Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

Smooth and easy is the best way to describe the cooperative dynamic of the intellectual and creative flow between an Aries and Aquarius. 

The cardinal fire sign adds a beautiful stamina and sparks purity and warmth to the relation, while Aquarius as a fixed air sign will supply endless ideas, visions and inventions on multiple subjects which pushes the usually leading Aries beyond their limits. This allows them to discover new territories that other  people may have never been able to guide them towards. And on top of that, the Aquarius partner also provides the freedom-loving devotion that brings consistency and push-through to the otherwise restless Aries that often starts something new. 

Together they make an exciting duo, supported by the sextile aspect in the zodiac cycle between the signs and thus a flow of cooperation, inspiration and tremendous encouragement. 

New ideas and opportunities flow consistently between them and their elements cover all bases that are required for the foundation to build a powerful team upon. 

The smoothness of their flow comes from the deep respect and admiration to one another’s positive, unique and driven approach to life. 

Aries loves the eccentric thought processes of their ally, for they are not whimsical and incredibly bold. They happily play a part in the potentially rich ideas, fire them up with positivity and hope and together enjoy an excitable reality. 

Both very independent, they seek adventure and newness in their lives. And while Aries is known for starting new things and taking action, the Aquarius will intelligently bring their persistence and efficiency forward with as much or sometimes even more enthusiasm as their Aries companion, who will be left astonished and overwhelmed by excitement to have met an equally adventurous and pioneering spirit. 

For this reason alone the compatibility between these two sun signs is highly exceptional, as most signs are not up to level and hold space for the Arian energy that will more than often take on the leading role. 

Aquarian’s vision combined with the Arian’s mission creates their potential to achieve a lot and go on many journeys. 

Yet because of the ease within this cooperative relation, there might be a lack of stimulus to invoke personal growth on both sides. This makes a friendship between them more likely than a deeper romantic relationship. 

The immediate acceptance between them is great, but it will likely take away their chance to expand through togetherness and intimacy so they learn about the emotional nature of each other and transcend parts in themselves that may not fit into the other’s structure. 

To find the parts within themselves where growth happens and new internal territories are discovered, there needs to be a level of commitment, intimacy and trust to create a safe space for these signs that usually attempt to come across free of emotional burdens to the outside world. 

Though this will probably work long-term for the Aquarius, and may feel exciting to both because of the ease, the Aries especially has a need to feel loved and will not maintain capable of holding a label-free and open relationship for too long. 

They have a loyal nature and once in love they will want to share each other’s worlds and merge deeply in warmth and creative emotions. 

For this there needs to be a level of relaxation, and this is not often automatically created by these two. If this dynamic lasts too long it can bring out the darker parts of the ruled by Mars Aries archetype, showing in unemotional sexual behavior and hunter-spirit. 

Being two eccentric types they will most likely enjoy this very much at first, but to build upon a deep relationship it is not sustainable or healthy. 

It may seem like they are very similar people, yet the way they see the world is lit from very different angles. And because they are both so devoted and ambitious about their own views, they tend to avoid opening up any conversation that highlights their differences and pushes them to broaden their awareness. 

In order to open up the more vulnerable parts of themselves and deepen a friendship with romance by getting to know the unique and enriching parts in each other, they need to take appropriate steps to get to know one another and understand their ways. 

In openness and reassurance, qualities they luckily both hold with strength, they can communicate safely within the trust in each other and perhaps discover more intimate subjects that ignite the flowering of undiscovered personal potential.

Both signs have a masculine nature, so the relationship is one of strong manifestation and creation, yet also easily lacks a tenderness that is required to connect emotionally. 

Air fuels fire and helps it spread, so an Aquarius helps the Aries by intellectual stimulation and broadening the mind so they may stabilize and complete projects with a lot more skill and intelligence. 

And in the other way, Aries will spark the air between them by bringing forth passion, idealism and joy. 

They bring a confidence to the Aquarian that allows them to charge ahead and not stay inside concocting endless new ideas without showing them to the outside world. This encourages and supports the humanitarian mission they are on. 

These mutual benefits and inspirational influences are great to maintain a long lasting friendship. But to create a relationship in which they can grow as individuals as a result from this bond, they need to invite in emotional openness and learn to connect vulnerably to kindle a loving amount of care and romantic desires. 

Starting with an exploration of the physical tenderness is a great base to build upon. After that the wild ideas, incredible stamina and widening of horizons form a beautiful addition to a mature and highly potential affair. One that is full of devotion and adoration, supported by lots of laughter and frivolity through edgy and controversial conversations that will stimulate and enrich both minds. 

Aries and aquarius desire spontaneity and this strengthens the foundation of their friendship. It does hold an almost inevitable soft spot and this article will include a possible tool of navigation to this one risky part that can drive them apart. 

Aries holds very strong boundaries and high ideals around relationship. So not only is the Aquarian’s movable nature in all directions, daily new revelations and prominent open-mindedness unimaginable to the more simple-minded Aries, it also tends to trigger and shake up their ideal romantic world. And despite their idolization for this to a degree of inspiration and excitement, it can easily set-off the Arian’s jealousy if there is too much detachment and a lack of romantic interest. 

This possessive behavior will result in the Aquarian being more detached, as it is fixated on maintaining independence and Air-like freedom. 

The topic of romance will therefor eventually require an open space for dialogue and sharing personal desires. Something neither are very good at as their masculine nature needs emotional guidance in such matters.

For emotional openness the Aries only needs to feel safe and accepted, yet the Aquarian on top of that needs a patient and flexible partner to deal with their quick and all-inclusively wide arranged experiences of feelings, thoughts and emotions. Unfortunately, the Aries is not known for having these qualities yet this does provide the opportunity for them to evolve. 

If and when the Aquarian takes longer to commit to this emotional connectivity, the Aries won’t be challenged too much, so long as they let go if any possessive tendencies towards their partner. This will drive an Aquarius to be aloof and thus make it harder for the Aries to tolerate their detached approach. Aries is easily put off by cold, distant and uninvolved behavior. They need to know a person is willing to open their heart. 

But then again, both are direct communicators and with their desire to move forward on a thrilling, independent path of freedom they are both willing to efficiently talk about how to fix any romantic issues. 

And luckily for them, they both have a good amount of wit and will find lots of reassurance by including humor and not turn teasing or provoking into a mechanism to put each other down but instead lighten up the tension. 

Though their strong natures will likely cause some heavy fights and discussions, they both value truth and honesty and will soon enough realize that ridiculous conflicts won’t get them anywhere. Both are more interested in truthful new discoveries and broadening the mind, so having a free space to speak and remember their ability to seek a constructive way to better understand each other is a probable given and strong quality they share.

And even though the Aries is more prone to continue a fight for the sake of fighting itself, Aquarians are great at putting up a wall and this won’t give the Aries much chance to hold on to their anger.

Their use of mutual discussion can and most likely will also lead them to cutting conversations that provoke the experience of reality. This is another reason why this relationship is often an unique bond of unusual and unorthodox nature. One that can develop into an affair when they also learn to connect on a deeper emotional level to nourish their adventures and great teamwork. 

Aquarius and Aries are both allergic to dullness, and with their planetary union of the Aries-ruled Mars and the Saturn-and Uranus-ruled Aquarius, a passionate and directly active universe will merge and provide both with valuable ideas, thoughts, and goals. 

In their independence, special understanding of one another’s idealistic and enthusiastic view on life and an urge to excitement and newness, they will definitely share and show-off their usually hidden wild side. The stranger, the better for these two. 

They may expect exciting conversations and incredible new discoveries in multiple areas and niches. 

Mutual admiration and respect gets them a long way. Aries loves the Aquarius uniqueness, inventive visions of the world and ever-lasting space to take on an enlightening scene that frees their will. 

There is lots for them to feed off and contribute to, and that makes them a team worth creating a foundation for so they can build upon their friendship and reach new levels of romantically emotional self-awareness.

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By Jaya Margherita

As a curious full-time traveler who was born and raised in the multicultural city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Jaya Margherita has pursued her passionate discovery of both traditional and alternative teachings across this planet from the age of 17.