Deep Spiritual Significance of 1144 You Shouldn’t Ignore

1144 Angel Number Meaning

“It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life for me, and it feels good”, Nina Simone.

You are waking up as a spiritual seeker, and Angel Numbers are a massive reminder of the forward momentum of your magical yet spiritual life. When you look up at a clock and suddenly notice 11:44, or you catch it passing by a house or mailbox inscribed with 1144, you are being encouraged to stop for a few seconds to focus on what’s new around you and give gratitude for the universe and all its gifts. Only when we pay homage to the subtle energies of the world’s synchronicities, do we start to value our lives and everything in it– allowing a new world to open up to us.

Understanding the Purpose of Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are a metaphysical gift from the universe in the pattern of repeating numbers. Its primary purpose is to give subtle signs to your conscious awareness that the universe is working in your favor. Any pattern of repeating numbers like 1166, 111, 222, and so on are manifestations of your higher self and represent the deep yearnings of the subconscious mind. 

When you notice these numbers, you are encouraged to fully align with your purpose by witnessing the gentle guidance to move forward. Usually, this means we feel grateful for the little things and try not to take life for granted or take life’s hardships as hard-won lessons. When seeing life in this way for any extended amount of time, 1-3 days, you increase the number of times you see these numbers and are encouraged to take notice of your thoughts and movements at that moment.

How 1144 Influences Your Subconscious Mind

You notice synchronicities when you notice angel numbers and what could be mere coincidence, probably inst coincidence at all. Carl Gustav Jung, a brilliant and highly revered clinical psychiatrist, defined synchronicity as the “acausal connecting togetherness, meaningful coincidence, parallelism, or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved.” He saw hundreds of patients who gave long testaments of real-world accounts of their magical events. He gave peace to many by suggesting that your subconscious is the voice of the soul and shows in the form of dreams, deja-vu, repeating numbers, ringing ears, and so much more. 

If you see these numbers or sequences of 1144 more frequently, know that you are not inventing things of the mind or reading too much into life. It’s ancient, primal, and has few words. As you notice the world around you, the uptick in its manifestations will occur and should be noted as a sign of self-mastery.

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Numerological Insights of 1144

The building blocks of Angel Numbers come from the origins of single digits. When you understand the basic meaning of any number, you connect to the mysteries of your subconscious mind. Below are brief interpretations of each number. For Angel Number 1144, you’ll need to consider the wide range of feelings and motivations you read because the numbers are repeated. The intensity of numbers 1 and 4 are amplified to show you polarity. 

  • Number 1 is the beginning, the master, the generator of creative pursuits and manifestor of brilliant ideas and thought patterns. Number 1 represents the aggression and willpower one will need to carry to fulfill the ultimate desires in life, and sometimes it will be in the form of a battle. 
  • Number 4 is about processing the emotional parts of life so you can enjoy its gifts, like a safe home, supportive family, and comforts that align with your personality. When presented with the Number 4, you are encouraged to remember what connects you to the natural rhythm of the world and to find peace within yourself. You are being shown a new way of understanding life through emotional maturity and the ability to self-soothe, so when you see this blessing know you are as strong as you think. 

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How do you combine astrology with angel number 1144?

Astrology and numbers go hand in hand as they represent planets and archetypes that bring the meaning of the number to a refreshing new level. When we combine the elements of fire, earth, air, and water, along with the 12 astrological signs unifying the brilliance of Numerology, we truly understand the world’s mysteries. 

Possessing a strength that pushes one to self-preserve

The number 1 is significant because it symbolizes the element of fire. It represents a strength that pushes one to self-preserve, be survival-oriented, and know one’s direction in life. This number has the essence of Mars, the archetype of Aries, and the polarity of Libra. The polarity of Aries and Libra is learning to understand the concept of being unified even while apart. 

Shift your ancestral patterns and think for yourself

The number 4 is a game changer because it represents taking back your voice and decisions.  The element of water rules this number through its deep connection to emotions and processing one’s life experience to find what truly works. This number has the essence of the Moon, the archetype of Cancer, and the polarity of Capricorn. The polarity between the astrological signs of Cancer and Capricorn represents what it means to shift your ancestral patterns and think for yourself.

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Why are Tarot & Numerology connected? 

A divine thread of secret knowledge connects tarot and numerology. Tarot could not exist effectively without a number system. When tarot was first created, it was manifested through a woman named Pamela Cole Smith,  who combined esoteric knowledge, astrology, numerology, and the living world around us to give meaning to more profound messages– The Rider-Waite system. When you pull your tarot for guidance or have your cards read, you connect to messages that tap into your soul’s subconscious desires. Below are brief interpretations of the numbers 1 and 4 to give more language to the Angel Number 1144. 

The Magician uses the tools before you to construct a manifestation of reality created in the mind. It is the card represented by the number 1. You are the architect of your existence, so you must tap into esoteric knowledge and the natural world to reach new mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 

The Emperor highlights your potency and stability, encouraging you to stand firm by making decisions that are of your authority. This card is the essence and representation of the number 4. While this card can represent battles with others, it does show the ability to be understanding and to offer love instead of war.

How do you respond to 1144 every time it comes up?

When you see Angel Number 1144, you must program your body and mind. Put your thumb and index finger together and repeat to yourself, “ I am open to my divine intuition and creative life,” then observe what comes up for you. Now, go back and re-read this article as your thumb and index finger touch making a mental connection to the body, so when you see 1144 again– because you will– you can join these fingers together and instantly recall the download of messages in this article. Happy Manifesting!

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How do you improve your life with angel number 1144 or any number? 

The first step is to reprogram your mind by associating numbers with messages. We all want to do what it takes to be in the energy of change when we see angel numbers. Pay close attention to numbers 1 and 4 and any other numbers you see around them as additional messages.

Whatever you do, follow your thoughts through to action.

Number 1 can make you passionate and heady, making you not want to leave from the beginning so you can reach the end. You win when you lead someone rather than forcing them to see your point of view. 

Don’t rush things or try to skip steps.  

Number 2  invites you to slow down, smell the roses and see where you want to go; however, make sure you don’t take too long to decide or allow an opportunity to pass you by.

Brings out your youthful spirit.

Number 3 brings childlike wonder, so don’t delude yourself with what’s possible and open your mind. If you feel restricted in any subject, you must educate yourself through new perceptions by creating a new language for your current experience– push to stay away from negative thoughts.

More lessons are to be learned.

Number 4 can be a glaring reminder that you need to grow up, find inner strength and push through. It can also show that we have forgotten who we are because our family and social structure influence us. Release may come quickly in the form of crying.

Leadership is on the horizon. 

While number 5 makes you want to shine, be a leader and give love to anyone that catches your gaze, it can make you lazy, hectic, directionless and selfish if you don’t have balance. Don’t get swept in emotion; learn new strategies not to take things personally.

Making yourself the best version.

Number 6 makes it easy to get into the momentum of self-improvement. It’s essential to realize when you have overextended and are possibly overly self-critical. Sometimes perfection lies outside the color lines, so scribble all over the paper to find the beauty in life’s chaos.

Don’t give too much of yourself.

Number 7 can remind you when you’re giving too much or sacrificing yourself to be loved. There is a symmetry between giving and taking, so be aware of toxicity or when you’re being used for your kindness.

Rebirth is inevitable.

Number 8 is divine and wants to birth a new version of you. Don’t get lost in change so much that it breaks apart all that is good in life, which can be easy to do by staying close to that which makes you feel whole, safe, and beautiful.

Don’t go too far with your words.

Number 9 can make you say too much of what’s on your mind. It can also change your beliefs no matter your circumstances if you educate yourself on new ways of perceiving life’s challenges. Keep reaching for the furthest goal. When you believe it before you see it, manifestation will ensue.

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