Sagittarius & Libra Love And Friendship Compatibility

The Sagittarius and Libra pair is considered highly compatible as they form a soft aspect in astrology. Being two signs apart in the Zodiac wheel, fiery Sagittarius and airy Libra fuel each other. Libra fans the flames of Sagittarius, keeping the heat alive. Sagittarius ruled by the planet Jupiter of luck, blessings and expansion might be able to support Libra in their desires. Libra the social butterfly is ruled by the planet Venus of love, lust, value and relationship. This duo brings passion, sparks and intellectual stimulation through conversation, sharing and meeting new people.

Libra might be a beautiful influence on Sag with their keen eye for aesthetic and ability to listen and be impartial to the mind of Sagittarius. Sagittarius learns flow and grace from Libra. They don’t need to burn their way through life, quite chaotically, there is ease in objective detachment that Libra has mastered. Sagittarius wants to be the student here. Well done to the libra who keeps the attention of their Sagittarius partner. 

Sagittarius and Libra Friendship Compatibility

This friendship fans the flames and lights up the other in reverence and joy. These signs can create a beautiful friendship as they support each other creatively and professionally, lifting each other up genuinely. As Libra is ruled by the planet Venus of love, beauty and value they bring compassion and power to any friendship. 

This partnership has a very sexy vibe and feels like more than platonic friendship, however, there is always space for friendship intimacy for these two.  They might both share a love of art, literature and culture which can really bring them together in their connection. Libra is known for their gossip and debate skills which Sag finds very interesting and wants to learn more from Libra.

Sagittarius x Libra Relationship and Marriage Compatibility

Libra as ruled by Venus with its connection to love and partnership is a strong match for any sign, and with the soft aspect to Sagittarius even the typical challenges and struggles of this match could be laid to rest or at least confronted to bring balance. Libra is symbolized by the scales of justice, which is something of high value to Sagittarius. Sag might find libra incredibly sturdy and clear and easy to get along with, where other matches might have scared Sag away or made them uneasy. 

Libra in its airiness values and appreciates balance and harmony more than unconditional commitment as the weight of their scales and what is presented to them change and shift. In this regard Sagittarius and Libra have commonalities of movement. This echoes their fire and air essences and why this match is so hospitable. 

Sagittarius x Libra Sex Compatibility

Libra may fall in love with Sagittarius first, likely harbouring some romantic idea of them, but Sagittarius will bring that daddy energy to the bedroom. Libra is alluring and charismatic, drawing Sag in with lightness, fun and beauty. Libras aesthetic could provide Sag with the visual, erotic stimulation that gets their fire burning. 

Sag is playful and optimistic, so they are excited for intimate moments with partners. They can also appreciate the artistry that libra puts into themselves and their romantic endeavours which makes Libra feel good.

Sagittarius x Libra Emotional Compatibility

Libra is diplomatic and Sagittarius appreciates this and wants to practice in good spirits. Sagittarius is a big picture thinker and idealist, where the small stuff doesn’t matter, although any astrologer will tell you how Sagittarius must ride their own emotions or abandon them for some fantasy. Where Libra is symbolized by the scales and is inherently pulled to directions of truth, justice and correction they may be a guiding force for Sag, helping them to stay involved and do what is right. 

Sagittarius could be the sign most capable of complacency and this could infuriate Libra. As Libra is an incredibly judicious sign valuing truth and advocacy, the tendency to run that Sagittarius keeps in their back pocket could have Libra feeling like a second choice.

Sagittarius x Libra Compatibility Percentage  

Love 7

This couple has romance written all over it. Sagittarius loves Libras airiness and natural inclinations towards justice and movement. 

Attraction 8

This is a steamy match and they know it, which makes the attraction that much hotter and more intense. 

Friendship 5 

Sagittarius can be friends with essentially anyone, but libra can be surface level which Sag doesn’t appreciate. 

Business 5 

A business relationship here could go one of two ways: Libra and Sagittarius 

Intellect 7

Two incredibly intellectual signs with a love of sharing, gossiping and learning. Fire and air lead the way for beautiful conversation.

Are Libra and Sagittarius a good match?

Libra and Sagittarius are a good match in several areas of compatibility. They are typically positive and in a good mood, which can shift to their partner, leaving everyone with a good attitude. This positivity and optimism allow them to converse and share about mostly anything. They will be able to find a lot of common ground and find their behaviours to be similar. This can feel really good for them as they enter into partnership as it can feel like its meant to be. 

Are Sagittarius and Libra good friends?

Sagittarius and Libra make excellent friends. They have commonalities through their shared interests in art, culture, people and law. This friendship is light and airy with a stable connection and support for one another. This is shown through Libras connection to the planet Venus which governs connection and relationships as these dynamics are a priority in Libras life. Sagittarius feels important and that their needs are being taken care of. Alternatively, Libra heats up with Sagittarius and feels powerful themselves, just and good. Libras internal compass is pointing north with the energy Sag brings. 

Will Sagittarius and Libra struggle with fighting?

As with any couple or match, there might be conflict or arguments. Libra as the light, air sign and Sagittarius as the care free fire sign have a common trait of indecision which might cause disagreement between them or prolong their courting period because they aren’t quite sure what to commit to. It is possible that when these two do fight their air and fire creates a tension that can escalate quickly. Libra may wish to resolve the problem but it is very possible they also flake and detach from it. Based on the other aspects and placements in the partners natal charts one could determine the fight or flight response of each partner. 

Sagittarius values honesty and this is where Libra might fall short. Sagittarius wants communication and respects the initiative of trying even if a resolution takes time and work. Libra should make genuine decisions in order to maintain mutual respect between them and their Sag partner. 

Famous Sagittarius and Libra People

Cardi B and Offset – Respectively Libra and Sagittarius

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness – Respectively Libra and Sagittarius. *

*This couple has shown their dedication to each other through tough times and beautiful ones and have been in partnership for 25 years. 

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