1155 Angel Number

1155 Angel Number Meaning

What does 1155 mean?

Do you always see the same, repeated numbers – no matter where you are? You need to pay attention to your aspirations, thinking patterns and surroundings – these numbers are trying to convey a very important message, that might change your point of view! 

Our mind is capable of great miracles. We are able to receive signals from the spiritual realm, analyze their hidden meanings and train our intuition to understand the important massages sent from the outer world. 

Our physical world is filled with hidden symbolisms sent from heavens, and understanding them will help us to follow the right path and make correct decisions in life. Spiritual forces often communicate with us with the help of the angel numbers and it is very helpful to understand their hidden meanings and symbolisms. They might change our life to the better in any given situation.  

If you often see the same sequence of numbers, it means that your angel is giving you a sign and wants to tell you something. You can see these numbers on clocks, car numbers, phone numbers, ads, everywhere … Do not be intimidated by this. It might mean only one thing: your guardian angel is trying to reach out for you. 

In this article you will be able to find detailed description of the 1155 angel number, and learn how to “decode” the meaning of this given angel sign.

Angel Number 1155 Symbolism

1155 symbolizes the power of change and transformation. Going through metamorphosis, like a butterfly that is still cocooned up in a chrysalis and waiting to come out and merge into the sunny fields, is a symbolical visualization of this angelic number.

Going through a transformation, even if it’s packed with positive energy, needs lots of emotional resource, and sometimes engaging in such changes can be draining for some individuals. So, seeing angel number 1155 too often, might be the sign that you have to concentrate on your well being and inner peace and welcome the good energy shifts into your life. 

This angelic number also informs us that our hard work will be payed off soon and our dreams will manifest into the physical world in no time.

This number is a sign of inspiration that will lead us to new business ideas or new creative outlooks on our ongoing projects!

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Reasons of why you keep seeing 1155 Angel Number 

If you are seeing this angel number all the time, for example catching glimpse of your digital clock every time it shows 11:55, or coming across the car plates with this exact number, it might indicate only thing – your guardian angel is trying to give you notice about the upcoming pleasant news, that will soon happen in your life. 

Mostly this numbers indicate a good uplifting experience in career or love life. You might get promoted at work, or come up with an inspiring project idea, that will change the flow of your every day life to the better. 

Maybe you have been thinking of going out more often and meeting new people, engaging in pleasant social experiences. 1155 angel number is a sign that you have to unleash your inner social butterfly and try out engaging with different social settings. If you are single, a new uplifting romance might be coming on your way, so you need to make opportunities for it to happen. 

Even this sign guarantees the upcoming beautiful and pleasant news, it still needs your free will to embrace those changes. You have to make space for a good energy to come into your life. Open up your heart and try to shine through with your full potential – only after that your guardian angel will be able to manifest your aspirations into physical world.

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1155 Angel Number in Love, Relationship, and Friendship 

With the angel number 1155=1(1)5)5, you acquire new qualities and realizing this, you do not succumb to the difficulties, but on the contrary – resist the stressful environment. So, you form a transition to a new level of energy, meeting people that perfectly align your energetical frequencies. This number gives you hope, that everything will work out for the best in private life, whether be it with friends or lover… Maybe you had a trouble communicating your needs to your partner and misunderstanding was quite frequent deal in your every day life. If angel number 1155 arises in your reality, it means that the hard period of your relationship is over and now you – together with your beloved one, transition into more joyful space. 

1155 Angel Number is all about understanding yourself, as an individual and as a person that is connected to the outside world. Once you embrace the changes in relationships, and the dynamics of how other people perceive you – it will also help you show your true and authentic self to others. 

This angel number helps you to love yourself more and in return receive the appreciation from other people.

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1155 Angel Number in Twin Flame (Reunion, Separation), Soulmate 

The secret meaning of the number 1155=1000×155=155000=1+5+5+000=11000, is finding a perfect connection that contributes to the development of your consciousness on a cosmic scale. With the help of this number, you will gain a new knowledge of how the karmic dynamics of twin flames and soulmates work.

Twin flames are the harmonious fusion of two halves surrounded by the divine power of love. Finding your twin flame, is a huge accomplishment for your astral body, as it gives you opportunity to engage in strong frequencies of love and heal from past wounds.

Seeing angel number 1155 means that you will either meet your twin flame soon or reconnect with a soulmate in a right time and right place.

1155 Angel Number in Career, Money, Finance

The combination of number one and five that often catches your eye is a good sign that promises success in all areas of your life at once. The smartest thing to do – is to use your luck in the area that worries you the most. Maybe you have postponing implementing some project at work, or you have been worrying about submitting application to a specific position. if this number resurfaces in your everyday life way too often, consider it as a sign! The luck is on your side and no matter what type of path you will follow – it will bring you financial success.

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Angel Number 1155 (Doreen Virtue) 

Doreen Virtue – a fourth-generation metaphysician, and spiritual healer emphasizes the abruptness of key life changes represented by number five. Individuality and life lessons learned through experiences are important accomplishments in our life time. Your obligation to uplift and develop your spirit and follow your soul mission is represented by the angel number 1155. Keep your focus on your aspirations and don’t let others influence your final decision or life choices.

According to Doreen Virtue, the combination of the traits of numbers 1 and 5 is intensified because they appear twice in this combination: 1155. So, the energy is increased and multiplied. Internal quality and consistency of successes and achievements are characterized by number one. What we attain is what we ponder, and we are encouraged to take risks and try new things. Number 5 is all about balance between spiritual and material world. The combination of these two powerful numbers will give you an opportunity to thrive further and never back down. 

Your life path is yours to follow, so trust your gut and embrace new challenges and possibilities with an open mind. The 1155 angel number is a message from the angels to take charge of your own life. Profit from your transformations, and people around you will benefit from it as well.

1155 Numerology Meaning 

The hidden meaning of the number 1155=11×55=605=6(0)5, is finding the true purpose in your inner core and turning to your spirituality to overcome different obstacles. You begin to develop your consciousness and obtain the joy of the harmony of knowing the world form the inside and outside. The second hidden meaning of the number 1155=115×5=575=5+7+5=17=1+7=8 or 575=5(7)5 – a secret door that opens inside of you and you enter a new space of the inner Self. Now any beginning and new path is a sign of a change in your being. You deepen relation to spiritual realm and new feelings, that provides you inner peace throughout this transformative period of life. You understand everything more deeply and analyze the connection between your inner world and the universe. Now your state of mind depends on how you perceive the world around you and how you react to your surroundings.

Number 1155 in numerology means that you are on your way to gain a sacral knowledge about the most important things in life – how can we free our spirit form earthly worries and how to become a harmonious, peaceful person. This angelic combination is all about discovering new talents and possibilities within yourself and being less stressed about engaging with hard challenges and unknown social settings.

Have a trust in yourself and you will be able to ascend higher towards the crystal-clear skies! 

Spiritual and Biblical Meaning of the 1155 Angel Number

The prominent idea of the angel numbers is the following: Each of us have a guardian angel, a deity that supports us during hard period of our life, they guide us through stressful times with the help of subtle massages, sent from heavens. Understanding those signs needs quite complex understanding how this mechanism of angel numbers works in general. So, knowing the core principle of this specific aspect of numerology and its spiritual and biblical meaning, will help you to analyze the hidden massages better in real life.

Spiritual meaning of the 1155 Angel Number

Each of us has to go through some kind of metamorphosis throughout life. The sudden changes in career or relationship, a great energy shifts – that reshapes our whole personality and approach to life. That’s what the 1155 angel number is all about. Spiritual meaning of this number is a metamorphosis of a soul, ascending to a higher frequency, transformation that guarantees a further success in career or love life.

If you are seeing this specific number too often, then you can stay assured that a huge change will knock on your door sooner or later. Coming across this angel sign, means the spiritual awakening, and thriving stronger towards your aspirations.

Noticing this number too often has a deep spiritual meaning, as it gives us notice about upcoming spiritual awakening. You might have been going through hard times, some type of depressive episode, but now you will be able to see the light in the end of the tunnel, as this angel numbers represent relief and hope for better life and inner peace.

Biblical meaning of the 1155 Angel Number 

Numerology has been a prominent subject of study in old civilizations. Each number had its biblical meaning in different religions that worshipped god and lived according to the holy book. 1155 as a biblical number concentrates on the power of the word and power of the truth. If you are coming across this formation too often, it might indicate that you need to pay more attention to your thoughts and keep in mind that every single word verbalized into the physical world, has to be based on pure intentions and the truth and sincerity should always follow your actions. God is fair and it provides us with a great help in the needed time, angel number 1155 allows us to understand that challenges are nothing but life lessons and as long as you stay true to your beliefs, your wishes will always come true.

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