Capricorn Man Traits

Trying to understand your romantic interest can sometimes feel more daunting than fun. This is especially true with partners that put up walls and keep a good poker face. This is where Astrology saves the day! Astrology helps you get beyond the surface, making it easier for you to understand your partners. 

To start things off right, let’s go over the basics of the zodiac sign Capricorn. 

Capricorns are born between December 21st and January 20th of each year. Capricorn’s zodiac glyph is the sea-goat, which represents their strong work ethic and drive to initiate. Capricorns are primarily focused on mastering and building in their lifetime!

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. The order of the sign makes Capricorn very determined to achieve, but also to be recognized by others for those achievements. Coming after the wanderlust sign of Sagittarius, in contrast, Capricorn sets out to master structure and stability in their life. However, their no-nonsense approach can make them come off rather work- obsessed and at a distance. 

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, and this combination influences them to be the grounded imitators of the zodiac. This combination is intense but in a controlled fashion, which helps Capricorn start new things and continue until they reach a tangible form. This quality is the reason why Capricorns tend to have many different things on the go, while trying to master them all. Their overachieving nature has them being quite strict with their schedule, only prioritizing the things that will push them closer to success. With Saturn as their ruling planet, Capricorns understand the value of discipline and persistence. However, due to Saturn’s influence they can have a hard time loosening up and indulging. 

With the basics out of the way, let’s specifically learn about Capricorn man!

Capricorn Man Traits

Objective, organized, logical, detached, ambitious, respected, selfish, opportunistic, trustworthy, diligent, honest, calculative, patient, loyal, grounded, hard-working, harsh, stoic, efficient, simple, private, initiative, masterful, resilient, selective, ruthless, tense, bland.

The Truth About Capricorn Man: Personality, Tendencies & Trust Patterns

Capricorn men are one of the hardest-working signs of the zodiac. They are the type to set out on a mission to achieve success and don’t give up until they’re the best. These men love to master all that they’re involved in! The fact that they possess exceptional patience also helps them to beat out their competition. Moreover, these men have a talent for juggling multiple responsibilities at once. Somehow Capricorn men can keep their cool even when they are in over their heads. Perhaps one of Capricorn’s most admirable qualities is their ability to contain their emotions, even when things are chaotic.

Moreover, Capricorn men are the type to keep their word at all cost. They pride themselves on their reliability and ability to do it all. Even with an overloaded plate, these men make sure to keep their promises. Since Capricorn’s work hard to maintain their honour, they don’t like to come across as flakey or lazy. It is very important for these men to feel respected and admired, and this is a big reason why they are so work driven.  Hard work comes naturally to Capricorn men, so it is only natural to make the best of it in a work environment. 

Ruled by Saturn, the greater malefic in astrology, Capricorn’s know that things don’t come easy, Saturn is a planet that likes to test and challenge to yield the most growth, and Capricorn men are up to the challenge. Due to Saturn’s influence, Capricorn men are extremely resilient and hardy with what they can handle. It’s like they were naturally born with thicker skin to help them overcome challenges. However, that doesn’t mean that Capricorn isn’t sensitive deep down. While Saturn can make them appear rather cold and detached, underneath lies an individual craving recognition. Capricorn men can get sensitive when they feel that others are overlooking their efforts, or like their reputation has somehow been damaged. 

Further, Saturn’s influence on Capricorn men makes them exceptional time managers. Since Saturn rules over time, Capricorn men know that there isn’t any to waste! These men love to stay organized and plan everything in advance. They are the type to schedule in their pee breaks to stay on top of everything. With that said, the relationship that Capricorn’s have with time also helps them remain patient. They know that the best things in life take time, so they have no problem waiting for something (as long as they feel it’s worth it). 

Now, getting the trust of a Capricorn man is a different story. They are notoriously self-sufficient and cringe at the thought of relying on others. Since Capricorn men prefer to do it all themselves, they don’t find themselves needing to trust others very often. When it comes to getting close to someone they care about, it can be difficult for them. Capricorn men have a difficult time being vulnerable and showing others their tender side. The influence of Saturn can make Capricorn men rather structured and stiff when it comes to opening up. Due to this quality, it can take a while for them to truly trust others. However, it’s not as impossible as it sounds! Capricorns just want to make sure that you’re a quality person that they can truly rely on, before they fully trust you.

Capricorn Man & Matters of the Heart: Love, Dating, & Sex

When a Capricorn man falls in love, he can have a hard time understanding how and what he is feeling. These men don’t fall for people very easily, so when they do, they can feel confused. Love will make Capricorn men uncomfortable at first, because it asks them to dissolve all of the walls and boundaries they normally operate under. Therefore, while they will want to be around you, they will have a hard time with the change in routine and the feeling of losing control. You may notice that they are a little bit standoffish or awkward at first while they try and get used to things. However, they will still be sweet and affectionate towards you. You will know that they feel warmly towards you because they will have a hard time hiding it. Just remember, that doesn’t mean they aren’t feeling awkward at the same time! 

Moreover, it is no secret that Capricorn men are borderline workaholics. This will change when they fall in love, but only for a bit! When Capricorn men fall in love they can have a hard time channeling all their energy into their work like they used to. Instead, their energy shifts onto the relationship to build it into something worthwhile. Capricorn men don’t want to be in a relationship without growth, so they will make sure that there is a plan in place. Expect a lot of talk about goals and plans for advancement in the relationship! When these men are fully in, they are invested for the long haul. 

Like mentioned earlier, Capricorn men aren’t quick to open up. They certainly aren’t very emotional either, making matters even more challenging. However, you will know a Capricorn man has fallen in love with you when they start to open up. This will be a very strong indicator because these men are the type to keep it all to themselves. So when a Capricorn man starts confiding in you or asking for advice, that is a huge compliment! Even if they start talking about their past and the difficulties they’ve gone through, that is a big sign. Capricorn men don’t open up to just anyone, so this will be one of the strongest indicators they’re in love. 

Dating a Capricorn man is as traditional as it gets, so if that’s not your thing, he’s not your guy. Being ruled by Saturn, Capricorn men are all about upholding tradition and order, especially in relationships. They take the dating stage very seriously and almost look at dating as an interview. Capricorn men will take their time to get to know you and will be gentlemen during the process. While they aren’t the mushy romantic type, they do like to show respect and courtesy to their dates. You can expect traditional dinner and coffee dates. Capricorn men are simple and straightforward! They figure that if you are the person for them, the setting won’t make or break your connection. 

Finally, sex with a Capricorn will take you by surprise! These men come off as business first and quite reserved, but in the sheets emerges a whole new person. However, remember they are traditional in love and sex, so let them take the lead. Capricorn men like to take things at their own pace but are also shameless givers in bed. These men know how to work their butts off to please their partners! Don’t expect them to be lazy and sloppy with things, they want to make sure you think everything is exceptional.

What Turns a Capricorn Man On & Off

Capricorn men are quite picky and difficult to gauge. They are quite particular in their tastes and can be rather critical, however, below are the biggest turn ons and turn offs for Capricorn men. 

Turn Ons:

  • Classy and reserved partners. 
  • Innocent demeanours. 
  • Logical and down-to-earth types. 
  • Being passionate about a career. 
  • Strong values. 
  • Thoughtfulness.
  • Being kind and affectionate. 
  • Organization and punctuality.
  • Self-respect and boundaries. 

Turn Offs:

  • Trashy or overly promiscuous behavior.
  • Being too dependent. 
  • Bad organization and time management. 
  • Wasting money or resources.
  • Giving up easily. 
  • Complaining without seeking solutions.
  • Being aggressive. 
  • Forcing them to open up or be emotional.
  • Being loud and obnoxious. 

Best & Worst Matches for Capricorn Man

Compatibility in Astrology is complicated and it is not as cut and dry and only comparing Sun signs. However, Sun sign compatibility does play a role and should be considered. Remember to take the entire chart into account before determining compatibility with your partner. Below are the most and least compatible partners for Capricorn men based on Sun sign. 

Most Compatible:

  • Virgo.
  • Taurus.
  • Scorpio. 
  • Cancer.

Least Compatible:

  • Leo.
  • Sagittarius.
  • Gemini.
  • Aries.

When a Capricorn man kisses you?

When a Capricorn man kisses you, he is likely considering you as a potential partner. Capricorn men typically don’t waste their time with people they couldn’t see themselves with. If your Capricorn is already laying smooches on you, you can guarantee they have feelings for you. Remember, don’t be too forthcoming or all over him with affection. While he likes being affectionate with those he likes, he doesn’t like to feel smothered. Being too needy with physical affection is one way to get him to back off. Capricorn men are also pretty controlled men that don’t like sloppiness, so don’t initiate French kissing unless he does!

How does a Capricorn man test a woman?

Capricorn men love to test the women they date, so expect him to test you! These men love to test their partners by evaluating how needy and demanding they are. Capricorn men will typically do this through conversation but they may also do it by withdrawing. If they withdraw from you and you go crazy, they will fail their test. Capricorn men are very independent and they want their partner to be able to hold their own. If they feel like you are going to be one more thing to damage control, they likely won’t want things to progress further.

When is a Capricorn man done with you?

A Capricorn man will be done with you when you have emotionally exhausted him, and given him no other option. Capricorn men don’t do well with high strung and inconsistent people. When they are around a lot of drama and chaos, they will start to withdraw. Capricorn men can only take so much emotionally as they already struggle in this area themselves. You will know a Capricorn man is done with you when he tells you he is. Once these men are done, they are done for good. They are very black and white. Capricorn men aren’t the type to keep one foot in and the other out.

Top 5 Gifts for a Capricorn Man

Watch: Capricorn men are ruled by the time master, aka Saturn. That means they appreciate being able to keep tabs on the time, especially in style! A watch is a perfect gift for your special Capricorn. 

Wallet: A stylish but simple wallet is bound to have your Capricorn man smiling wide! These natural money makers love anything that will keep their cash safe. 

Day Planner: Capricorn men love to keep their day organized and efficiently scheduled. A leather bound day planner will keep them on track & they’ll be grateful for your thoughtful gift! 

Coffee Maker: With their busy schedules, you bet your Capricorn man will love his very own coffee maker. Then he won’t have to waste time or extra money on going to Starbucks! The ultimate Capricorn dream. 

Historical Trip: Capricorns love all things traditional and with age! A trip with a historical theme will keep them engaged for hours. They would love to take a trip back in time by visiting a historical city. 

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By Lillian MacLean

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