Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility

The energetic tension between these two mutable signs can be channeled in a beneficial way if they pay careful attention to their communication.

To start off, they can focus on what they respect about each other instead of their glaring differences. The Fish can respect the Archer’s idealism and philosophical vision while the Archer values the Fish’s mystical depth to which they are also drawn.

Pisces longs to transcend their earthly body, even if means finding the humility to surrender their ego. Sagittarius is drawn to spirituality because of their curiosity to discover the deeper truth and larger meaning behind life. Whatever spiritual path they each pursue, these two will not lose their sense of humor, as they are both wise enough to take life lightly.

Pisces and Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility

Sagittarius values the Truth highly and can be quite direct and self-righteous about sharing their interpretation of it. Pisces, meanwhile, prefers their spiritual philosophy to be a bit more poetic and flowery.

The Archer’s progressive ideals are sure to touch the sensitive heart of the Fish, who also values equality, tolerance, and unity. Sagittarius might display their philosophy in a happy-go-lucky and humorous manner, but they will always find a way to communicate it. Pisces, who is a little shyer about sharing their wisdom admires this straightforward quality greatly.

However, the Fish won’t like how indiscriminately the Archer can blurt out the truth at the most inopportune times. The Archer, meanwhile, is wary of the Piscean tendency to bend the truth to suit their mood and audience, and may even call them bold-faced liars. Pisces will of course recoil from this accusation, saying that they prefer to be more evasive and less blunt. They have plenty of reasons for avoiding the direct truth, such as when it impinges on their privacy or might actually be quite hurtful to others and serve no useful purpose.

Sagittarius finds this difficult to understand since they believe in expressing the truth no matter the consequences. To them, ethics are only valid if they’re practiced in challenging situations, regardless of the outcome. They are looking to be in integrity, even if they express their beliefs a little too impulsively. Their delivery may ruffle some feathers, but their intention is always pure.

The Archer enjoys bouncing along the journey of life, avoiding responsibility if it clashes with their thirst for excitement and wanderlust. Pisces has trouble understanding this since they believe in placing service to others above their own indulgences. The Fish are far more easygoing with obstacles and quick to adapt to the needs of those around them. They prefer having the flexibility to slow down and help others along the way with a shoulder to cry on or financial support.

Pisces may pursue many dreams at once, and then decide to put them all off for a while, watching opportunities slip by. In short, they are not always the most practical or efficient in the pursuit of goals. This tendency is infuriating to the Archer, who may try to coax the Fish out of their hiding place and onto the direct path of their desires. But the Fish, who feel more secure floating and dreaming, may resist the Archer’s pushy nature. Sagittarius may need to accomplish their own ambition goals just to prove to Pisces that there is a bigger world out there, which is a far more effective motivation strategy with the reluctant Fish.

Pisces and Sagittarius Relationship Compatibility for Marriage

Although Sagittarius is changeable and prone to instability, they will find their Pisces partner to be even more so. The Sagittarius must be prepared for their Pisces partner to change careers, countries, and lifestyles with surprising ease. Yet all this mutability can leave them feeling quite disoriented and unsettled.

At first, the Sagittarius may not mind all this changeability and be eager to pack up their bags and go along for the ride. Eventually, though, they will grow tired of it and put down their foot. Even an adventurous Sagittarius eventually grows tired of playing vagabond. Then the Fish will receive an ultimatum – either settle down or go on their next adventure alone.

In response to such a forceful confrontation, the sensitive Fish may simply disappear. Thus, the key lesson for Sagittarius is to soften their blunt delivery so as to not scare away their Fish partner or hurt their gentle heart. The Fish meanwhile has to learn to have thicker skin and to tolerate people speaking their Truth with more courage. They have to understand that Sagittarius can’t help but be so direct and that they truly mean well.

Pisces can either swim upstream and realize their dreams or drown in their own fears and allow themselves to wash ashore empty-handed. Then they may tragically lose self-respect as a result of not following their secret longings. In this case, they might need a Sagittarian boost of enthusiasm and encouragement to save them from their own downfall.

The Fish have a tendency toward self-pity, while the Archer has one towards the contrary energy of self-assertion, a polarization that can create some tense conflicts. However, these two are freedom-loving and granting enough to avoid jealousy and possessiveness.

Pisces and Sagittarius in Bed

While receptivity makes Pisces a tender and sensitive lover, they need to be less passive and nonchalant and more enthusiastic and expressive in order to achieve sexual harmony with their fiery Archer partner.

While the Archer’s heated passion can also fan the flames of desire, they have to learn to be more gentle and understanding of the Piscean softness of heart and less jarring and harsh in their verbal communication. Otherwise, Pisces will start to grow insecure in their ability to please their partner.

Frequent conflicts may translate into fanning the flames of sexual desire for the Archer, but not so much for the Fish, who will just freeze up and pull away, causing the Archer to also become paralyzed.

If these two can remember that sweet words and sincere acts of kindness can ignite passion in the heart, they will eventually build a bonfire of ecstasy and joyful union. With this level of love and appreciation, sex will grow into an expression of gratitude and appreciation, instead of physical gratification alone. As they both learn to give what they wish to get, their intimacy will draw them closer together instead of pulling them further apart.

Pisces and Sagittarius Emotional Compatibility

These two are both compassionate dreamers with pure childlike hearts and open-minded and tolerant minds.

They may clash over the Archer’s judgment of the Fish’s tendency towards deception and secrecy and the Piscean judgment of the Archer’s directness in the delivery of their truth, which can cause more hurt than clarity for those on the receiving end.

If they truly love each other, however, they will find a way to work out their differences. Sagittarius can learn to be more tactful and thoughtful with their communication while still speaking with integrity, while Pisces can learn to be more direct and expressive without giving up their privacy and need for tranquility.

Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility Percentage

Trust: 80%

Pisces has a tendency toward bending the truth while Sagittarius can be too direct.

Emotions: 70%

The Archer can be a little impulsive and inconsiderate of the Fish’s feelings.

Intellect: 80%

These two will enjoy speaking about spirituality, mysticism, and the greater meaning of life.

Values: 90%

They both value tolerance, truthfulness, freedom, and keeping an open mind.

Sex: 80%

If Pisces is more active in their expression of physical desire, they can easily ignite Sagittarius’s romantic passion.

What are some famous Pisces-Sagittarius couples?

Felicity Huffman (Sagittarius) and William H. Macy (Pisces), Hailey Bieber (Sagittarius) and Justin Bieber (Pisces), Barbara Marx (Pisces) and Frank Sinatra (Sagittarius).

What signs are a good match for Sagittarius?

The Archer gets along well with the other fire signs, Aries and Leo, and the air signs Libra and Aquarius.

Are Pisces and Sagittarius a good match for marriage?

These two can be a great match for marriage if Sagittarius learns to be less blunt with their speech and Pisces learns to be more steadfast about pursuing their life goals.

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