for their Aqua partner, then there’s no problem. 

In this combo having understanding, patience and a lot of sense of humor can make or break the relationship, so it’s crucial for both of these signs to show respect to each other, to be patient, understanding, and to often put themselves in the other one’s shoes.

Aquarius x Leo Sex Compatibility

Since Aquarius likes to try out new ideas, poses, and outfits in the bedroom, Leo can often be amused and excited by their Uranian partner. And since Leo likes to be guttural, animalistic, and very passionate – Aquarius can be surprised and kept on its intellectual toes by its Leo partner. 

Leo is a passionate and affectionate sign, they love to play in the bedroom, to be excited and to excite, and although Aqua is quirky and has odd fetishes, Leo is quite open to experimentation and for trying out new things, after all, it is a Fire sign – the most passionate element of the Zodiac. 

Aquarius really puts a lot of weight on intellectual stimulation, and Leos are born actors – they know how to give the audience what they want – stimulation and entertainment. So in this aspect, they can agree just fine and have a great time together. 

Leos are often into BDSM culture, and Aquarius love everything that is not mainstream and commonly accepted, so this fact might be a real bedroom spice for their ganglia. All in all, when it comes to sex compatibility they can work extremely well together.

Aquarius x Leo Emotional Compatibility

When it comes to emotional compatibility the percentage drops low. This is because Aquarius is a pretty cold and emotionally detached sign, whereas Leo – its very own opposite, is extremely passionate, dramatic and theatrical in its emotional displays. 

Leos need to have an emotional response from their partner no matter what’s going on. They need affection, warmth and attention like plants need sun and water. Ignored or unattended Leo can die off pretty quickly from the lack of attention, whereas Aquarius can go days, even weeks to an end without sharing their personal space with anyone. 

This creates an emotional chasm between them, for they are both fixed signs so neither one of them is going to budge or give in first. And both of them have very high egos and a lot of pride, so they often come to an emotional en passe. 

In order to make it work in the emotion department, these two signs need to let go of their pride (and prejudice), and find a middle ground when it comes to emotional display, needs and feedback. They need to be attentive to each other and invest a lot of thought into their words and actions when around each other.

Aquarius x Leo Compatibility Percentage

Although they are opposite signs, Aqua and Leo can complement and complete each other quite well. The only really problematic field for them is their emotions and how each of them handles them. So, in this pairing there needs to be a lot of compassion, empathy, understanding and less ego and pride. 

Trust: 75%

Emotions: 50%

Intellect: 68%

Values: 53%

Sex: 70%

Activities: 56%

Are Aqua and Leo a good match?

Yes, if they put aside their pride and differences and work with each other with an open mind and an open heart.

Are Aqua and Leo soulmates?

Since they complete each other, you could say that.

Can Aquarius marry Leo?

Yes, of course. Although it will mean a lot more to Leo than to Aquarius, but a happy wife is a happy life.

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By Itana Rakic

I've been a student of Astrology since I was 16, and since I have a talent for languages I approached Astrology just as another language to be learned and thus far it has shown me wonderful things and patterns in fellow human beings. I'm also an experienced Tarot reader (this runs in my family) and a Rune caster. Astrology has been my passion for more than half of my life and I also have a massive love for writing, I combined the two and started writing about Astrology to help guide others on their way of life. I'm also a Reiki master and Timeline Healing practitioner.