Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer & Cancer: A Sweet & Sensual Synergy! But watch out for mind-games…

Cancer and Cancer is a sweet, sensual, and synergistic match. When two Cancers come together, it’s a beautiful thing to witness and watch, if they’ve learned to transcend their lower vibrational “toxic traits” (which we all have) and rise higher. A Cancer-Cancer pairing represents true love, two twin souls who recognize, see, and understand each other on the deepest of levels. Beautiful!

Romance and Sexual Chemistry

This is incredibly passionate, sensual, and romantic. Because they share the same sign, these two soulmates crave the same things in love and sex; intimacy, emotional depth, authentic connection, and spiritual bonding. They’re dreamy, compassionate, psychic, and instinctive- with equal doses of intuition and potent spiritual and healing gifts.

Cancer possesses a natural healing nature. They’re natural empaths too, which signifies that they bond with the world around them in a non-superficial and feeling based way. Cancer can pick up the thoughts, emotions, and internal wants, needs, and desires of others. In love, and when channeled positively, this means they often play the role of counselor, listener and caregiver; something their Cancer partner cherishes beyond words! Both Cancers in this relationship adore this quality in the other.

Further, they´re both givers, yet equally love receiving. So this is bound to create some sizzling chemistry and heated romance, so long as one does not become overly dominant and the other submissive. There’s a tendency to be submissive, or for one partner to follow the lead of the other. This can cause problems if the imbalance grows and unresolved tension or issues in communication go overlooked… Nethertheless, romance, shared needs for intimacy, and sexual values are at an all time high in this love match. 

Turn ons include physical touch, loving massages, kind and sincere gestures, eye contact and eye gazing, compassion, empathy, and deep and genuine feelings. Cancer is one of the least superficial and logical zodiac signs, therefore they function on the same wavelength, meaning they know what the other needs in exact quantities… Whether it be spiritual support or sexual release, or romantic soft physical touch or a pair of listenting ears; these two lovers are completely instinctive to one another’s moods and feelings. Positively, this makes for bliss, magic, and soulful surrender in the bedroom. And they can be very playful and creative! They love to use their imaginations combined with a psychic touch when pleasing their partner. 

Even in friendship and platonic bonds, Cancer and Cancer will have a mutual respect and love for each other. They can spark each other’s creativity, for example, and provide emotional support and reassurance if one starts to become shy or vulnerable in a social setting. Cancers understand each other and how they operate, even sharing a telepathic & psychic connection. Cancer-Cancer’s romantic yearnings can be channeled into art, music, business, and educational & professional opportunities if they feel they wish to remain friendly. This could be a power couple either way! 

Family and Marriage

As they’re both ruled by the astrological house of home, roots, physical foundations, and security- the family and specifically “the mother” too; these two will find shared resonance and a type of warmth that is rare and unspoken. They share an instinctual knowing, a connection that transcends the need for words, at times. They “get” each other and can often communicate speeches and dialogues through an eye glance, physical movement, or gesture with intention. Intention is the keyword here.

As natural empaths, these lovebirds are able to communicate their feelings and even thoughts through body language & eye contact. And through subtle movements. Everything is energy, and Cancer understands this. Being deeply connected to the world of emotions and feelings opens doorways to mind-opening conversation, and shared passions and hobbies. They have the same or similar styles in raising children too. Overall this is a fabulous love match!

Friendships and Platonic Partnerships

Creativity, imaginative gifts, potent instincts, and intuition are keywords associated with the Cancer zodiac sign. If these two get together in some heart-centered, brotherly-sisterly type of way for a community project or venture, or in business; expect to see incredible displays of teamwork, compassionate leading and following, and extraordinary ideas! Cancers who join forces for ventures and projects have an almost dolphin-like way of communicating with each other; everyone can be mesmerized by the sheer level of support, cooperation, teamwork, sensitivity, and care they show the other. If it’s just the two of them, there can be some issues in submission and passivity- there’s a lack of action and direct motion. For example, they may be stuck in the dreaming or imaginative stage. 

In friendship and social circles everyone knows that these two mates will be cooking the food! Also, suggesting the best romantic movie to watch, creating a warm and comforting environment, finding ways to introduce creativity into the agenda, and helping others see that empathy and kindness or caring can be just as important as laughter and excitement. Life is yin and yang, and two Cancers together bring A LOT of yin, feminine, and passive energy. Ironically and perhaps in contrast, they also spark each other to find harmony within, so you may find one of you taking on a more leading role while the other offers silent support. 

Cancers can be quite shy and withdrawn even within business or friendship settings. Moodiness, mild depression, and low self-esteem are common follies or flaws associated with the Cancer sign. If you are a fellow Cancer reading this, you can find ways to bring your friend into the light and help them to re-discover joy, happiness, and color. The Arts, music, and creativity are a sure way to raise their vibration, and you simultaneously heal and remind yourself of the power of positivity and companionship in the process! Have no fear when expressing yourself. Despite what a lot of people want to suggest, many people get tired of such a superficial and “falsely upbeat” reality, perpetually. Everyone loves a dreamy, somewhat mystical, and sensitive friend who is able to bring a mellow and blissful vibe to the group.

Inspire each other and allow yourself to be inspired… This will then help you feel more connected to your body and self, and thus more accepted into the social group. The world of depth, emotional wisdom & intelligence, compassionate understanding, and feminine and astral knowledge (regardless of your gender) are needed. A Cancer-Cancer platonic love bond is here to show others unconditional love and the true meaning of embodying compassion.

Things to watch out for Red Flags & Warnings!

One of the biggest red flags and things to be mindful of is how prone to manipulation this sign is. This includes mind games. Cancer loves to tease, manipulate, and wind their partner up when feeling insecure or in a bad mood. Yet, unlike with other signs like playful Leo or positive Pisces, who might be able to take it as banter and alchemize it into playfulness, Cancer is very sensitive.

What happens when two super-sensitive, over-emotional, and grudge-holding depressives live or interact with each other every day? Chaos. Total, diabolical, destruction and chaos. Cancer and Cancer need to be extra mindful to keep their sensitivities and projections in check. Also, engaging in healing like seeing a sound healer or Reiki practitioner, or simply meditating every day, will work wonders. These two individuals have a very sensitive constitution, so any bad diet or lifestyle choice can have serious negative repercussions on their emotional & psychological health.

Emotionally and psychologically, Cancer and Cancer are a match made in heaven when at their best. Yet when at their lowest, playing out their shadow traits (inner darkness), it can be hell on earth. You can expect explosive arguments, psychological violence, emotional manipulation to the extreme, resentment and spitefulness, and seeking to inflict pain and unconscious trauma on their lover. Oh, did I mention that Cancers are master grudge holders too?!

Cancer and Cancer General Percentage Rating:

Love: 9

Sexual Synergy: 8

Emotions & Emotional Connection: 9

Intellectual & Psychological Connection: 8

True Love/Soulmate Compatibility: 10

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