Taurus and Libra Compatibility

Today, we are going to discuss Taurus and Libra’s overall compatibility, and we’re going to delve into all realms and dimensions concerning relationships in order to cover this pairing justly.   

Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, and that means something despite them being of different elements, modalities, and temperaments. 

Libra is the 7th sign of the Zodiac, its natural house is the 7th house of marriage, partnerships, law, public enemies, long-term relationships, shared life, and justice. Libra is an Air sign of cardinal quality and sanguine (hot and moist) temperament. 

Libra initiates through diplomacy and balance, and it usually can get its way in any given situation thanks to its smile, charm, and charisma. 

Taurus is the 2nd Zodiac sign of fixed quality, melancholic (cold and dry) temperament, and Earth element. Taurus rules over the 2nd house, which stands for food, finances, financial abundance/security, movable property, and hedonism. 

These two signs love beauty and esthetics above all else and desire to be surrounded by these Venusian qualities all of the time. They dislike ugly, dirty, and misbalancing things, people, and situations. Both of these signs need a lot of harmony and serenity on the outside in order to thrive on the inside.

Taurus and Libra friendship compatibility

When it comes to friendship, these two can work pretty well together as they both love similar things (beauty, elegance, balance, harmony, pleasant environments, and colors, focus on partnerships and romance, affection…), and they have a lot of similar interests and shared topics. 

Despite being quite different, Taurus and Libra can get along easily and they can make money and have fun doing something that they enjoy. They will spend a lot of time discussing “girly” things and giving each other tips and advice on how to achieve greater perfection and beauty standards.

Thanks to Taurus’ relaxed nature, Libra will have a nice listener, and Taurus will have an easy form of entertainment. Libra is the “tea holder” of the Zodiac – they know all the latest tea, and they love to spill it to their Taurus friend, who more often than not stays unfazed to some of the most shocking gossip there is. 

They both love to go to pleasant and esthetically pleasing places, they both like sweets and love to eat, although Libra might put in some actual work in order to look good, whereas Taurus will simply not care about physical perfection as long as they have the curves and can fit in most of their outfits. 

This friendship duo will have the best time going shopping and getting ready for events where they’ll be able to have fun by judging others and collecting the latest gossip for their private joke column.

Taurus and Libra relationship compatibility for marriage

It gets a bit trickier when it comes to relationships and marriage for this duo. Taurus is fixed and loyal, this means that they don’t change their mind nor their heart once they’ve come to a decision. 

Libra, however, well this is a party animal that can go wild (even rabid) when you least expect it. Unlike fixed Taurus, Libra is a cardinal sign, and they like to lead, to “break the ice” and just try out new things, adventures, and romantic flicks. 

There are rare cases when Libra finds itself so deeply and madly in love that they remain focused on that one person. But, unlike Taurus, Librans were made to fall in love with love, they will love anybody and everybody who catches their eye, whereas Taurus can love one person decades at a time… You see the predicament? 

In case that we’re dealing with either a broadminded and flexible Taurus, or a more “traditional” and dedicated Libra, we can expect an amazing result when it comes to marriage compatibility. These natives can make it work through the sheer power of love and affectionate displays of passion. 

Libra knows how to please their partner, how to pamper them, and be focused on them. Taurus knows how to feed and (materialistically) secure their partner, they are the embodiment of hedonism and they will provide pleasure wherever they can. 

If they can agree upon their differences and find the middle ground, which cannot be too difficult considering that Libra is involved, then they have p pretty high marriage score.

Taurus and Libra Sex Compatibility

When it comes to sex, since both of these signs are ruled by Venus – they’re bound to make it good. Libra, although an Air sign, is not big on experimenting, nor do they suffer from weird and “too fast and furious” fetishes that plague the other two Air signs – Aqua and Gemini. 

Instead, Libra’s sex style resembles that of a fixed and reliable Taurus – they are soft, charismatic, sensual and visually erotic – they know how to please the senses and how to ensnare their partner through soft intimacy and skinship bonding. 

Both of these natives really love and enjoy sex. They want to explore every nook and cranny of their partner, they want to provide pleasure and see how happy they’ve made their other half. 

Taurus can show Libra a really good time with some fine music and wine, and Libra can show Taurus new dimensions and aspects of oral sex and skin-focused pleasure.  

These two really know how to be with each other and how to ravel in mutual pleasure despite their differences and seemingly vast distance between them.

Taurus and Libra emotional compatibility

Now, with emotional compatibility, we’ve hit our first snag, or they did. 

Libra is a free-spirited romantic vagabond who likes to try everyone and everything at least once. They love the rush of the (romantic) chase, and they are horny and thirsty for a partner who is blowing them off or completely ignoring them. 

On the other hand, Taurus is set in their ways and they want someone who is capable of showing them that they really mean it and that they are safe to open up and let go of all the fears and resentment that torments them on any given day. 

Taurus prefer romantic stability, understanding, and not rushing (letting them go at their own pace, pressure-free) when it comes to love. Love is an art form for them, and thus it should be perfected before indulging oneself in all kinds of conspicuous acts. 

Taurus might even forgive some flings to Libra, but it’s best not to your luck when it comes to Taurus’ emotions and jealousy. Libra won’t have those problems, but if Taurus dedicates even a smidgeon of attention more to someone else, then they are heartbroken and can sing some Britney songs out loud. 

This is a complex relationship that requires a lot of work and honest sharing.

Taurus and Libra compatibility percentage

Summed up, Taurus and Libra have pretty good compatibility and they scored high on the chart levels. They just need to agree to either agree or disagree, and then they’ll be able to fulfill each other’s wildest dreams. 

Trust: 63%

Emotions: 58%

Intellect: 78%

Values: 86%

Sex: 79%

Activities: 83%

Are Taurus and Libra a good couple?

Yes, they are, and they can be as long as they remember to speak about their feelings openly and maturely.

What attracts a Taurus man to a Libra woman?

Her elegance, mysterious demeanor and great esthetic sense.

Famous Taurus x Libra couples

James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff, Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Brosnan, Stephen Amell and Cassandra Jean Amell, Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian, and Stephen Baldwin and Kennya Baldwin.

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