Aquarius and Libra Compatibility

In this article, we are going to go over Aquarius and Libra compatibility and see how they do on various scores and fields. 

Both of these signs belong to the Air element and sanguine (hot and moist) temperament; Libra is ruled by Venus – the planet of love, beauty and luxury, and Aquarius is ruled by Uranus – the planet of revolution, freedom of thinking, electricity and flight. 

Libra is a cardinal sign and Aquarius is a fixed sign, this means that there could be friction between the two when it comes to leadership and ideas. Libra is the great diplomat of the Zodiac and a well-known people pleaser, whereas Aquarius is the rebel of the Zodiac and likes to shake the status quo (aka harmony/balance – something Libra strives to achieve at all times). 

These two can work very well together in an intimate setting, where they can be relaxed and casual, however, when it comes to public settings and official events – not so much. The first and most obvious difference between the two is their style – Libra strives for beauty and elegance, whereas Aquarius strives for uniqueness and chaos. 

Aqua prefers to shake things up, to make heads turn and jaws drop in shock, whereas Libra prefers for everything to go smooth, gallant and safe. Libra is a cardinal sign, so they can be quite forceful with their visions, ideas and truths, whereas Aqua hates nothing more than when something is being forced on them, they like to stand out and to stand on their own terms.

Aquarius x Libra friendship compatibility

These two can get along great when it comes to sharing ideas, liberal communication, and taking action. Both of these signs love social events, hanging out together, having a good time in a circle of friends, and just vibing. 

Libra is one of the most social signs of the Zodiac, they are the social butterflies, and they love to spend their time with others – this is thanks to their rulership over the 7th house of other people, partnerships and marriage. 

Aquarius loves social settings because then they can cause shock value and bounce their revolutionary ideas against other people’s minds and perceptions. They are always conducting some kind of a social experiment, and how can they execute it without the ‘social’ part? 

When you combine Libra and Aquarius together you get one hell of a debate team. These two can play the devil’s advocate until they drop dead. They love to be the smartest ones in the room, and when they unite their forces they become unstoppable. 

Libra is a queen of debaters, and they love to prove their point through eloquent words and diplomatic speech. Aquarius love to be listened to and to share their unique outlook on the society and future of the worlds.

Aquarius x Libra relationship compatibility for marriage

Aquarius and Libra will never have a boring day in their life when it comes to relationships/marriage. Both of these signs are very vocal and outspoken. And Libra really loves to make their partner satisfied. 

For Libra – it’s all about the partner, but unlike Cancers or Leos, they do it in a more subdued manner, they are more refined and incognito about it. They make it seem effortless and humorous when they make it all about their partner. 

And this subdued, incognito approach might be just what the Aquarius needs in order to feel unthreatened to emotionally open up. Since Libra is a cardinal sign, they don’t give up until they execute their idea or plan, so this means that Libra won’t give up easily on winning Aquarius’ heart if they so desire. 

Aquarius is here the oblivious one as the emotionally detached one. Libra is, after all, ruled by Venus – the ruler of love and romance, so it’s only natural that Libra is the heftier and more experienced lover than the Aquarius and not just in the sexual sense. 

Libra knows how to seduce and how to keep their lover happy, but the question is: how much will Libra be happy in a relationship with Aquarius if they don’t get what they think is owed to them by their partner…

Aquarius x Libra Sex Compatibility

When it comes to sex, Libra is a very versatile lover. They have a lot of actual experience and they have tried almost everything once, so their plethora of knowledge and handiness can be extremely arousing to Aquarius. 

Aquarius are neither as flirty nor as emotionally versatile as Libra, so they don’t have the same amount of experience. Plus, Aquarius sport some interesting fetishes and kinks and that’s not something any sign can be down to try. 

Libra desires (in sex) above all else intimacy, they love to be loved, pampered and spoiled, if Aquarius is open to such activities and brave to step out of their usual comfort zone (because this requires emotional touch, after all) then they can have a blast. 

These two signs can have very nice cooperation in the bedroom, Libra is no stranger to kink and roleplay, and Aquarius really appreciates a good sport in their sex partner. With time and practice, these two can up their bedroom scores exponentially.

Aquarius x Libra Emotional Compatibility

When it comes to emotions, Libra is much more open and needy compared to Aquarius. However, Libra has charm and diplomacy up her sleeve, so they know how to work their angle and how to make it work (in their favor) whenever they want or need something. 

Aquarius is not stupid, they are an intellectual sign, but when it comes to emotions, they might as well be, so it’s no wonder if Libra, a cardinal sign, has their (emotional) way with them and comes out on top. 

Aqua’s emotional detachment might not be such a problem for Libra as they themselves are very smart, so if they learn Aquarius’ love language and they know that Aqua loves them (in their peculiar, unique way), then Libra can be quite satisfied with whatever Aquarius is willing to give them in the motional department. 

They have a very high emotional compatibility score thanks to Libra and their diplomatic output, Aqua has very little to do with this success rate as they are mostly childish and oblivious when it comes to emotional intelligence.

Aquarius x Libra Compatibility Percentage

All in all, this is a pretty good coupling, and these two signs mostly have high scores in love fields. The only problem here can be Libra’s neediness and attention-seeking nature when they feel insecure, which can lead to cheating and unbecoming behavior. 

In this case, it’s best to openly talk about each other’s needs and limits and to practice an open relationship with a safe space where they can share honestly their strife and needs. 

Trust: 65%

Emotions: 70%

Intellect: 87%

Values: 80%

Sex: 76%

Activities: 83%

Are Aquarius and Libra a good match?

Indeed, they are.

Are Aquarius and Libra soulmates?

They could be, considering how well they get along. It’s often found that this Sun pairing are soulmates.

Famous Aquarius/Libra Celebrities

Aquarius celebrities: Tom Hiddlestone, Michael B. Jordan, Megan Thee Stallion, Ashton Kutcher, The Weekend and Paris Hilton. 

Libra celebrities: Anthony Mackie, Will Smith, Michael Douglas, Ezra Miller, Gwen Stefani and Lena Headey.

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By Itana Rakic

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