Aries and Pisces Compatibility

Presenting the world with the start and the ending of the astrological cycle of evolution, both Aries and Pisces as archetypal personalities represent the spiritual boundaries of birth and death. 

For this reason they hold vastly different yet equally high ideals, responsible for the two borders of the experience of our human life and its deepening process with the outside world and our creative reality throughout every phase.

Aries, as the youngest of the signs, symbolizes the ignition of the fire of life; the start of everything new. Its assertive, leading, and inspirational role moves in only one direction; forward.

Straightforward to be exact, with no reason or need to look back and hold any grudges. This quality shapes the responsibility and ability to set good personal boundaries. 

Pisces, being the oldest of the signs, presents the choice to either dwell in the tragedy of life, or take its blessing and teachings to transcend all its takes so far to an elevation of deeper understanding and wisdom. It brings the competence to strengthen the aura as permeability for outside stimuli; discernment. 

Both purposes require and lot of courage and motivation, and thus their individual evolution comes with a big learning curve in order to accumulate such strength. 

Those with a lot given, a lot is to be accepted. And as they show the world two very essential and existential phases, they have a tremendous responsibility to grow into. 

Their archetypal roles are often very difficult to understand for the other signs, who in between the borders of life on Earth represent the chapters and stages after birth and before death, or transformation. Often connected with both polarities, moving in multiple directions and having more qualities of life to relate to. 

Though Aries and Pisces are complete polarities from one another, which shows in their opposing characters, personalities, desires, needs and visions, they are neighbors in the cycle of the zodiac and thus have more in common than meets the eye. 

Time is, spiritually speaking, not linear and together these signs in conjunction share an easy flow of energetic information and understand the depth and importance of their mission. 

One’s goal is to take everything life presents us with on and spark all the potential to motivate everyone into movement, while the Pisces’ path is one of closing circles and letting go of what no longer serves us. 

In both cases, a rather solitary path to walk, yet because of the strong magnetic connection and closeness in cyclical time; very coherent and full of soul-full potential when united.  

Before describing their differences and how to not only navigate these but also realize the power of growth that comes from them, it is important to note that Aries and Pisces in union create, symbolically speaking, a ‘little death’. And as death can be interpreted as transformation, by choice, they make room for a new, untamed and unexperienced territory to discover and further explore together. 

When and if they both allow advice and unconditional support to and from one another, they can learn a lot about themselves. Potentially even more than they could with any other archetypal sun-sign. 

They learn about their own weak spots and heal these to become more complete. This is how they have a very positive effect on each other; by bringing out the best qualities and taming the most destructive or discouraging parts in their instinctive evolution so they get closer to the two perfect potentials of their prototypes.

How the Aries sees and approaches the world from a complete opposite direction inspires the Pisces to not fear the end but instead create and allow a novelty of aliveness and start fresh in a newly found passion. By not looking back and question the past but instead find full acceptance, the pisces will be supported and inspired by their Aries partner to find their grounding. 

And as the oldest, the wisest and most compassionate sign, Pisces teaches Aries the meaning of having a mission and higher purpose instead of chasing through the excitement and experiences of life. 

It aligns the Aries on their truest path, it purifies their intention and brings inspiration to be more empathic towards the world around them. 

This interaction leading to growth on both sides is usually one that happens quite direct and powerful. The importance of actualizing ideals and dreams is known to both of them. 

That being said, everything personal is created by choice, and finding each other in a stage of readiness for such elevation needs to be timed very precisely. If they are not open to change and are in search of a supportive person to share this with and guide them into new creation, there is not much interest to build upon a bond for their personalities will drive them apart soon enough. 

When love is involved, both the Aries and Pisces are highly romantic, devoted, and caring beings who will go to any end with each other. Yet both are also very sensitive about their boundaries and will not allow too much emotional, intellectual or even spiritual triggers. 

If they can start on the foundation of mutual willingness to grow they will be able to find each other in a middle ground for all the other segments of the relationship. When true love is involved they will be able to fulfill each other’s needs and make their personalities complimentary. 

In love both the Aries and Pisces become very protective over the other. 

Aries are more instinctive, as if their partner is a prey to safeguard. And the Pisces is more intuitive, as they are highly giving and empathic beings who would want to give themselves fully to their loved one and provide any need they require. For their Aries partner, that is a safe refuge for them to surrender to and cool their often hectic wildness. 

This will keep the Aries from being rash and the Pisces from feeling lonely or unprotected. 

A good fit as long as the dynamic is in balance and the dominating Aries does not overrule the highly submissive Pisces. 

Their modes being for the Aries cardinal and the Pisces a mutable pattern, cause them both to understand the need for intellectual stimulation as they will not find a compliment in their personalities otherwise. 

Both need change and transformation to feel satisfied and driven, and because their labors of love come in different shapes they need to connect on a mental realm first to understand and communicate about each other’s differences and desires. 

Aries, being a self-assured, vivacious individual that likes to take the lead, brings forth a lot of innovative ideas. And the Pisces who likes being second in command because they are more internally focused, will provide the richness of their imagination to further color the Aries’ ideas and also provide a helping hand when needed. Together they make a very prolific team, capable of creating a positive end to any project they start together. 

Aries rules the brain and Pisces the imagination, so with their cerebral sights they should have plenty to talk about.

This is also described by their planetary rulers. Aries is ruled by Mars and thus fueled by passion, while Pisces is ruled by Neptune and its illusions. Mars brings passionate action to Neptune’s dream-life, and this can be a highly exhilarating experience. It brings their fantasies into reality. 

Mars, being a red colored desert, covered in rust and many canyons, holds a very different energy and thus emotion than the cold, far from the Sun, blue gas giant Neptune. 

The emotions the Aries cherish are well-defined, strong, protected and colored by passion. While the Pisces emotions are changeable, blue like sadness, easily cooled down and intangible. 

Two different worlds they experience, and because they are so polarized it is hard to tell whom of the two should loosen up.

They can meet in the middle and neither, speaking from the nature of their archetypes, needs to adjust more than the other. 

If the Aries can diffuse it’s fiery energy a bit and the Pisces find more grounding in reality by waking up from their dream-world, they can balance out their emotional intensities and combine the combative boldness and gentle compassion into a sensual heat.

The hot-tempered Aries will be softened and attracted by the seductive nature of their partner and have a strong draw to their mysterious allure. And the Pisces in return enjoys the inspiration from the Aries’ confidence that leads them to awaken the inner freak that lives within and is ready for an exciting adventure. 

One being dominant and the other submissive; in any form if intimacy they make a great combination. 

Both value honest, pride, chastity and bravery. Yet the core of these qualities differs, so when in a relationship trust is their sole foundation. 

They dream and aspire for heroic fairytales, yet the Aries values the hero’s strength and triumphant wit and bravery over others. Meanwhile, the Pisces holds happy endings as ideal and dreams about utopian relationships between a few worthy beings. Therefore, they are more spiritually inclined and need a second perspective to satisfy their nostalgic and esoteric desires. 

Aries on the other hand wants to simply enjoy newness and discovery and take it all in without questioning. Doubt is the opposite of willpower in the Aries’ eyes. 

For their trust to anchor they need to communicate openly and with consideration of the other’s structure. The Aries needs to watch their sharp tongue and volume by bringing up more patience and tolerance to the Pisces who in return can learn that there is no need to be insecure about the health of their relationship at the first sign of disagreement or conflict. They may see the reality of having different points of view and how that is not their lack of empathy and compassion, but rather an opportunity to broaden the mind and perspective. 

Aries likes to fight to clear the air, while Pisces will run away from this at any degree and always seeks peace. Fiery passion versus a tender heart may lead them to avoiding any conflict as the Pisces decides to go along with the Aries at all times, who as a result will not only have an unhealthy amount of control but will also build up frustration because they can’t speak up without their Pisces partner breaking endless tears over the smallest things. 

Aries needs to understand that their partner has strongly amplified feelings and Pisces needs to understand that without destruction here can’t be new creation. 

If they hold this knowing their relationship can continue to be a healthy, bright and strong one. 

Instead of fighting each other’s tendencies, they can support the positive sides by caring for one another purely. 

Aries can make big decisions and keep encouraging in consideration of the Pisces-speed. 

While the Pisces nurtures their partner and gives them enough compliments to maintain the confidence they appreciate so much. 

Through negotiation and mutual understanding they can keep a balance of their elements. 

Aries learns to relax and listen to other’s needs or feeling, and Pisces learns to get out into the world and take the risks they are capable enough for to discern for their reward. 

Over-all, the compatibility of Aries and Pisces is one of high potential and tenderness. Communication is key and though they have vastly different needs, they are capable of providing each other with plenty of joy, pleasure and support.

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By Jaya Margherita

As a curious full-time traveler who was born and raised in the multicultural city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Jaya Margherita has pursued her passionate discovery of both traditional and alternative teachings across this planet from the age of 17.