Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility

In today’s article, we are going to cover Aquarius and Gemini compatibility and all aspects of their relationship. 

Both Gemini and Aquarius are human signs, they both belong to the Air element and their temperament is sanguine (hot and moist); the only difference is that Aquarius is a fixed sign, whereas Gemini is a mutable sign. 

Gemini is ruled by Mercury – the planet of speed, transport and communication, and Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is considered a higher octave of Mercury. 

This means that where Gemini collects a massive databank of information for the sheer purpose of knowing, Aquarius takes that information to the next level and creates something useful for all out of it. 

Both Gemini and Aquarius are talkative as they are both human signs. They love the information in all its forms, shapes and sizes, and they value sharing of information very highly. 

Aquarius rules the 11th house of teamwork, philanthropy and friendship, and Gemini rules the 3rd house of communication, information and short travel. When combined you get an active lifestyle on daily basis, a large circle of friends and acquaintances, and shared passions for similar causes and goals.  

Aqua and Gemini combo can produce a lot of good to share with the world, and they can do great things together.

Aquarius and Gemini Friendship Compatibility

One could say that the Aqua x Gemini combo is that of the ‘best friends forever’ (#bff in short). As the only human signs of the Zodiac (Libra is an object and Sagittarius is only half-human), Aqua and Gemini share a lot in common. 

They are both talkative and love to chit-chat. Their minds are extremely active and always seek some higher knowledge or information about the world and people around them. They both like to understand how things work and why certain phenomena happen. 

As Aquarius rules the 11th house – house of friends, it’s only logical that they are one of the most loyal friends you can find in this world. However, they have this mischievous streak that gets awoken in them by Gemini’s Mercurial nature, so they can come to resemble tricksters and share gossip. 

You could say that Gemini is some sort of a ‘bad influence’ on Aquarius, but it’s only because those traits were already there. Gemini itself is not a very loyal sign thanks to its mutable nature, but once they find their intellectual match with the same thirst and appetites for information as them – they tend to remain loyal and dedicated to that friendship. 

All in all, Aqua and Gemini have very high friendship compatibility and they like to share in on their adventures together, gossip, talk for long hours and bounce their ideas back and forth with each other.

Aquarius and Gemini Relationship Compatibility for Marriage

When it comes to relationship/marriage compatibility Aqua and Gemini have a high success rate. 

As human and Air signs of the Zodiac, these two can make any situation work. Both of them tend to approach emotions from an intellectual standpoint. They are both very somber and “sane” (compared to Cancers and Scorpios for example) when it comes to love, so they can talk about anything and find a compromise in almost everything. 

It’s quite common for this combo to have an open marriage/relationship and to give each other freedom to explore other connections and emotions with others. Aqua and Gemini are known as the least jealous types of the Zodiac and they tend to make full use of that. 

Their relationship is based on intellectual understanding and respect, words are their language of love (and weapons), so they solve everything with words – they have meaningful conversations and tend to find the common ground when a problem arises. 

Their marriage is a youthful dance of two similar souls who stay with each other because they prefer each other’s company rather than out of necessity or some deep emotions. This is not to say that they don’t share in deep and loyal emotions, no, just that intellectual bonding and similarities come before emotional ones for these two signs.

Aquarius and Gemini Sexual Compatibility

Aquarius likes oddities and unconventionality in sex, and Gemini likes verbal and intellectual arousal. 

Aquarius and Gemini are both very wordy in sex, they are talkative and they like “dirty talk”, which is a major turn-on for both of these signs. Plus, they know how to arouse each other not just through words and growls, but also through the intricate roleplay scenarios and fantasies that they make come true to life. 

Both of these signs are very imaginative when it comes to sex, and they feel the innate closeness of the souls, so they feel no shame in expressing their deepest and truest desires, no matter how strange or odd they might seem to others. 

There’s a sense of safety in acceptance that these two sings can offer each other, and thus, they can have a mind-blowing experience in bed when they are together. 

Aqua and Gemini have a very liberal approach to sex, and that’s why their sex rate is also extremely high. They simply love to be in love with each other and to share in on their kinks and quirks.

Aquarius and Gemini Emotional Compatibility

Aqua and Gemini share in on a very peculiar approach to emotions – their intellect. They prefer to dissect and logically explain their emotions to themselves. They do not like to become victims of their own emotionality so they stay in the domain of “explainable” and rational. 

This is a great thing for them, as they have a similar (if not the same) love language and there’s not going to be emotional trouble and/or strife as it could happen with some other signs. 

Aquarius and Gemini have a very good emotional compatibility and as long as they talk about everything openly and honestly with each other, there’s not a bridge they cannot cross together. 

This is one of the best emotional compatibilities within the Zodiac. They truly know what they’re doing no matter how it may look to the people on the outside.

Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility Percentage

When it’s all said and done, Aquarius and Gemini have a great compatibility percentage in all fields. Aquarius might be a little bit more loyal and trusting than Gemini, but it’s far from the truth that Gemini doesn’t know how to be dedicated and loyal once they find their match. 

As long as they are open and direct with each other, and the “conversation” is flowing freely between them, there’s nothing these two cannot accomplish together. 

Trust: 70%

Emotions: 78%

Intellect: 90%

Values: 82%

Sex: 97%

Activities: 98%

Are Aquarius and Gemini good soulmates?

Yes, they are. One of the best matches within the Zodiac, they really go well with each other and they hit high scores on all compatibility rates.

What attracts an Aquarius man to a Gemini woman?

Aquarius man loves Gemini woman’s intellect, passion for collecting information and cheerful outlook on the world. Gemini woman is very charismatic and has this childish charm that can ensnare the Aquarius man very easily.

Can Aquarius marry Gemini?

Both of these signs would prefer not to place “official” labels on their “mutual contract”, but yes, Aquarius can marry Gemini and it can be a great marriage that unites two very similar, yet different spirits. 

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