414 Angel Number

414 Angel Number Meaning

What does it mean when you see this number 414 repeatedly on your phone screen or in your surroundings. Some say the angels are speaking to you and your are receiving higher guidance from the universe.

Let us take a look at the numerology of 414. Numbers are ancient significators of our time. They each hold a specific energy and meaning which significations in many traditions.

The magic of number 4

Imagine that beautifull sculpture of the french artist Auguste Rodin. The pondering atlete. Ready for action but under reflection.

The Energy of number 4 is related to our inner masculine energy. It is the energy of assertiveness, taking actionable steps towards fighting for what we want. It is the number of courage and physical strenght.

As I work with astrology and tarot i will give my view from those perspectives. I see the number 4 holds the energy of our instinctive drive and desire as it correlates to the planet Mars.  

In astrology the number 4 corresponds to the element of cardinal fire. The Aries archetype.

The Root chakra and the Solar Plexis Chakra in our energy bodies.

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The magic of number 1

When number 1 keeps recurring in your reality what could it mean for you. You just might needed a message from the angels to show you that you need to step up onto initiating something new. To take leadership in some form in your life. This can be big or small but significant to your life. Where is it you feel you should show up as a leader? 

Now let us combine angel numbers 414 as a spiritual message from the angels. Combined it is the number 9. A number of completion and going on a quest of knowledge. A jupiter ruled number of experience, intuition and abundance. Let the abundance that number 414 brings flow to you. A number of keeping the faith.

When added with another 4 the message is empowered with the same energy. Like a boost. Action with leadership and innovation.

A good fight can lead to putting you in the direction you should have been all along. When used well anger can be very productive when channeled into a project or activity wisely. 

Fight for your cause as it reflects the energy of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. It reflects the energy of spring. The astrological new year.

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What Does Angel Number 414 Mean For Your Love Life?

When you see angel number 414 your relationships can become more defensive because this number is specifically telling you to focus on yourself for a while. When you are in a relationship you will need freedom to go your own way. Your willingness to work together is possible if the people are aligned with your path. Keeping the harmony and balance and diplomacy is not necesarily first on your mind.

It might also mean that you should spice up your love life with your partner by initiating new things that bring you joy and re-ignites the passion. 

If you are single you might meet someone special reflecting this energy to you for your own integration and embodiment of this energy.

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What Does 414 Mean For Twin Flames?

If you are consciously on the Twin Flame path this is an invitation not to be focussed on the other but on yourself. To individuate. The journey of the Twin Flame or Twin Soul in my experience is about self-actualizational healing and self actualization. 

When you are in union with your Twin and you see those numbers around you it will be possible and neccesary to start something new together in co creation. You will need to follow the higher guidance together. The angel numbers 4 and 1 hold the masculine energy. You will both see and feel this message as you are in union.

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The general conclusion for when you are seeing angel numbers 41

The angels are guiding you. Take as moment for yourself to deepen what is the next step for you and receive that higher guidance. Step into your masculine powers.

Your 414 soul message

Be Yourself

Walk and trust the pathless path

Just do it!

Song: you can go your own way by Fleetwood Mac 

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By Esther Engelen

Esther is an intuitive astrologer born in The Netherlands. She practises astrology in her daily life since 2015. Now she helps others make sense of life’s challenges by reading their natal astrology chart. She offers her guidance in English and Dutch at www.anahataastrologie.nl Instagram: @the_other_is_you