123 Angel Number

123 Angel Number Meaning

What does 123 mean?

If you have been seeing Angel number 123, below is an explanation of the message your Angels are trying to send you!

Why Do I Keep Seeing Number 123?

These numbers hold the answers to what your Angels are trying to communicate with you! For extra accuracy, pay attention to your feelings or circumstances you were experiencing when you saw the number. 

Below are some of the reasons why you are seeing 123 Angel number:

  • You are being urged to take action when the time feels right. 
  • You are being reassured that the changes you seek are on their way. 
  • Your Angels want you to trust the process as it unfolds. 
  • You are being asked to keep an open mind. 
  • You are taking powerful steps in the right direction. 
  • Stay patient with things as new doors are about to open!
  • Your patience and trust are being tested!
  • Your angels are taking care of the situation and doing work behind the scenes. 
  • A sign of new beginnings on the horizon.
  • You are in the beginning stages of something important for your evolution. 
  • You are being asked to trust that things can unfold easier than you thought

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Angel Number 123 for Love & Friendship

Angel number 123 asks you to stay patient with matters of love and friendship! 

Your Angels are asking that you trust the process and let things unfold naturally. If you have a tendency to get antsy or frustrated with the speed of how things happen, this is an exclamation mark to relax and let your Angels handle it! You are being asked to approach the situation with love but without getting attached to what may happen. 123 angel number represents the beginning stages which can often have a lot of unknowns attached to it! Don’t let the fear of the unknown block you from experiencing joy in life. 

Angel number 123 is all about knowing when to move forward and when to sit back. In this case, you are being asked to take the necessary steps towards achieving your ideal relationships without expectation. You can do this by putting yourself out there without the need to be accepted. Your Angels are trying to remind you that when you force, you block! When you become overly attached to one specific outcome, it becomes more difficult for the Universe to deliver. The 123 angel number reminds you that things will unfold as they are destined to, and trying to force will only make the wait feel longer. 

Take this as a good omen that your prayers have been heard when it comes to love and friendship! Your angels are doing work behind the scenes to make things happen, so make sure you keep an open mind on how this new opportunity may come in. Your angels are asking you to let go of control and allow them to open the door for you! Trust that you will not miss anything that is meant for you.

Angel number 123 for Twin Flame & Soulmate (Reunion & Separation)

Angel number 123 is a good omen for Twin Flame and Soulmate reunions but, it asks you to be patient! 

The Angels are trying to assure you that they are doing everything possible behind the scenes to prepare you both for the reunion. This can indicate that work is needed to be done by both of you before the fateful encounter. This can sometimes mean shadow work or releasing of certain behaviors. 123 Angel number is a good indicator that you are both on the right path and will eventually cross paths when the time is right. 

Angel number 123 is trying to indicate that separation may be on the horizon because adjustments are needed. The Angels are trying to reassure you that this separation is for the greatest good of the connection. Your Angels want you to trust that no pain is ever done in vain and that there is always a higher perspective for things that seem unfair. You are being asked to have faith in the process and your evolution at this time!

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Angel Number 123 for Career, Money, & Finances

Angel number 123 is very reassuring for career, money, and finances because it indicates a wave of new opportunities! 

Your Angels are reassuring you that they are working to take care of you by assuring you have everything you need. This is a sign that a flow of abundance is on its way! Your angels are trying to signal that you must jump on these opportunities when they’re presented and not overthink the process. They are reassuring you that it will be easier than you think it will be. You are being asked to approach your finances with an optimistic and confident mentality. 

Seeing Angel number 123 indicates that you need to act towards what you want. The Universe wants to know if you are really serious about your goals! While you are being encouraged to take action, your Angels want to remind you to never force a situation. If you have done everything in your power to make things happen, take a step back and let them do the rest! 123 Angel number reminds you that if you have already taken the steps necessary in the physical, it is safe for you to sit back and let things unfold naturally.

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The Spiritual & Biblical Meaning of Angel Number 123

In Spirituality, Angel number 123 combines powerful Numerology that represents the action taken by free will (one), the need to balance and to make decisions (two), and the importance of expanding and being creative about the process (three). The number one represents taking action, risks, and following your heart’s desire. The number one asks you to take initiative and trust your leadership abilities to get you to where you want to go. One is the number of new beginnings and opening doors of opportunity. 

Number two represents balancing energy, both within yourself and with others. Two is the number of making balanced decisions from a grounded space, and it encourages you to follow your intuition along the journey. The number two asks you to balance your feminine and masculine energy by knowing when to give and receive. It also asks you to be balanced in your approach to others by bringing fairness with every encounter. 

Finally, number three is the number of expansion and creativity. Three is the reward for taking the initiative (one) and for being balanced in your approach (two). Three also represents the need for adjustment and staying open to new possibilities. Number three reminds you that being too stuck in one way of thinking can hinder your opportunity for expansion and growth. It asks you to work with others when you need support along your journey, even your angels! Call on your Angels when you need it because they’re always listening. 

In the Bible, the passage of Psalm 123 is of importance when interpreting this Angel number. The lesson in this Psalm is to turn to God in times of trouble. You do so by surrendering yourself to his hands with trust that you will be cared for. This Psalm talks about being mocked and scorned by people with no faith in God, teaching you to pray as a means of gathering strength and courage. 

The 123 angel number asks you to surrender the judgment of others and to place it in the hands of God, trusting that he will take the burden off of you. 123 angel number asks you to look up and trust that there is something bigger than you and all your sorrows. It asks you to see beyond your current pain or difficulty so that you can continue along your path. It is the ultimate representation of surrendering, trusting, and allowing God to help you during difficult times. It marks the promise of new and better things to come once you learn to trust in God’s plan.

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If you see Angel number 123, know that your Angels are close by and reassuring you everything is going according to plan! Take this Angel number as a dose of confidence that everything is unfolding exactly how it’s supposed to. 

You are being asked to trust the timing and the power of the Angelic realm! 

Take this as an invitation to communicate with your guides whenever you need reassurance, and keep an eye out for any Angel numbers that may come your way! You are one of the special souls that can see beyond the veil.

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