Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

In today’s article, we are going to examine Aqua and Aqua compatibility. 

Aquarius is Uranus’ child, it resides over the 11th house of higher goals, dreams and ambitions, but also it represents friendships, noble ideals, teamwork and freedom of thinking. Its element is Air, its modality fixed and it’s co-ruled by stern Saturn. 

No one can get Aquarius like another Aquarius, and not just that, there’s an animalistic attraction between natives who have strong Aqua placements (especially AC). They have a “nose” for each other; an Aquarius has the ability to separate another Aquarius from the crowd with just one look, and no, it doesn’t have to be because of their very weird outfit. 

Aquarius (like Pisces) have a 6th sense and otherworldly antennas when it comes to intellectual (and physical) frequencies and thought patterns, they can spot and recognize each other without even saying a word. But if words are spoken then that’s a done deal – they’ve made contact and the friendship (or love union) will ensue. 

Since they are so similar in nature and thought patterns, there’s not a long time needed for them to “click” and just be at ease with each other. This is why we are going to dive deeper and discover just how well they can get along with each other.

Aquarius x Aquarius friendship compatibility

When it comes to friendship, no one can do it better (even in long-distance) than Aquarius and Aquarius. These natives think the same and often feel the same, they will show their loyalty and affection in completely weird ways to the rest of the Zodiac, but to them, it will make the most sense and they will feel fulfilled with their actions and strange displays of love. 

They are very loyal, but also distant at the same time, and they won’t find it troublesome to just (re)connect whenever they feel like it, and to hang out like normal people do, even if they haven’t seen each other face to face in years. 

These two natives that belong to the same sign can be the best of friends without even spending much (physical) time together. They often have each other in favorites on most social media, and they stay in tune with each other with obscure online content they share with the world. 

This is a beautiful and pure friendship that is based on the sincerity of their humor and oddness that is only matched by one of their own – Aquarius. They’ll often get matching tattoos together in order to represent their soul/intellectual bond and not think twice about it. 

They truly give each other freedom and space, but at the same time – they’re always there for each other.

Aquarius x Aquarius relationship compatibility for marriage

When it comes to relationship/marriage compatibility, these two signs can get along the best. Although it’s rare to see two Aquarians subduing to social norms and following regular etiquette, they won’t find a problem in them being in traditional marriage as long as they themselves don’t address it like that. 

They need to think they’ve invented their own set of rules and regulations that only the two of them understand and follow, and they’ll call it differently, but their friends will giggle because it’ll be obvious they’re so in love and happy, they’re just making it complicated. 

Or, since we’re dealing with two Aquarius, they can make it completely off the wall, and they can have a regular (socially recognized) marriage, but live it completely under their own rules – polyamory, BDSM, swingers’ club – all is fair and it can come into play when these natives are concerned.   

The best thing about their marriage/relationship is they are happy and fulfilled with it. They’ve finally found a worthy match that gets them and understands them on all levels, and they can live their best lives, together, or in separate rooms, but just being in the same house does it for them.

Aquarius x Aquarius in bed

When it comes to sex compatibility they’re either living their dream or they not having as much fun. It can go either way, but it’s most likely that they’re living their dreams and fantasies out, and they finally have a partner in crime to make it all better and more fulfilling. 

They have great chemistry as I’ve mentioned before, but the question is: do their fetishes match? Because if they do – then they’ll have fireworks in the bedroom, if they don’t – well then… not so much. 

There’s another problem here if their fetishes and preferences are exactly the same, then they’ll either revert back to friendship, or they’ll find a third (or even a fourth and fifth) person to play with them in order to strike a balance between them. 

This is all normal and acceptable to Aquarius, and if we lived in a higher-consciousness world then it would be a norm and not an oddity, alas, Aquarius as usual, is living their life 250 years ahead of the rest of us. 

As long as they’re having fun and enjoying themselves, who’re we to say what goes and what doesn’t?

Aquarius x Aquarius Emotional Compatibility

When it comes to emotional compatibility they are a great match because they get each other the best and they know how they function without having to explain themselves. They understand each other’s quirks and they have a special bond and telepathy between them which makes emotional displays (or the lack of them) much easier. 

Although these two natives can be very detached and cold with other signs, with each other they tend to be goofy, affectionate and playful. There’s a lot of joy in their souls when they are together because they recognize each other as soulmates from the core of their beings. 

It’s easy for them to be childish with each other, and thus their emotional compatibility is very high. Although certain problems can arise when they are not on the same frequency or emotional level; if/when that happens they can hurt each other badly, thus, it’s very beneficial for them to have a developed emotional language and to often talk about their goals and aspirations. 

Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility percentage (brief description with percentage scale on Trust, Emotions, Intellect, Values, Sex, Activities)

These natives get along great together, and there’s a special “sauce” binding their hearts into one. They have an innate understanding of each other and they feel safe to be their true selves when they are together. They need to practice “keeping in touch” with their feelings, though.

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility Percentage 

Trust: 90%

Emotions: 85%

Intellect: 97%

Values: 93%

Sex: 75%

Activities: 89%

Are Aquarius and Aquarius a good match?

Yes, they are. An extremely good match. They can work great together and have the best time of their lives.

What attracts an Aquarius man to an Aquarius woman?

He sees a mirror in her, and thus all things and virtues hidden from him from a first-person view are reflected back at him from her end.

Are Aquarius couple soulmates? 

Yes, they are. Even if they themselves don’t believe in the term “soulmates”, it’s clear to those around them that they were made for each other. 

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By Itana Rakic

I've been a student of Astrology since I was 16, and since I have a talent for languages I approached Astrology just as another language to be learned and thus far it has shown me wonderful things and patterns in fellow human beings. I'm also an experienced Tarot reader (this runs in my family) and a Rune caster. Astrology has been my passion for more than half of my life and I also have a massive love for writing, I combined the two and started writing about Astrology to help guide others on their way of life. I'm also a Reiki master and Timeline Healing practitioner.