Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn are opposites in astrology, which implies that there is an instant chance for balance and harmony; balance and harmony within, on their own personal journeys and learning from the other, and harmony within the relationship. They make wonderful companions and have many shared interests and passions and emotional needs. Each can help the other rediscover hidden or forgotten parts of themselves, and this can keep the relationship exciting and full of wonder.

Cancer x Capricorn – Romance and Sexual Chemistry

Opposites attract, and this is certainly true in the bedroom! They have different love styles, yet always seem to find a balance and harmony. Cancer is passionate, emotionally sensitive and intuitive, deep, and instinctive to their partner’s needs. They favor romance, love-making, and lots of cuddles, hugs, kisses, physical touch as a love language, and eye gazing. Capricorn’s shadow is being emotionally suppressed, and as everyone´s core desire in life is to seek to overcome their shadow personality traits (follies & flaws), Capricorn loves the emotional depth & sincerity of their Cancer mate. Cancer brings a steamy and sensual energy into the mix. Combined with their compassion and desire to heal, nurture, and provide care, Capricorn feels like they found a diamond in this insightful and loving Crab.

Cancer is slightly more sexual and needy than Capricorn, the stable and independent earth Goat, but once they come out of their shell Capricorns are very sensual, skilled, and passionate lovers. They have some intuition and powerful instincts too, as an earth sign. So they equally know how to be sensitive and respond to their lover’s needs. Cancer is definitely the more submissive one! The way Capricorn dominates enables Cancer to be free to be themselves- totally wild, liberated, and unashamedebly sexually free. 

These two make love with intensity, devotion, and sincere feelings. It isn’t a superficial love match and this makes their bond grow stronger, in other areas… the natural flow and harmony of their sex life can actually bring them together and provide for deep healer, after a row or disagreement for example. It is rare for zodiac signs to experience this; usually sex as a make-up act is considered toxic, and rightfully so. But Cancer and Capricorn have seem to have mastered finding love, strength, and unity through the power of intimacy. This type of love match actually inspires others to vibrate higher and find other ways to connect, i.e. not just through sex (and especially not through lust, like some of the fire-fire combo relationships).

Cancer x Capricorn – Family and Marriage

This is one of the most beautiful and magical matches in astrology. Cancer is such a home-body with strong maternal (or paternal) instincts; they’re the ultimate caregivers, who know how to look after those they love. They provide an emotional depth, warmth, wisdom, and intelligence, which everyone around them appreciates… Capricorn is the most ambitious, hard-working, and practical zodiac sign. They work hard, are dependable, excel in self-responsibility and reliability, and manifest financial abundance and security in the name of love and wellbeing. 

The 10th house, Capricorn’s ruling house, sits right at the top of the chart representing public image, social status, career success, fame, and achievements. This can work quite well with Cancer’s influence and energy- the 4th house (home, roots, the mother), as they compliment each other extremely well. The glue that ties these two together is the emotional depth, warmth, and intelligence Cancer provides, and the openness Capricorn is to receive their love. Cancer looks to their partner as a rock, a strong and stable gem who supplies them with physical, material, psychological, and even spiritual comfort and reassurance. Sentimentality is another of Cancer’s strong points, while Capricorn is all about tradition. Again, beautiful synergy! 

Due to them being opposites in the Zodiac they will find a real soul companion in each other. There are many opportunities to learn, grow, and evolve, and this is one of those “mirror” or “reflection” relationships whereby there’s a lot of differences that don’t necessarily lead to conflict or separation. Each partner can learn more about themselves through their mirror or reflection. Finally, Cancer is a feminine sign symbolizing the mother, maternal instincts, and astral wisdom & knowledge. (Ruling planet: the Moon…) Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the ´Father of Time´ or the ´Lord of Karma,´ so this is very literally the perfect family bond pairing.

Friendships and Platonic Partnerships

An ancestral and ancient bond connected these two-star signs, so it’s no wonder that they make excellent friends if not lovers. At first there may be an instant recognition, as if they’ve known each other from a past life, or from many lives previously. Cancer and Capricorn are soul friends as well as having real soulmate potential. This isn’t the best match for business or visionary and extraordinary feats of creation- Cancer is more of a nurturer and caretaker, and any creative, psychic or imaginative gifts they do have would be wasted on Capricorn. This isn’t being rude to Capricorn, Cap’s ambition would be wasted on Cancer too! Let me explain…

Cancer works better (innovatively and creatively) with other water signs, or people with some vision and ability to go with the flow. Capricorn excels in the fields of finances, management, level-headed business things, and logic and analytical thinking. For Capricorn, Cancer’s mystical, spiritual, imaginative, and ethereal style doesn’t make sense; if Capricorn was going to work with Cancer in this way, it would be for a one-off hiring, like a commission. Both instinctively know that there isn’t much business or expansive potential here, however they work excellently together as part of a team.

Things to watch out for: Red Flags & Warnings!

Quite simply, Capricorn is cold while Cancer is clingy. Cancer suffers from codependency and a ´needy´ style in love, while Capricorn can be cold, distant, and emotionally repressed. Cap’s emotional suppression and inability to be vulnerable and open at times, sometimes at essential moments, can put the sensitive and soulful Crab off. There will simultaneously be times when Capricorn needs a bit of space and Cancer wants to merge, mesh, and snuggle. The key to making this work is communication, balance, and seeking to understand the other’s wants, needs, and desires in a loving & healthy relationship.

Creativity, cultural outings, regular breaks and trips, love-making, home decor, beautifying the house, sharing cooking as a joyful activity, and long and meaningful conversations are ways to unite these two love birds, and further heal any rifts or frustrations. Cancer should find some hobbies outside of their romance as well, and Capricorn’s lesson is to learn to put less attention into work and career goals and more into their sweet and unconditionally giving partner. 

The only other red flag is when Capricorn starts to become overly demanding and dominant and Cancer falls into submission. But, this is only likely when issues have been overlooked for a long time, with both partners to blame; for example, Cancer hasn’t spoken up and been direct, and thus fallen into depression, moodiness, and shyness or withdrawal. As much as sensitivity needs to be respected, Cancer also needs to integrate direct communication and self-expression.

General Rating:

Love: 9

Sexual Synergy: 8

Emotions & Emotional Connection: 6

Intellectual & Psychological Connection: 7

True Love/Soulmate Compatibility: 9

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By Grace Gabriella Puskas

Grace Gabriella Puskas is a passionate Reiki Master, Astrologer, Dream therapist/interpretor, Holistic Healer, and Herbalist. She is also a visionary poet and published author, who enjoys gardening, caring for others, healing the earth, and creating educational & spiritual videos (free) on Youtube. Her website is: