Aries and Scorpio Compatibility

Ease and caution are no characteristics for this fascinating and dynamic duo once they cross paths and deeply connect in a bond that will feel unbreakable to both the Aries and Scorpio. 

As two significant turning points on our Soul’s journey, the Aries archetype represents the first breath and all that is associated with forward movement, while Scorpio represent the last, and thus all that is related with transformational, enigmatic and confronting experiences in which we face the illusion of ‘personality’ and wake up to the reality of the Soul. 

It is the polarity of birth and death, two sides of the same coin. Two polarities that are ruled by the same influential force.

The planet Mars, like any other in our solar system, has both a day- and a night-ruler. 

Aries being the day-ruler of this activating planet carries its outward qualities. 

In distress; violence, forceful attitude and tantrums. In balance and truth on the other hand it shows courage, leadership and clear forwardness.

In its martian ways a warrior holding the sword, ready to take action and protect the physical reality of our land.

Scorpio is the night-ruler and thus characteristic for all that happens in the dark, deeply within. In its descent under distress this brings stingy and manipulative behavior forward, while in balance and expansion; mysticism, karmic cleanses and deep intuitive guidance. 

In this way the Scorpio serves as a black night who faces, provokes or even challenges evil itself and fights the battle in the darkness of mind and emotion.

Because they are ruled by the same planet, many of their internal characteristics are very similar. 

They both value bravery and concrete information within the clarity of our direct experience of reality.

Yet the process of this inner Will couldn’t be any more opposite from one another. Their stands, approaches and attitudes are evidential to this. Beneath the surface their Mars-energy is in complete contrast. 

As a cardinal fire sign Aries is motivated to get things done, take initiation and seek adventure. It wants to take the whole world in and is not afraid to move as fast as the eagerness of their Soul allows. 

In search of the soul-essence, the Scorpio as fixed water sign descents deeper and deeper in the darkness of the mysterious, emotional and intrinsic water. Discovering mysteries, unseen territories and all that is the opposite of the mundane. 

This opposition of the ultimate extrovert and introvert makes a relationship between them a process full of surprises and highly constructive or destructive experiences. 

Their energy moves in complete opposite direction and that is not easy to handle. It may even bring out the worst in each other and that is why there is lots of opportunity to mutually face the darkness inside themselves and clear up any toxic behavior they invoke in one another.

They’re both driven by the truth and seek a rise in the forwardness of their counter directions. 

If done with a devotion to understanding each other’s ways by trusting the loyalty to one another, they can thrive on the same side and fulfill the leading role they’re intending to have. 

Though the Martian energy between, combined with the powerful transformative aspects of the Plutonic energy carried by Scorpio, they unite as a warrior-team and have the choice to be either total allies or deadly enemies. 

Their strong sense of control and need to take the reins requires them to share the spotlight and have a healthy compensation. 

A truce is needed because any imbalance in their power-dynamic and the Aries will become violent and/or forceful and its Scorpion opponent stingy and manipulative. Human traits they repulse deeply and simultaneously. 

On top of the sizzling and steaming combination of their fire and water elements lays a beautiful potential to be strong co-creators of their personal evolution.

The cardinal Arian brings initiation while the fixed Scorpion adds depth, mystery and persistence. They both carry tremendous stamina and will find vital life-force in the hot air they will undoubtedly find themselves in. 

As challenge-seekers there is a strong possibility they’ll have a fair share of arguments. But in contradiction to any other relationship, their fights signify their passion rather than an incompatibility. 

The stirring of their elements is one of the most aggressive and dynamic ones. 

Fire evaporates water, which shows in the high risk an Aries has of hurting the highly sensitive Scorpio with its brutal honesty and directness. And this emotional depth is what will damp down the fire, resulting in the Scorpio wearing out the Arian’s enthusiasm and liveliness. 

Driven by the instinctual and sexual desires of the Mars-energy, these two will not only invoke each other’s strongest physical needs but also their risky, frisky and enterprising spirit. 

The powerful, willful and passionate nature of an Aries is highly attractive to the Scorpio. Once the Scorpio sets their sight upon the Aries, their focus on this sparkling sign will be irresistible to the eager-for-glory and adoration-loving Aries. Who, contrariwise will be attracted to the mysterious approaches of their admirer. Someone so uniquely fearless and thus exciting as this display of courage is highly magnetic for them.

They will soon come to find out though, that the Scorpion has a rather complex and very deep devotion with a coating of possessiveness. 

This is one thing to be aware of for the otherwise very independent Aries, to not get caught in a whirling web of passionate loving to the point of obsession. Because this will not only get on their nerves very quickly, but also provokes an anger in them that is most likely expressed in very destructive ways that will make the harmed Scorpio will fight back. 

This is a type of fighting that will not spark their passion, but instead calls forth despise. Enough so to end the relationship.

To transcend this risk of sharing only a very short journey of connection and intimacy, they need to both realize the potential they share and use their natural devotion and determination to never settle for second best. 

As they are the only archetypal combo that matches in passion and force of Will, they can consciously take in the invitation to grow individually by learning how to relate to the other’s inner world with compassion, acceptance and tolerance. 

They have things to teach one another.

The Scorpio, as a natural strategist, can show their Aries partner how to slow down a bit and have an in-depth plan before taking impulsive actions that not always lead to the most desired outcome. This is very valuable to an Aries as their biggest hurt is a sense of failure. 

The Scorpio-energy helps them stabilize and finish things rather than starting everything new. Relieve of their restlessness is the result.

Mutually beneficial for the Scorpio is the inspiration brought to the table by the Aries’ vital soul-energy and optimistic attitude. Finding the self-confidence and boldness to let go and not dwell in suffering, but accept and decide to move on once the efforts are thwarted. 

This is an example of how they harmonize their qualities by complimenting what the other tends to lack. 

But for harmony to exist, there needs to be a balance.

The Aries needs to allow and learn how to appreciate the often on-going descent of the Scorpio, as this is part of their mission in life. their endless need to talk and process will undoubtedly challenge the Aries’ already scarce patience. They consider a topic covered and cleared once it’s dealt with in honesty and the intention to move forward.

And vice versa, the Scorpion needs to embrace and tolerate the enthusiastic, up-front and moveable structure of Aries. 

When the balance is off, too much water damps down the igniting fire of Aries, which leads to emotional stress and thus vindictive behavior in the Scorpion who does not deal positively with emotional melodrama.

And if the flames are too bright, the evaporating water will become more and more difficult to grasp and thus activates the impatient Aries to become aggressive. 

Balance is created through mutual understanding. And one area in which this is highly needed is the emotional needs both signs have, and the intention behind their eagerness to connect.

This is where sexuality plays an important role as it confronts people with their emotions, desires and intimate needs. 

The intention behind building a relationship is what shapes a person’s sub- or unconscious choices and approach.

Arians seek and adore the exciting rush of meeting someone new and feeling bonded. They love to explore the possibility of growth and like to do so by going on as many adventures together as possible. 

On a different note, Scorpions are drawn in by the possibilities of emotional transcendence and a repay of the depth in which they’ve been hurt or experienced tragic melancholy. 

There is difference in ripeness between these two, as the Aries-archetype is not willing or even capable of reaching such levels of emotional awareness. It does not know how to meet the Scorpions needs and can even become very impatient with their tendency to always find new details and reasons to be dissatisfied. 

Not being met in this type of bonding and thus an inner flow of fulfillment triggers the Scorpion to release their otherwise hidden emotions and create turmoil. 

With understanding and compassion for their pain, an Aries can find fascination in the secrecy and complexity of Scorpions and realize the tremendous power that hides beneath. 

Both signs signify astrologically the battle with the moon, and thus a repression of the emotional Self. They use roughness and force in order to survive and that makes a healthy emotional relationship a huge challenge for them. 

But then again, that is what drives them. Through their sexuality and the exploration of the differences in their emotional participation, they come to find out more about the language of their sexual nature. 

Tenderness, something neither naturally have, is key to satisfy this journey with the reach of its potential. 

Aries is straight, physical and more masculine in their sensuality. While Scorpio likes to be seductive and play games to transcend their previous sexual experiences. They seek a new muse and, ruled by Pluto, that search does not come with a mundane approach. 

Pluto provokes taboos and instinctive behavior. These can be very destructive qualities that relate to their repression and thus intensifies the Scorpion’s sex-life. 

The reason they lack tenderness is because both signs are the opposites of the two signs that are ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and harmony. Opposing Taurus and Libra means the Arian and Scorpion are in detriment of Venus, which would make you think there is a lack of love. 

But it is quite on the contrary; there is a lot to discover and elevate from this given if they start on the polarity of love. 

It makes the journey ahead exciting, full of adventure and in search of their deepest and darkest abilities to love. The Scorpion will add an emotional layer to the adventures initiated by the Aries. 

Sexually, this exploration leads to experiences that may seem ‘obscure’ to more conservative signs and provokes the suppressed nature of society. 

This is, as we know, is very exciting and meaningful to these two signs. And luckily, with its fall of Saturn, the planet of authority, restriction and critique, the rigid opinions of society fall as well and makes the Aries probably the only compatible sign for the Scorpion kink. 

If they keep exploring new areas and use their directness of communication through tory-telling, the risk of being left in silence lifts itself and allows these signs to learn from each other’s powerful nature. 

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