Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer is a sensitive, introverted, and homebody water sign. These natives do not like to leave their emotional comfort zone and prefer to stay in familiar places with people they trust.

Now, Sagittarius is an outgoing, courageous, and confident fire sign that is ready to embark on all kinds of adventures life has to offer.

These natives are always on the go, traveling to faraway lands, and making new friends along the way.

Can a relationship between them work?

Read on and find out how compatible these two signs are in friendship and love.

How is the friendship compatibility between Cancer and Sagittarius?

A Sagittarius and Cancer friendship might not last long. Cancer natives are ruled by their emotions, while Sagittarius people are ruled by their actions and assertiveness, which can bring a lot of conflicts.

Sagittarius is blunt and impulsive when stating their opinions, offending the touchy Cancer who will burst into tears after hearing their friend’s words.

These two share a similar sense of humor at times, but laughter is not enough to sustain a friendship over time. 

Cancer’s emotions will try to keep the relationship together, but Sagittarius’s ego and flighty attitude might ruin their efforts.

Sagittarius has a million acquaintances but rarely a true best friend. Meanwhile, Sagittarius cultivates their relationships with care and love, keeping childhood friendships for the rest of their lives.

The Crab won’t accept spending days without talking or seeing their friends, but the Archer is so inconsistent that they won’t meet Cancer’s standards, wrecking the relationship rather quickly.

How is the relationship compatibility between Cancer and Sagittarius?

Cancer and Sagittarius Marriage Compatibility

If Cancer and Sagittarius happen to fall in love, they might not enjoy an ideal romantic relationship. 

Since Cancer’s possessiveness and clinginess will be too much for Sagittarius’s free spirit, marriage will be off the table.

Likewise, Sagittarius’s unpredictable personality will make Cancer undergo an exhausting emotional roller coaster, leading them to think that they are better off on their own.

If they decide to establish a relationship, one of them will definitely get hurt. The Crabs are looking for security and consistency, and the Archers don’t even want a serious relationship at all! Let alone with someone who doesn’t give them enough space.

These people will only marry if their partner lets them roam freely and assert their independence. However, Cancer gets attached to their partner and doesn’t let them leave their side.

The result: an imminent failure.

Cancer and Sagittarius in bed

Cancer people can be emotionally insecure, especially when letting other people enter their inner world. That’s why they usually set too many rules and boundaries in the bedroom, which can be a turn-off for the spontaneous Sagittarius.

Besides, Sagittarius’s sexual experience and flirtatious nature can make Cancer feel insecure, which will result in a much stiffer and tighter performance.

This will bore Sagittarius’s adventurous personality to death while Cancer feels like their feelings are being neglected.

They may connect at times, but only if Cancer lowers his defenses and Sagittarius becomes more sensitive and vulnerable. 

However, the occasions when this happens are so rare that they are simply not enough to make up for the rest.

The main differences between these two zodiac signs are too significant, and their sexual relationship will be proof of it.

Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility percentage 

Overall: 30%

Overall, the compatibility between these two signs is not very high, mainly because they do not have many interests and activities in common.

Trust: 1%

Cancer wants a reliable and stable partner, while Sagittarius is unpredictable and keen to experience life. That is why mutual trust is not very high. 

Cancer constantly doubts Sagittarius’ intentions and fears being cheated. On the other hand, Sagittarius does not trust Cancer to allow any independent activity without complaining about it.

Intellect: 55%

Although they have different drives, Cancer and Sagittarius share similar intellectual levels. Therefore, so they can have some interesting conversations when they are getting to know each other. 

But after those first few instances, interest begins to wane, and awkward silences will dominate their discussions.

Emotions: 5%

Cancer has a vast inner world full of emotions that they only share with their closest loved ones. On the other hand, Sagittarius externalizes all its feelings and prefers not to show vulnerability, making them opposites in this sense.

Cancer needs deep and meaningful contact and conversations to connect emotionally with its partner. But Sagittarius is always on the go and does not like to stay long with people or express their intimate emotions.

Values: 40%

Sagittarius and Cancer possess some similar values as both are humanitarian people and value respect, honesty, tolerance, and solidarity.

Sex: 35%

Cancer likes sex to be a romantic and intimate experience, while Sagittarius is more daring and likes to experiment. However, at times they will connect as they are both passionate lovers.

Activities 5%

This is the area where Cancer and Sagittarius connect the least. The former likes to cook, spend time with their family, and watch movies at home, while the latter wants to travel, go out, and meet new people.

They will run into problems by the time they have to decide how to spend Saturday night. There will be little or no activity in which these two signs agree to participate.

How is the compatibility between a Cancer Man and a Sagittarius Woman?

The friendship or love connection between a Cancer man and a Sagittarius woman will be full of obstacles. 

This woman knows no other way of life than being independent and taking charge of her own decisions, which makes Cancer’s man feel insecure.

This will lead him to try to pull her emotional strings to keep her from leaving his side because, deep down, he fears she will leave him for someone more interesting.

Sagittarius’s fierce and blunt energy and Cancer’s profoundly emotional nature could create problems in their communication. 

They won’t understand where the other is coming from, and it will seem like they are constantly walking on eggshells with each other.


The relationship between the Cancer and Sagittarius zodiac signs is not exactly a match made in heaven. 

The personalities of these two natives are very different, almost opposite! This will lead to further problems that will probably break up the relationship before it is established.

Sagittarius is outgoing, intense, and adventurous, while Cancer is reserved, sensitive, and distrustful.

A friendship between them will always end in fights, as Sagittarius is too blunt and ruins Cancer’s day with opinions that no one asked for.

A marriage between them is not likely either. Cancer is very possessive and clingy, while Sagittarius will only commit to a relationship if their partner gives them enough space.

However, love has no guidelines, and if these two signs fall in love, they can form a relationship. They just need to make an effort to understand each other’s different points of view and work hard to stick together.

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