Taurus and Gemini Compatibility

In today’s article, we are going to examine the compatibility between Taurus Sun and Gemini sun natives. 

Taurus is the 2nd Zodiac sign ruled over by Venus, its temperament is melancholic (cold and dry), its modality fixed and its element is Earth. Its natural house of residence is the 2nd house, house of food, material belongings, movable property, finances, and financial security. 

Gemini is the follow-up sign, it’s the 3rd Zodiac sign, its element is Air, its modality mutable, and its temperament sanguine (hot and moist). Its ruler is fast Mercury and its natural house of residence is the 3rd house of basic education, commute, communication, siblings, neighborhood, writing, thinking, speechcraft, and driving. 

These two signs don’t have much in common. They are as different as the sky and earth despite being so close to each other on the Zodiac wheel. 

Taurus is unyielding, steadfast, loyal, and materialistic. Gemini is more changeable than the weather, abstract, fast, and change-seeking. Geminis get bored very quickly and easily, whereas Taurus are able to repeat one action over and over until the end of time. 

There’s not much tying these two signs together, but we will delve into the depths of their compatibility in order to see why is it so and how can they find ways to work together.

Taurus and Gemini friendship compatibility

As friends, the only thing they share is their love for “tea” (aka fresh gossip). Whereas Gemini is a blabbermouth who administers a vast databank of information about anything and anyone, Taurus is much similar to Scorpio when it comes to secrets – they like to hear it all and know it all, but they tell it to nobody. 

Taureans are firm in their convictions and morals, they like friendships to have a material dimension to them, and not just keep it all in the realm of words and abstract. They see and recognize fidelity through materialistic things, such as time invested into the relationship, money shared, food made, and some such. 

They also value when someone knows how to keep their privacy and be accountable for their deeds (including their tongue). These concepts might not be as important to Gemini (or not important at all), and they might have to learn how to keep their tongue between their teeth when it comes to Taurus’ secrets and things they told them in private. 

Taurus is no fool, and they won’t overshare something sensitive with Gemini, but then if they don’t have trust, what do they have? Geminis value when a person can match them intellectually, with mental speed, fortitude, and humor, Taurus might seem quite slow and silent compared to them. 

This is why this pairing needs to work much on ironing out their differences and finding the middle ground for this friendship to work (in the long run).

Taurus and Gemini Relationship Compatibility for Marriage

When it comes to marriage compatibility, well, to be honest, I don’t know how they got to the marital stage in the first place. 

Jokes aside, they can function well if Gemini doesn’t stray too much from their home base and keeps their eyes on Taurus, and Taurus provides Gemini with the necessary mental (and visual) stimuli for them to be continuously entertained. 

These two natives need to work long and hard in order to make it work in the long run between them. Taurus values stability, status quo, unchanging climate and circumstances, whereas Gemini thrives on chaos, constant change, sudden change, excitement and intellectual teasing. 

They have completely different goals and temperaments, they are attracted to very different things and in the long run, Gemini might get so bored they just disappear. 

If they find their middle ground and a way to make it work well between them, then this combo can have high productivity and creativity rates (this goes especially well if Taurus is in the art business). With Gemini’s innovative and informed mind, and Taurus’ dedication and fixed nature, they can develop a very hefty business (and marriage) together.

Taurus and Gemini Sex Compatibility

This combination can be fun at the beginning as Gemini like to try everything at least once, and Taureans are naturally gifted in the visual department. Taureans are very skilled in the art form of love as they are ruled by Venus – the goddess of love and eroticism. 

Gemini is loud and talkative lovers, they need audio (and visual) stimulation in order to get engaged through their arousal. This is why at the beginning, they can be a very loud and “eloquent” pairing. 

Taurus knows how to bring pleasure instinctively and they know how to tailor their approach to each sex partner, something Gemini will value very much because they live for the interactions (action > reaction) with others. 

Gemini might have various ideas and kinks that they want to execute in real-time, and Taurus will be mostly down to trying out all these things. But, in the long run, Taurus will start to crave intimacy and security within a sexual relationship, and that’s not something fleeting Gemini can promise. 

They can be a great combo for a one-night stand, but regular sex leads to emotional attachment, which should be discussed (and agreed upon) between these two.

Taurus and Gemini emotional compatibility

When it comes to emotional compatibility, they are very different. Sure, Gemini will like the undivided attention and affectionate security Taurus has to offer, but they won’t be able to ‘return the favor’. 

Geminis are free radicals, and they prefer when they are free to explore, learn, discover and delve into new sensations, people and pleasures. Taurus is only one person and a simple one at that. They are steady, fixed and long-lasting in their emotions, even after a betrayal. So you see why this can be a bad idea for Taurus.

If Taurus has strong mutable placements and is not as fixed as the dominant Taurus representatives, then they should go for it because they can have great fun and learn a lot from each other, especially in the emotional department. 

These natives will need a lot of patience, time and space in order to make it work on an emotional level between each other, and they’ll need a lot of support from their friends in order to see things objectively and have the broadness of the mind in order to understand each other’s hearts.

Taurus and Gemini Compatibility Percentage 

To sum it up, Taurus and Gemini don’t have high scores in any of the fields, they’re just so different from each other, and thus they don’t linger too much next to each other. There are always exceptions, of course, but if you’re looking for a silver lining in this combo, you won’t find it. 

Trust: 49%

Emotions: 52%

Intellect: 57%

Values: 48%

Sex: 58%

Activities: 55%

Are Taurus and Gemini a good match?

Not very much, no. They’re too different individuals and they tend to focus on different things, goals and values in life.

What attracts a Gemini man to a Taurus woman?

Her sensuality, visual effects and soft skin. They might enjoy her elegance and cooking skills, too.

Famous Taurus/Gemini couples

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, Collin Farrell and Alicja Bachleda, Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II, and Jon Peters and Barbra Streisand. 

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