What 444 Angel Number is Telling You About Love and Life

Understanding the Basics of 444 The number four relates to your fourth chakra (energy centre) and it is located in your heart space. The vibration of four brings love, compassion, understanding, and joy into your life. When you see the triple number 444, you can feel that this love and compassion is being amplified at… Continue reading What 444 Angel Number is Telling You About Love and Life

133 Angel Number

The angel number 133 is about grounding your higher truth into your physical body, so that you can live an expression of your truth, here on this earth. When you add the numbers together, they vibrate at the frequency of the number 7. This is a reminder that we are all connected, energetically and spiritually… Continue reading 133 Angel Number

606 Angel Number

Angel number 606 is a powerful reminder to trust your intuition and the divine guidance that you are receiving now. It is also a number of balance for it is a palindromic number (it is the same when written backwards). This gives the sense of stability and trust that this number is a message that… Continue reading 606 Angel Number