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With spirituality and all things metaphysical trending what seems like absolutely everywhere, from Tik tok to Instagram to corporate retail stores, by now you’ve probably heard about something called an “angel number”. Now, the meanings behind them can be somewhat subjective, which is what makes them so fascinating, but for the most part, each has their own core meaning thanks to Numerology. I’ll be breaking down what each number represents and what seeing the number could mean for whatever phase you’re in on your life path currently.

What are angel numbers?

An angel number is a repetitive number, both numerically and also physically, that has a spiritual significance. These numbers grab our attention and make us wonder what exactly it’s relevancy is to our particular journey. These are also considered synchronicities. If your spiritual team is trying to send you a message, you will see a specific number that feels almost like it’s everywhere you turn. You’ll see them when you check the time on your phone, the amount of your total at checkout or even on license plates of cars on the road. The Universe is intentionally placing these numbers in plain view to get you to pay close attention to them. When you notice this pattern happening, be aware that the message being sent to you is within your highest good and comes with nothing but positivity.

Now, let’s get into what each angel number means specifically and how to find your angel number.

111 – 999 Angel Number Meanings

111 – Intuition

Trust your gut and listen to your heart. This is a greenlight from the universe that whatever you are thinking about putting effort into career or passion wise, charge it and it will flourish. As far as love, you know where your heart is meant to be so go after it.

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222 – Alignment

You are in the right place at the right time to receive what you are intended to. Find a work and life balance that satisfies all of your needs. Reach out to who you feel in sync with and rekindle that connection.

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333 – Support

Your guides are with you always, sending you love and support. Now is a great time to manifest what you want by claiming you already have it, “I have ….”. Use your creativity to attract what you want from this life, love, joy and abundance.

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444 – Protection

You are divinely protected by those that surround you. You are building a lasting foundation for yourself and others you wish to house. Ask for help where you need it, not everything’s meant to be navigated alone.

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555 – Change

Something new is on the horizon, do not fear this change. Decisions are being made on your behalf behind the scenes and they will be revealed to you once the plan is set. If you have been feeling stuck or stifled, know that time is coming to an end.

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666 – Reflection

When was the last time you took a good, long look at the life you’ve built for yourself? Are you where you want to be? Is there something you could be doing differently? Don’t look at every obstacle from a place of negativity, sometimes they are put into place to guide us to the path we really belong on.

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777 – Luck

Been feeling particularly lucky lately? Good luck, especially finance-wise, is on the way to you! Explore opportunities beyond your comfort zone, you don’t know what kind of outcome they could bring for you. Break toxic patterns and watch the rewards come in.

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888 – Balance

Everything’s falling into place, just as it is meant to. This is one of the most divine numbers and can be interpreted as you are receiving assistance from those that have passed on but are watching you very closely and showing their support. THe things coming into your life weren’t by accident, cherish them.

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999 – Release

It’s time to let go of whatever is no longer serving you. A cycle is coming to a close, allow yourself to feel what is necessary to close out this chapter peacefully. You will soon be beginning a brand new journey and you will need a fresh, optimistic perspective in order to see the blessing that this is.

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How can you find your angel number?

Using Numerology

This is one of the trickier methods, but by adding the numbers of your birth date, ie: my birthday is February 24th, 1993. 2+2+4+1+9+9+3= 30, you would then simplify the number by adding the digits together and the outcome of that would be your specific number. In Numerology my number would be 3, which stands for optimism, creativity and luck.

Using your name

Adding up the letters of your first, middle and last name, for example A=1, B=2. For example a name like Sara Elizabeth Smith, would be 196. When simplified that comes to 16, simplified once more would be 7, which stands for balance, deeper level thinking and introspection.

Using your intuition

Still wondering, what are my angel numbers? The easiest method of them all, just use your intuition or how you feel to decipher the number you feel drawn to spiritually. Also, if there is a specific number or set of numbers you’re seeing repeatedly, I would suggest paying attention to it. Your guides will send you certain numbers at specific times throughout your life. These numbers are meant to provide you comfort, confidence and wisdom.

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By Tyler Cullings

Tyler Cullings is a small business owner from Norfolk, VA. She is a practicing Astrology and Tarot reader for her business Amethyst Fairy, which you can find on Instagram, Tik Tok and as an Etsy seller. She has received her Master Certification in Astrology and is becoming certified in Tarot, Numerology, and Astronomy. She creates spiritual tools and novelties in her spare time, hangs out with her familiar, Ozzy Pawsbourne, and binges Law and Order SVU.