133 Angel Number: What Does it Mean for You?

133 Angel Number Meaning

The angel number 133 is about grounding your higher truth into your physical body, so that you can live an expression of your truth, here on this earth. When you add the numbers together, they vibrate at the frequency of the number 7. This is a reminder that we are all connected, energetically and spiritually as we move through life.

Did you see the number 133 on your phone, on a car number plate, or in a shop window as you walked down the street? Angels communicate in numbers and symbols, and if the number 133 has just shown up in your life, then you are being guided and supported by your angel team.

Angel Number 133 Meaning and Significance:

Now, although angel numbers may have a unique meaning for each individual, the number 133 may have a global meaning of how to bring your higher awareness inwards. This means learning how to embody the spiritual realms and spiritual principles while we are in a human body.

The number 1 relates to the root chakra and the human body in this earthly experience. It is about our physical, human experience. The number 3 relates to our third chakra, our solar plexus or power centre. This chakra is about taking action and bringing your goals and dreams to life. When combined with another 3, this number adds up to 7, an expression of the crown chakra, our place of universal and spiritual connection. Angel number 133 is a beautiful sign from your angels that they are supporting you to live your truth at this time on earth.

Secret Influence of Angel Number 133:

When you see this number, you can trust that you are being supported by the subconsious, and often invisible forces of your angels and spirit guide team. Perhaps you have one angel or guide that regularly visits you in the form of this number. If so, you can let yourself feel safe and trusted as this number appears, knowing that your spirit guide is nearby. Your guide wants to tell you the message that as long as you continue to listen to your intuition and seek inner wisdom, then you will continue to journey along the right path.

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Spiritual Meaning & Biblical meaning

Spiritually, 133 can influence your life by uniting your body and spirit. The union of these two aspects of your body and spirit can have a great impact in your life. Union creates alignment and the fast-paced journey toward finding your inner truth.

In the bible, Psalm 133 is also about unity, and the people coming together to support one another. It also is about the blessings that can occur when people unite! With your spirit team by your side, know that you are stronger together!

Why do you keep seeing the number 133

As mentioned earlier, 1 + 3 + 3 = 7. Seven is the number of the crown chakra and connection with your spirit team. Your spirit team may consist of ascended masters, angels, gods, and goddesses, and each person has their own unique guidance. When you see 133, it may be one of your spirit guides trying to connect with you on the earthly plane. When you see this number, take a moment to notice how you are thinking and feeling. Were you thinking about someone or something when this number appeared? If so, this might be a sign to follow up with the person you were thinking about, or perhaps to attend that event, or buy that course or object that is on your mind – whatever it was you were considering, this number may be your spirit team’s way of saying “Yes! Go for it!’.

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Angel Number 133 in Love

When you see 133, it may come with a strong feeling of love being sent from your angels. They are reminding you that love is the pure essence of your being. If you are calling in love or a new relationship, this number reminds you to embody that love that you are, as this will only attract more love into your life.

Angel Number 133 in Love and Relationships

If you are considering a potential partner, or you are having thoughts about whether or not to stay with your current partner, when 133 appears you will feel comforted knowing that you can access the wisdom you seek from within you. Place a hand over your belly and take 3 deep breaths as you ask the question about your relationship. Imagine the energy of 133 washing through your body. You may also call upon your angel team here to help you find your answer. After 3 deep breaths, you will have more clarity and connection with yourself. This will allow you to determine what relationship is meant for you or perhaps what is not yet meant for you.

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Angel Number 133 in Friendship

If you are with a friend and you see the number 133, this can mean that you have been connected with this friend for many lifetimes. The angels recognise your ongoing friendship and soul connection and will support you as your friendship grows. If you feel safe and trust your friend, then perhaps you could discuss which past lives you feel you experienced together!

Angel number 133 in Twin-flame Reunion 

If you see 133 when you are meeting with your twin flame, then know that your angels and guides are with you now to support the harmonious reunion of your soul’s relationship. You can trust that your twin flame will feel passionate about reuniting and that you will be able to connect with open hearts as the angels create a safe and supportive space for you to connect.

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Angel number 133 in Twin-flame Separation 

If you are separating from your twin flame and the number 133 appears, you can know that you are divinely guided in this separation. The angels and spirit guides are here now, to help you to let go of your twin-flame and to become whole and loved within yourself again. The angels are showing you that they have a higher plan for you. So, trust in the timing and the unfolding and be reminded that the angels and your spirit team will always support you in the highest evolution of your soul.

Unknown facts about 133

If this is your first time connecting with angel numbers, you should know that any number you feel that has come from a divine source or in divine timing, is a message of support and love from your spirit team. When you see this number, you can trust that you are loved, unconditionally, and you are supported, always. Even when it may feel hard to receive love and support, your angels will always be there for you. It is also important to know, that you will feel their love and support in a way that is unique and individual to you. Listen to your intuition and follow your heart.

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