Angel Number

With spirituality and all things metaphysical trending what seems like absolutely everywhere, from Tik tok to Instagram to corporate retail stores, by now you’ve probably heard about something called an “angel number”. Now, the meanings behind them can be somewhat subjective, which is what makes them so fascinating, but for the most part, each has… Continue reading Angel Number

404 Angel Number

Seeing specific numbers repeatedly isn’t just coincidence. Your spiritual team is trying to speak to you, and if you don’t catch on soon you will be seeing this number every time you blink. So what exactly is your team and the Universe trying to tell you? First, let’s break down what 404 means in different… Continue reading 404 Angel Number

212 Angel Number

You glance at the clock at work and it’s 2:12 PM. Your total at the register is $2.12. (212) XXX – XXXX keeps calling. Getting a little spooky, right? Do not panic. Your spiritual team is just trying to relay a very important message to you from the Universe. If you aren’t sure exactly what… Continue reading 212 Angel Number

311 Angel Number

The number 311 is somehow everywhere. The total for your morning coffee, the area code of the number that keeps calling, or the time on the clock when you’ve woken up for the third night in a row. You’re receiving the message, but are you actually listening? Here is what 311 angel number is telling… Continue reading 311 Angel Number