Aries Woman Traits

What is it about an Aries woman that makes her so headstrong? She’s the ram, born between March 21st and April 19th, she’s full of fire, confidence, and independence. In this article, we discuss the power of an Aries woman and how to ram yourself into her life by understanding her.

In astrology, we have our Sun sign which is the placement we all know the best; it’s our personality, but it’s only the cusp of yourself. Astrology has many aspects to it and although we aren’t solely the traits of our Sun sign, we embody it through our personality. Not all Aries women are the same, due to the deeper aspects of astrology and all the components that come with it, but when it comes down to it they share the base traits of an Aries.

The sign of Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, it’s the planet of drive, passion, sex, and your will to fight. In mythology, Ares rules the planet Mars and is the god of war, he’s full of motivation coupled with a short temper—which Aries embody from him. The Aries is represented by the Ram, it shows their determination and how they don’t back down from a fight so easily. As an Aries woman, you can find luck with the numbers 1 and 9 and your birthstone of the diamond. If your birthstone is worn on the left side of your body, it’ll help you attract love, financial success, and luck in new adventures.

Now, it’s time to take a deeper look into the Aries woman and understand her.

The Aries Woman’s Personality

Aries women are known to be driven, self-assertive, very brave, and full of energy.

They can be reckless and a little impulsive due to Ares playing a part in their motivations —Mars is a fast planet that always wants to move. Aries women, are friendly and can attract people very easily due to their charisma along with their confidence as well. They are amazing at asserting themselves, but this also makes them opinionated people. They can hold their own in a debate or a business meeting and love to share their own opinions and thoughts. A negative of this could be that they might value their own ideas and might not fully listen to others. They can be very bossy and need to be in control.

Aries women are wrapped up in motivation and have an incredible sense of ambition. They want to achieve their goals, whether or not they bring their competition down with them; they’re known to excel in daring or courageous tasks. Aries women value recognition and power, this makes them insanely passionate about whatever they do. And with Aries sitting as the Sun sign, they have a strong ego that could be dangerous if it blows out of proportion with others. Aries woman might run people over for the sake of winning an achievement or even just winning a conversation that became a debate.

Aries is the baby of the zodiac since it’s the first of twelve. Since Aries is the first, they can show their personality easily since it’s a roaring fire. Aries learns what it can from Pisces which is the last of the zodiac. Aries, unlike Pisces, learned to focus on themselves and not neglect what they need, but still care and focus on others. They are generous and open-hearted friends. But as the baby, their impulsive nature shows a little bit more since they might not have the wisdom to think some things through.

And with their driven nature they go for whatever they want without fully thinking it through sometimes. Aries women are good at adapting to quick situations, enjoying and thriving in them actually; they love adventure but lack patience. Her headstrong nature might come directly from her head since Aries rules the head. If you’re dealing with an Aries woman, be ready since she prefers to be in charge and has no problem ramming any situation with her motivation and courage. Self-doubt may occur, but she knows on the inside she has the power to do anything she really wants to.

An Aries woman is an upbeat and exciting person, admired for her honesty and aggression in a business meeting. The only downside is her bossiness and sharp tongue, people could be afraid to cross her in an argument and they are right.

The Aries Woman in Love, Dating and Sex

In astrology, everyone has a Venus sign which shows what sign was in Venus at the time of your birth. Venus is the sign of love, beauty, money, and who/what you’re attracted to. But, since not everyone knows their Venus sign, we can still get an idea of what you’re like in a relationship based on your Sun sign personality.

An Aries woman is the kind who goes for what she wants. She’s got no problem making the first move or being the first to say she’s in love with her partner. Her confidence makes it hard for people to say no if she asks them out. She might have a harder exterior, but she really wants to be nurtured; the baby of the zodiac aspect shows in love. She could fall fast due to her impulsive nature and love for new and exciting things. She values when she can be vulnerable and when someone gives her the space to do so.

A negative component of being an Aries woman and dating—especially dating a man—is she might end up trying to be overly feminine and do things solely to please a man. Aries isn’t a feminine sign, it’s a masculine sign, so in dating and with men, she could begin to change herself to appear more feminine. This might lead her to attract toxic men and might cause her to talk to any guy whether or not he’s deserving of it. Her independence and masculine energy of being headstrong might begin to waver and might turn her into a ‘helpless woman’ and rely on men’s opinions. She values recognition and will do what she has to do to achieve that.

Yet, whoever falls in love with her will always find excitement in their life. But, they have to be ready for an independent and the force of nature woman she is. Her object of desire might find themself in a game of being captured, she is fascinated by the chase and the challenge of getting a partner. She might be more fascinated by someone who is more aloof to feed into the chase. But, she’s a faithful lover and must be number one in her partner’s life.

Her sex life is like a conquest, she needs the drama. With her headstrong nature and bossy personality, she might like to lead in the bedroom. But, this isn’t the case for every Aries woman, in astrology, your Mars sign shows your sexual energy and how you are in the bedroom. Yet, her personality can still shine through, even if she might want the roles reversed in the bedroom and let someone else take control—but she’s still the one telling you to do so. She is insanely affectionate and a demonstrative lover, her sexuality has no problem showing which gives her a magnetic pull.

The Aries Woman’s Do’s and Don’ts

She knows what she wants and has no problem mending you into who she wants to be, but here’s how to beat her at that game.

The things she values most from a partner:

  • Someone who is adventurous and values excitement.
  • Someone as confident as she is.
  • Someone with ambition, she values someone like herself.
  • Someone who stands up for what they believe in.
  • Someone who understands and appreciates her.
  • She needs someone funny with a great sense of optimism.

The things she’d find to be a dealbreaker:

  • She doesn’t want to be ignored or neglected.
  • Total fidelity to her, she needs to be a priority.
  • Not letting her be the boss and take control.
  • She needs her independence, even if she values attention.
  • Being told what to do.
  • Keeping your individuality in the relationship.

The Aries Woman’s Best Match

Now, comparability comes down to other aspects in astrology and also just overall connection with someone. But, personality wise you can find someone who works well with you.

  • Leo’s are a great match for you, their fiery and adventurous side is a great mix with yours as well. A Leo man is a great provider which is important for you, you need to be nurtured and the long-term stability a Leo could give you makes you two a great match. But, both of your egos and desire to leas could cause some power-dynamic issues between the two of you. If neither of you tries to overcome the other and let each other have room to be and lead, then it should be a successful pairing.
  • Sagittarius is another match that could work well for you. They are optimistic, funny, adventurous, and a little impulsive. The two of you could go off on a whim and have any kinds of fun you want. Sagittarius and Leo are both fire signs which aids well in you being a fire sign as well. Sagittarius loves to seek new things and tends to get bored with the same things you which mends well in compatibility.
  • Libra is your opposite sign, you two are meant to learn from each other. There is an obvious powerful attraction between the two of you; what one lacks, the other makes up for. Your aggressiveness arouses Libra’s sensual side, but in time Libra would want someone less demanding and wants peace instead of action and adventure. It makes for a great love affair but a difficult marriage.

How to Make an Aries Woman Obsessed with You?

She values the chase most when looking for a partner. She wants it to feel like a
conquest when getting you, similar to her ambitious and goal-oriented nature. You have to let her have her independence which intern makes her value you even more. But, she won’t be attracted to anyone who is timid, she needs a big-hearted person who wants her just as much as she wants them. Just admire her, but don’t do it with insincerity. She enjoys theater, music, politics, and intellectual topics; she wants to appeal to you on a mental plane as well as physical. Be exciting and adventurous. She also likes to be asked for advice and be able to share the thoughts in her head. But, never ever try to dictate them, let them be their own self.

How to Know When She’s Become Distant and is Done with You?

She’ll become distant if you’re clingy and bossing her around, so she’s gonna either put you in her place or not answer a single call. If she’s not being loved correctly she will become demanding and deeply penetrating—don’t neglect her, or you’ll have to be ready for an earful. She’s gonna ask for what she needs and you best do it if you wanna keep her around. She’ll stop putting in effort just as you did and will go off on her own adventures.

5 Gift Ideas for an Aries Woman

  1. A book about work ethic.
  2. Anything with the word “Boss” on it.
  3. An adventurous trip! Take her somewhere fun and exciting.
  4. A concert ticket to her favorite musical artist—she needs excitement!
  5. Any activity that lets her be competitive. Or, just buy a mystery board game and watch her mind work as she tries to put the pieces together.

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By Bailey Navin

Bailey Navin is an experienced Astrologer, Spiritualist, and Tarot Reader. She uses her knowledge in Astrology to help others understand themselves and look deeper into the power of the stars. Along with that, she’s a poet and has self-published her own poetry book.