Leo and Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn respects education and learning tremendously. They also revere the family and financial stability. They consider all these things to be a safeguard against the ups and downs of life. Capricorn can also be selfish at times, looking to take advantage of the skills and resources of others for their own ends. To them, it’s a necessary form of self-protection. This is the same reason Leo gives for being arrogant – that they are only protecting themselves from inferior people.

Capricorn will pose some sort of restrictive influence on Leo’s sunny warmth and are not be so easily impressed by their pronunciations of self-importance. While Leo is wise, Capricorn is wiser. While Leo is stubborn, Capricorn is more so and demanding as well. Leo is a great organizer, but Capricorn is better. Perhaps because of all these advanced qualities, Capricorn will be drawn to serving Leo in some way, the way a wiser parent might serve their helpless child.

Capricorn can serve as a wise elder to Leo since they tend to have a wider vantage point on life. In turn, Capricorn is curious about Leo, wondering why they are so extravagant and fanciful in their mannerisms. Secretly, they wish they had such daring and courage themselves.

Leo and Capricorn Friendship Compatibility

Capricorn will admire Leo’s grand goals and stubborn insistence that they come true. Leos are not too concerned about failure or financial hardship. This attitude is very different from Capricorn’s. Leo, meanwhile, knows that Capricorn means well with their sage advice and is more likely to listen to them than other people.

These two are quite different in many aspects. Capricorn is more patient than Leo, more financially conservative, more restrained in their speech, and more cautious and calculating.
Leo may believe that Capricorn is selfish and cold, while Capricorn may judge Leo as wasteful and egotistical. When they do learn to get along, however, Capricorn can provide Leo with a sturdy foundation for realizing their goals, while Leo can encourage Capricorn to have more faith in their dreams.

Competing with each other can turn ugly quickly, but cooperating can create an enduring friendship, as they learn to understand each other’s different viewpoints and Leo grows to find comfort in Capricorn’s dependability.

Leo and Capricorn Relationship Compatibility for Marriage

These two will attract a lot of interest from those around them, but neither will deign to discuss their private life publicly. Neither of them is interested in indulging in gossip, which only makes outsiders more curious.

It’s hard to imagine how someone as conservative as Capricorn and as impulsive as Leo could get along. Yet these two have more in common than meets the eye. Capricorn is driven to marry up the social ladder. They are impressed by success and fame, on whatever level. They enjoy refined material objects and beautiful places and enjoy attracting the envy of others. They are drawn to those who can expand their emotional spectrum, even though they may appear very brusque on the outside. Leo, meanwhile, usually acquires some measure of prestige in life. They are full of warmth and optimism and love guiding stodgy Capricorn to more exciting possibilities.

In return, Leo needs to feel successful and be around those that are. They need a mate that they can respect and who is serious about success. They like someone who can be patient with their arrogance and never embarrass them with bad manners in public. They want someone who can earn enough to support a fairly luxurious lifestyle, but also give them enough freedom to make their own way in the world.

Of course, Capricorn fits this tall bill perfectly, able to offer Leo material security and impress them with their drive and work ethic. Because Capricorns are so tireless, they allow Leo to take a break here and then to indulge, soak up the sunshine and charge up their solar battery, which is essential for Leo’s happiness.

Capricorn will feel safe enough with Leo to display a sweeter and gentler side, which Leo will cherish and work to protect. These two will be tenderly developed to each other. Capricorn will demonstrate their loyalty by practicing tremendous patience with Leo’s fiery ways, giving them the gift of emotional security and containment.

However, if these two let their egos get the best of them, Capricorn may accuse Leo of being vain and spoiled and Leo in return may call Capricorn stingy and cold. Leo needs space to feel glamorous and socialize with all sorts of interesting people. They need to make their own path in their chosen career or creative endeavor. This may cause Capricorn to grow quite possessive since they do not like competition from other potential suitors.

Capricorn may insist that they need to know Leo’s whereabouts at all times, causing Leo to roar in outrage. Thus, they will have to compromise. Capricorn will have to give Leo a certain amount of freedom and trust them not to disgrace themselves publicly. It’s important that they give this approval in a kind and gracious way, instead of being condescending about it. They also need to learn to find ways to socialize without Leo, even if it’s only with a small circle of loyal friends.

Leo, in turn, needs to be willing to consult Capricorn about their plans, instead of keeping them in the dark. Doing so will engender Capricorn’s confidence and make it easier for them to trust Leo in the future. Of course, Leo wants Capricorn to be happy, so they will do the kind hearted thing and seek Capricorn’s counsel on major life decisions before proceeding.

Leo and Capricorn in Bed

Capricorn is a gentle lover, but their passions are deeper than what’s visible on the surface. Only once Leo knows Capricorn better will they reveal the true depth of their sexuality.

In youth, Leo may not share themselves fully during lovemaking, remaining a bit aloof. But if Capricorn is patient, they’ll be able to tap into Leo’s warmth and depth of heart that lies underneath the surface.

Capricorn’s ability to wait in gentle silence will move Leo to demonstrate more of their affection and sensual tenderness. The ecstasy of lovemaking is part of Leo’s nature and Capricorn has just enough of a grounded sensuality to arouse this feral side of Leo. Capricorn is strongly attracted to Leo which is a major turn-on for Leo, as they love to be wanted and adored.

Leo and Capricorn Emotional Compatibility

Capricorn may admire Leo’s nobility and public dignity, but they will love them for their dignity of character. Leo’s ability to cheer up Capricon’s melancholy spirit is a tremendous gift, as is Capricons’s ability to lend strength and emotional security to Leo.

Capricorn can expand their vision by looking through Leo’s lenses and Leo will see the truth and reality more clearly by seeing the world from Capricorn’s perspective. Leo needs to learn Capricorn’s humility and patience, which Capricorn can teach very well, although sometimes too strictly. Capricorn, meanwhile, needs Leo’s warmth to shine on them to free their secret longings. While they may be quite different, these two have a lot to teach each other.

Leo and Capricorn Compatibility Percentage

Trust: 80%

Leo trusts Capricorn’s dependability and emotional consistency.

Emotions: 70%

Capricorn’s emotional nature is more conservative and muted, which can be difficult for expressive and effervescent Leo to accept.

Intellect: 80%

Capricorn has a lot of wisdom to offer Leo, who will have to humble themselves to receive it.

Values: 70%

They both value success, financial security, and social status.

Sex: 75%

If Capricorn is patient, they can bring out Leo’s deeper loving nature.

What are some famous Capricorn-Leo couples?

Barack (Leo) and Michelle Obama (Capricorn), David Bowie (Capricorn) and Iman (Leo) and Maury Povich (Capricorn) and Connie Chung (Leo).

What signs are a good match for Capricorn?

Good potential matches for Capricorn are the other earth signs, Taurus and Virgo, and the water signs Scorpio and Pisces.

Are Capricorn and Leo a good match for marriage?

Capricorn and Leo make a solid marriage match, granted Capricorn is understanding of Leo’s need for freedom and Leo learns to respect Capricorn’s wise counsel.

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