Scorpio and Sagittarius Compatibility

Compatibility happens between two people who can see eye-to-eye, agree to disagree, and not be invested in who is more right. So when it comes to being a Scorpio and considering a relationship with Saggitarius, you should investigate the very particular ways you are attracted to them and, more importantly, explore the areas where you might feel friction. 

Your Scorpio Traits

You are a water sign which means you seek depth, have a love for intensity, and are honest with yourself and others. You enjoy shaking things up to feel change and freshness in life and each “rebirth” makes you feel alive. This love of change can make you tear something down just for the experience. But it will also make you give everything you have to make things right. 

Scorpio is: 

  • Skeptical 
  • Intelligent
  • Psychic
  • Change seeker
  • Intense lover
  • Non-trusting
  • Powerful
  • Leaders of the esoteric world

Sagittarius Personality 

These people are fire signs and truth-seekers and always enjoy a good thrill. Both light and dark intrigue them, but they merely want to touch them for the experience. They can see a silver lining in most of what is discovered– everything is a great lesson. Sagittarius loves to be intoxicated with factual knowledge and see that the facts back up their views in all facets of life– especially spiritually and academically. They are an intelligent sign that loves great movies- documentaries or historical information being their preferred genre. They enjoy esoteric knowledge and always want to learn and know more about its mysteries. A Sagittarius can sit and read a good book all day if you let them.

Sagittarius represents the Archer, and the Centaur– half-horse, half-man. With the brains and bronze of a solid upper body, they can be confident while reasoning with the natural ups and downs of life- they’re able to be the tip of the arrow. However, having a lower horse body gives stamina, a fantastic strength, and the ability to go long distances. Sagittarius embodies the archetype of the two souls of enlightenment– human and “beast.” 

Sagittarius is: 

  • Overreaching
  • Adventurous 
  • Precise
  • Excessive
  • Trusting
  • Positive 
  • Loves to learn
  • Leaders of the spiritual world

If you are a Scorpio who wants to be in a relationship with a Sagittarius, you can expect to identify in this article:

  • What it’s like to be in a relationship with each other 
  • How to have a great friendship with a Sagittarius  
  • What to expect when you marry a Sagittarius 
  • The passion and intensity of a Sagittarius in the bedroom
  • 3 Frequently Asked Questions about Scorpio — Sagittarius compatibility

Scorpio x Sagittarius – friendship compatibility

Scorpio is the sign preceding Sagittarius. As a Scorpio, you will desire to possess some of the qualities Sagittarius offers. You may want to grow and change in some area of your life, and you will see that Sagittarius has reached a level of enjoyment you wish to embody instead of continuing to talk negatively. You’ll notice they have gone through it just like you and live to tell their story with a smile. 

You possess an intoxicating quality of abilities and worldly experiences, and Sagittarius will want to embrace you. They can give you loving encouragement by showing you how life experiences- no matter how good or bad, can be a force for positive change. They’ll be able to cheer you up on bad days and can give you something more positive to consider, but only if you’re open and willing to change the way you feel. 

However, a Sagittarius needs independent activities that aren’t centered around you dear Scorpio, which may leave you wondering what they’re up to. In addition, they can tend to have an aloof nature as your friend due to their “larger than life” personality, and that can often leave you feeling like you have to catch up to not be left behind. 

The best way to enjoy being friends with a Sagittarius is to know that they have a full life and need it to be that way to stay healthy, even if that looks selfish to you. They will always be willing to fix the situation–however, they may push a few buttons to get there, but you have great experience in this arena! 

Compromise and sinking into the more positive energy of your friends can give you great freedom. And in the meantime, you can go on many trips and vacations together!

Scorpio x Sagittarius – relationship and marriage compatibility

When you’re in a romantic relationship with a Sagittarius, you can expect to feel fireworks as both possess the quality of heat, intensity, and extremes. You’ll both love to shower each other with presents, and you’ll notice that Sagittarius may see all the little things you like and try to make you smile. You can expect a lot of gifts from this sign, and they may express even more through words, poems, or music. Overall, Sagittarius is a romantic sign and loves to be in love. 

If you’re a Scorpio marrying a Sagittarius, you can expect to have a large wedding filled with all of their friends and family, not to mention all the gifts you’ll receive on your wedding day- Sagittarius is a lucky and beloved sign. You can also expect a slightly messy home with bright colors and out-of-this-world decor– they move to the beat of their drum. 

You can expect to have relationship troubles here and there just like anyone else, but your hiccups will stem from mistrust of Sagittarius and their flirtatious and chatty nature. They may always seem to have something else going on, and you may often wonder what they are up to or if they are entertaining someone else. Instead, you may discover some of your fears have to do with your past issues, while some may just be usual insecurities and reasons for concern. You must practice discernment with each situation– not everyone is out to deceive you, Scorpio.

Scorpio x Sagittarius – sexual compatibility

Sexual compatibility between a Scorpio and Sagittarius is simply blissful. You can expect to have fiery, passionate energy towards each other while enjoying the ease that comes with intimacy. Losing oneself in this connection will feel easy to do. As a Scorpio, you need a bond that feels ever-lasting in hopes that the both of you can get lost in it. When you’re with a Sagittarius, even though they may feel the same emotions, their actions will not resemble yours. And you could be left feeling like you’re with someone who doesn’t have the same feelings as you. 

If you can learn to detach from your lover when needed, you won’t feel personally attacked each time Sagittarius takes a moment away. Their love is often intense, hot, and selfless, and this can lead you, dear Scorpio to want to spend all of your time with them. Learn to enjoy the moments apart, and it makes the time you spend together even more electric.

Scorpio x Sagittarius – emotional compatibility

As a Scorpio, you are emotionally in touch and uniquely able to wear your emotions on your sleeve. You see it as a badge of honor, and people feel connected to you. However, you may notice that Sagittarius people only dip their toes in the emotional waters- pulling back quickly and complaining that it’s too cold. They will, like you, investigate themselves and the way they feel. At some point, the experience becomes about the lesson and not about the emotional pain- which will annoy you at times. They just choose to look at their situation differently. 

It’s imperative to realize that you both are emotionally intelligent people; however, you emote and express yourself differently. What comes out of your Scorpio mouth reflects how you view the world, and compassion lies in seeing each other’s differences. Sagittarius could make you feel more alive and drive you to experience more happiness in your life- you may be able to help them connect more emotionally.

Scorpio x Scorpio – compatibility percentages

Trust- 60% Scorpio wants to trust Sagittarius, but flirtatious and adventurous behavior can make Scorpios feel abandoned and suspicious.

Emotions- 50% Both have emotional hearts but express completely different emotions, with feelings and in this couple, it will take a valiant effort to see each other as equal. 

Intellect- 87% Great chemistry with intelligence, both Scorpio and Sagittarius people love to learn in their ways and express what they’ve experienced. 

Friendship- 65% These two can be great friends because they will learn a great deal from one another; however, that’s only if the Sagittarius has a vital Scorpio placement in their chart. Otherwise, they may rub each other the wrong way.

Sexual chemistry- 96% Sexual chemistry is never a problem with these two. However, they must be aware that addiction to intimacy with each other is likely. 

Shared Interests- 70% Love for learning and life experience could have these two traveling the world together.

Are Scorpio and Sagittarius soulmates?

Answer: Looking at one another’s birth charts can help narrow down if you have mutual placements. However, there is a high chance that if you end up with this combination, you’re bound to expect a soulful connection that you’ll never forget.

How will I know if a Sagittarius likes me?

Answer: They will brag to their friends about you, take you to all the places where people know them so you can see them in their most natural state.

How do you get a Sagittarius to forgive you?

Answer: Give them space. Likely their feelings are hurt, and they are trying to assess how the situation makes them feel and what they’ve learned from it. Reach out and tell them that you care and that you’re here if and when they are ready to talk about things. Saying sorry first may be complex for a Scorpio, but it’s a redeeming quality Sagittarius appreciates.

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